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    Default A Way to Make PvP more Fun

    It's unfortunate that half the responses (if any) to this idea are going to be from people who haven't done PvP in several years, but...
    What if SSG made a Battle Royale mode for PvP? This is going to be mostly pure imagination (and a little copyright), but it would be fun to imagine something like this in-game:
    The gameplay
    1. Every player in a game starts out with nothing. There are four players, each in a different sector-like environment (jungle, mountain, ocean, and urban, or for a better visual, a jungle like that in Archer Point Defense, Mount Resaylon, Lost at Sea, and your typical Stormreach Harbor quest). You have to break boxes to get equipment; every crate contains an item you can use. You get 3/4 minutes to explore your area if you need to and gear up (the grace period).
    2. After the grace period is over, the sector-environments merge and players can attack each other. The crates respawn over time and the equipment gets more powerful. Players level over time from 1-10 (10 is the max, even if you are using a lvl 30 character; see below in "Specifics").
    3. Kill the other player(s) 3 times to win. It's a free for all! The last two players will be able to track each other (like party members can). You can group in a queue or set a private battle.

    a. The character you use can be either an already-existing one or a new build. Existing characters will enter as they did when they were level 1 and will level to 10 over the course of a game. Once you leave the PvP area, you will revert back to the level you were when you first entered the arena.
    b. To minimize your inventory being screwed up/gear, you will get a special bag in your inventory that all over-leveled gear is automatically placed in; after you leave, you can retrieve/re-equip yourself using this bag. The user interface is replaced with preset bars that overlay your current bars, preventing their use (they are also grayed out to minimize your attention to them).
    c. All armor acquired in-game gives DR against a certain damage type and element type. armor equipping is half that of normal equipping when you are doing PvE. Also, weapons spawn with character race banes and elemental damage. Healing potions also drop, but more rarely. Items you pick up will be placed in a special bag similar to the one I talked about above, but only for PvP (drops upon leaving); additionally, items will automatically be placed into one of the PvP exclusive bars I was talking about by default for ease of access (but they can still be dragged around).
    d. Rounds last for 10 minutes each. I feel having them longer would make it a drag (to always break the boxes, etc.). For each sector-environment, there would be ~20 boxes.
    e. Spell casting: for insta-kills, you have to build up progress to them by breaking boxes (5-10 more than in a starting sector-environment). That way, you can't just use an insta-kill right away. You can save insta-kill charges to use them with more powerful insta-kills. CC spells last 5 seconds max. 8 for the highest level ones. For damage-based spells, it won't be too problematic because few staffs with powerful combos (i.e. the same type of spell power and crit) will drop (programmed this way) and those that do will have reasonable stats (for example, lvl 1 staffs will provide 10-20 spell power).
    f. Jumping and tumbling is dramatically reduced. Backward movement speed is slow enough that you can't kite other people.
    g. The rewards are a lvl appropriate (actual lvl, not PvP lvl) loot box, like those found in Cannith Challenges. Maybe a 100- 1,000 (lvl dependent) platinum wouldn't be bad, either.

    Just an idea, but it sounds like it could be fun!
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