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    Default Shroudpalooza Coming to Wayfinder!

    Shroudpalooza comes to Wayfinder on November 17 from 4-7pm EST! Now's the time to get a character flagged or roll up an iconic on Wayfinder to join in on the fun! We'll run multiple heroic Shrouds during the stream, laugh, and give away some prizes, all while continuing the drive to raise money for the Extra Life charity! Please join us or watch on the day. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell the people who are just 'meh'! Any character flagged for the heroic Shroud raid is welcome to join!

    For more information about Shroudpalooza, or when the tour might be visiting your server, visit!

    BonnieBew on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and all servers

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    I would like to thank all of the organizers for this event! BonnieBew, Cloverr, Tholgrin, and please forgive me if I have excluded anyone or misspelled anyone's name. It was hella fun and the time just flied by as we romped through Shroud a few times and taught Harry a lesson which he will sadly never learn. At the end we danced on the 5x5 puzzle while The Wall™ killed us all, laughing all the way.
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