1) Druid level ( or half thereof ) readded to DC of innate animal spells and enhancements
2) I don't see Dex though in these Wolf DC calculations.
3) Ghost Wolf Pack cooldown is at 60 seconds while the Incorporial Effect is down to 10 seconds
4) Essence of Shrike nows says wolf or bear form
5) Alpha strike doesn't list a pre-req anymore. We can but hope.
6) Four legs good now costs 1 AP.
7) Bear rage is listed as 30 seconds + ( 6 x Con )
8) Spirit Renewed and Refreshed are gone
9) Replaced by awakened beast which allows druid spell casting while raged!
10) Looks like wolf attack speed is back down to 15% (wolf) / 30% winter wolf

Well it looks bear is getting a lot of the help it needed. In particular is casting of druid spells while raged at Tier 4 so good for both pure druid and barbarian hybrids.

Wolf just a few tweaks.

A few final notes:

1) I really hope the weapon damage issue is handled. losing 10 points of durability per hit was game breaking.
2) I also hope the spell points are as listed. Not double that like last I tested.
3) And hopefully the weapon damage and power attack is working correctly now.
4) I guess we won't see item and other enhancement tree synergies or restrictions til after it goes live.

A +3 Heart of Wood may not be enough for some wolf builds. Personally though I need a Raider's Box and a new weapon more than I need the heart.