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    Fighter is strong right out of the gate. Kensei has a very smooth progression through Heroics and i dont put any points in Vanguard until level 15 opting for THF with a great sword or a falchion before then.

    Paladin is better played with THF as well early on but doesnst get Holysword until level 14. Fighter gets Kensei Strike With No Thoughts +1 crit multiplier at level 6 which is great with a THF weapon like a Falchion early on.

    A Vanguard wants a Bastard Sword or Dwarven Axe for the wonderful Strike Through mechanics which need the THF line so why not use a THW early on?

    Tactically as a new player your stuns and trips will fail a lot on a Paladin. Fighter gets four Tactical feats (+2 +4 +6 +8 = 20 DCs) perfect for the newer player.

    This is about Vanguard i know but a new player will probably spend more time in Heroics and VG isnt fun early on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A-O View Post
    Hush. This isn't the place for critical thought and actually comparing the two on paper. This thread is only about what "feels" right and how it "should" be.
    2 of my main toons are fully geared for, and are, Pally Vanguard w/ KotC .

    Another one is a ftr vanguard. And is a blast to play. He has the advantage over the pally in overall dps. BUT.............the pally IF you have the gear and a few key PL's is a better toon to play.

    What NO ONE has mentioned about pally's being a better vanguard is the GEAR. To get to the full capabilities of a feat and point starved class and path you need to have the right gear. If not the pally build isn't any better or worse than the average geared ftr vanguard.

    AO, I meant no disrespect in last quote. Our limited forum emoji selection doesn't let me express ddo forum sarcasm.

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