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    Default Need a First life Rogue or Artificer.

    I need help with a 32pt build, MAIN FOCUS IS HIGH DPS.

    I have access to everything in the game and got Supreme tomes +6 .

    Iconic races: I will take an Iconic race and I have LR+1.

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    SDK rogue 20 or rog 18 / arty 2 is the obvious choice and you don't even need to LR +1. Any of the Mechanic builds in the Repository would be fine.
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    I have been playing a version of the "Electric Critzilla" which is 12th now.
    I rolled up a 1st life Dragonborn Artie to do it since the the synergies are pretty substantial.
    My best DPS toon ever. Fairly fun as well.
    No troubles in any roguing abilities either.
    Have a look at it.
    I think you might like what you see.

    I forgot to mention, the big side benefit is you really crank up the breath weapon as well too.
    So far 1 Wiz / 11 Artie.
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