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    Default Another new player LFGuild

    Hey there,

    I'm a *new* player (played a bit a few years ago but never got past lvl 5) returning to DDO.
    I'm not looking for raiding / end game guilds (I'm enjoying the discovery of quests, and the leveling process).
    More like a friendly group of players, who enjoy questing together and helping those in need.
    If your guild accepts new members and match what I expect, feel free to PM me (IGN : Kiabbyx) !
    And if you know a guild like that and you're not part of it, please give me the name of the guild so that I can contact them !

    Thank you folks !

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    Magefire Cannon is just what you need.
    My 2 mains are Mornyngstar and Seldissan on Thelanis but I also have toons on all servers with those names. Any toon that has Mornyngstar Clan as their last name is most likely me.

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    Heh, you beat me to it.
    Join Magefire Cannon on Thelanis!
    Follow PB on Twitch!
    PB's Youtube Channel

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