Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
And the dungeons are so delightful,
And since we're stuck on Korthos
Let 'em roll, let 'em roll, let 'em roll!

Halloooo, DDO peeps. Come join me on Christmas Day from noon to 6pm Eastern time on Khyber for a special marathon stream! Inspired by a hilarious omission caused by the Hardcore League event, I'm going to be taking a completely ungeared Morninglord through the Korthos Island experience. How'd this happen? Well, for the HCL, SSG had wired all iconics to port as level 1s from their starting area to Jeets on Korthos, and you'd start picking up your gear there and leveling like a regular character and then you'd get your iconic gear at level 15. There's this cool issue where if you transferred a level 1 iconic still in the garret/creation forge to a regular server and then left to begin questing, they would get ported to their regular starting area as a level 1... with no gear. Oops?

So, I'm gonna spend some time as this ungeared character punching her way through Korthos. I'm also gonna take Samius' advice and choose not to equip any gear I pick up and make it a proper nakey run. The caveat is that this character isn't level 1 anymore... I've been farming XP gems on her (yay Season Pass!), so she'll probably be at least 5 or 6 by the time of the stream. I chose to do that to give her some enhancement-based abilities so she won't have to rely on having a tanky hireling to attack everything. However, since I'll be on Khyber, spirit cakes are on the menu!

And why might this be an interesting stream to watch on a major holiday? Well, much like how hobbits in the other game like to give other people presents, we're gonna do it here too! It's Christmas Day, after all! Thanks to the generosity of SSG (thanks, Cordovan!), I will be raffling off not one... but two... ULTIMATE editions of Masterminds of Sharn. The big kahuna, woot! So bring your hot chocolate, snacks, and come hang out while we rack up the deaths and hopefully my character will die less often than the mobs!

We'll be in https://twitch.tv/druidsfire, and hey, as the graphic says, I also have goodies for the other game too if that might also be your jam.

Hope to see you there!