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    I normally run melees (yes I know they are not in the best meta-spot today) and I see that Medium armor seems to be more usable (no need to use feats on some classes).

    For early Epic (18~24), what would be a solid non-tank set of Medium Armor?

    Cavalry Plate would work great, but the upgrade made it a Heavy Armor.

    For later Epic, I have the Ravenloft Raid Medium Armor (Coat of Van Richten) and that ticks so many boxes (Ghostly, Profane, 2 Augment Slots, etc.).

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    It depends on your build and gear. Are you pure melee (eg, Barbarian) or a hybrid (eg, EK)?

    Last life I ran Enforcer's Plate up to 29. It might not have been optimal, but it saved me some gear farming and tetris. I think a good starting point is whether you want the Part of the Family set bonus from Enforcer's Coat - my main only has some past lives, so the set bonus' doublestrike was better than most other things at that level.

    If you're an EK / Warchanter / Warlock / some Alchemist hybrid, the Dreadkeeper / Profane Experiment / Feywild Dreamer sets might be better. They're also 17 and therefore are a little more appealing than the Sharn level 15 sets.

    Without considering set bonuses, it depends on what other gear you're already rocking
    - If you're using something like Bracers of the Twisting Shade, that covers Resistance and Blurry and you won't need those from armor
    - If you don't have full Sharn stat bonuses, some version of Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate might be good purely for the +3 Insightful
    - If you're not wearing Sharn armor and/or something else with good PRR, try Epic Templar's Chain
    - For non-Sharn dps armor, Restored Giantcraft Breastplate gives a few buffs that are otherwise difficult to slot

    Really, all I'm doing is parsing this page after sorting by level. Since you've got access to your gear list and I don't, you'll have an easier time with buff tetris than I
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