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    While I appreciate much of the changes to Bards - I feel like a Greater Shout SLA at tier 6 is a little underwhelming...That's something that you might have lower in the tree or at tier 5 of the class tree. Hardly feels epic. Especially when you consider screamo Bards already have the Shout SLA, Horn of Thunder, and possibly even the Greater Shout and Shout spells already. It's too much of the same gimmick, and a bit boring as a result...

    I have some ideas for possible alternatives, but not sure at this point how set in stone the ED passes are.

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    Default Energy Burst - DC

    With the addition of magic school (evocation/conjuration) being added to the DC calculation for Energy Burst, will it be in line with say a Lightning Bolt? Currently I've got a 99DC on Lightning bolt and 75DC on Energy Burst...just hoping they'll be on par...maybe add full character level instead of half?

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