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    Default Yet Another Returner LFGuild

    I'm a few months back from a several-year hiatus and looking to step up to a more active guild - my current one didn't kick me out while I was away, but my character is one of about a half dozen to have played in the last year.

    What am I like?

    I'm a somewhat intermittent player, but generally not going beyond a week or two without playing. I'm very much a team player, happy to work with a group and follow directions. I'm generally anti-zerg (except when doing favor/flagging runs way over level). I'm mostly f2p, currently playing catch-up on the content released in the past few years. My character has only TRed once, but is quite capable in spite of his somewhat outdated gear.

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    My guild Magefire Cannon is recruiting if you're interested. We have lots of new and returning players.
    Join Magefire Cannon on Thelanis!
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