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    Default New player looking for guild

    I played way back never until now got a char past lvl 6 im now at lvl 9 and looking for a guild thatll take in a new player

    update im now lvl 10 been going prty ham on the game
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    Howdy! If you're looking for a guild, Magefire Cannon is recruiting!
    Join Magefire Cannon on Thelanis!
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    Default guild for the Thelanis

    I am a newbie Looking to join a good guild for Thelanis i use discord manly but if anyone uses anything differnent i will switch to that.. I have Low level Characters on Thelanis..

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    Magefire are good people. I'd invite you to my guild but its just a family guild and we play together ~10 hrs a week right now if that, not really enough to support new players.

    The wiki will be your best friend. If you have any questions or see any of the characters in my signature on, feel free to send a PM/tell here or in-game. If I'm logged in on my lonesome I'm usually willing to drop whatever crafting/or inventory maintenance I may be passing time on to run whatever you need.

    Good luck and best of loot to you
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