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    Yah, but the wife is new, so we don't play Elite that often.

    I was running Reaper2 with a group today, 4 Gianthold quests, averaging around 100 MR per quest for 400 total.

    400/10,000 = 0.04

    I can see maybe farming them for a +1 PR/MR, but not for a cosmetic, and esp not for one you can't preview

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    Default War Paints bugged when viewed by others!

    Was thinking of buying some of these so I had a freind preview them for me. Found 3 bugs:

    1) If you have a War Paint equipped and are in Dire Bear form, the boney protrusions look all messed up on other peoples' screens (looks fine on your screen).

    2) Similarly, if you have a War Paint equipped and are in Winter Wolf form, you will appear like a regular Wolf (black on top side) on other peoples' screens (you still look like a fully-white Winter Wolf on your screen).

    3) Both "verdant" paints most often show up as white instead of green on other peoples' screens (they look their normal green on your screen). [1] [2]

    (my friend only had verdant paints, the rest might display wrong colors as well - the Dire Bear/Winter Wolf bugs most likely affect all 6 paints)
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    Winter wolves getting tattoos like early 2000s dudebros.

    These are not good enough to charge 10k MR for. There should just be an option to select these at an NPC. Save the costed appearance changes for interesting/unique appearances.
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