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    Default Player returning after 1+ yr break looking for a guild to call home.

    Hello I have been playing DDO since Beta but have been on hiatus for a little over a year. I am currently seeking a new guild as my former one gave me the boot due to inactivity and I don't know anyone in it anymore or if its even active. my main (Jailbate) is a 3rd life halfling arty at level 19, alts are Rugaru lv 21 Fire Sorc Saving up points to respect to Lightning, Nexxis lv 21 AA Ranger, Nakiir lv 15 2nd Life Clr, Misled lv 15 2nd life Pally I also play a modified exploiter build which is currently at level 11 mostly for solo.

    I enjoy long walks through explorer areas, nights out raiding, and the occasional Zerg through Epics.

    If your guild has an opening and you would like a recovering altaholic plese feel free to send me a message in game on jailbate or on here.
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    Check out Psychoblonde's Magefire Cannon Guild, they recruit everyone and are mostly East coast based but do have other active timeslots for their members.
    My 2 mains are Mornyngstar and Seldissan on Thelanis but I also have toons on all servers with those names. Any toon that has Mornyngstar Clan as their last name is most likely me.

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