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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Mischif View Post
    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you here. Many times, while doing the Crafting Quest (or if I couldn't find a weapon, of type/level, that I needed) I've used the items, sold in the Hammer and Chain, to craft on.
    Yeah, I have no idea how I came to that misunderstanding, but I did long ago, and only recently have become aware of my confusion. Corrected above (w/ note to same effect), thx!

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    Thumbs up Cool Tools to Use With Discretion

    To reduce duplication, here's a link:

    Full credit and thanks to Jacoboon, the original poster.

    Note that some things MAY have changed since the linked post was created.
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    Exclamation NOVICE ALERT! - Buyer Beware

    On many occasions I have noticed items, for sale in the Auction House (platinum or Shard), that are of No Use to anyone. I find this to be deplorable, especially since it takes the worst advantage of Novices' lack of experience with the game. Personally, I think it is in the best interest of the existing players to see that Novices enjoy the game. To that end, I created this thread and am now adding this post.

    A relatively new player might think that an Agate Shard or a Cinnabar Shard, just for instance, might help them get through the quest "Tear of Dhakaan" more easily. Or be useful in some other way. ... Please Do Not Be Fooled! These items, that should have 'dropped on exit' are a useless waste of money. I highly recommend checking in the DDO Wiki before buying anything that you're not sure of.

    I've also seen people selling bags and quivers, that are readily accessible in shops, for more than the highest shop prices (shop pricing is variable, depending on your Haggle skill). These items are available as follows;
    1. Quivers - Thin or Wide - available at the Hammer and Chain, in the Harbor, for around 5 plat. Higher capacity quivers are available from the a vendor in House Deneith once you have enough Deneith Favor.
    2. Ingredients Bag - Small (30 slots - Exclusive) - 1 available FREE from the Twelve Patron, just inside the Tower of the Twelve.
    3. Collectables Bag - (30 slots - Exclusive) - available from "Empty Handed" in House Jorasco or Erstwhile Emporium in House Phiarlan.
    4. Gem Bag - Medium (12 slots - Exclusive) - available from "Empty Handed" in House Jorasco or Erstwhile Emporium in House Phiarlan.
    5. Bound to Character bags, of all sorts and sizes, are also available in the DDO Store.
    6. For a more complete report on bags, in general, see;

    I'm quite certain that I have not covered anywhere near all the items, that are seen in the auctions. Suffice to say; if in doubt, go to and type the item name into the Search box. And ... lest we forget ... "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is." And if so, don't pay plat./Shards for it.

    I sincerely wish the Developers would do something to prevent such abuses. But until they do, consider yourself warned.

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    Lightbulb Character Bind Point

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayyelos View Post
    In case anyone else would like to check without committing hari kari, you can type /resloc into general chat and that will tell you your current bind point.
    Thanks to Ayyelos! I had lost this info. Now I can share.
    Where you are bound is helpful to know BEFORE you go into a dungeon. If you happen to die, need to "release" and wind up too far from the dungeon, you can't recover, repair and get back before the reset timer expires!
    For the novices, that's only 5 minutes.

    If you are in a guild, that doesn't have a Banquet Hall / Spirit Binder, your best bind point is the open air tavern "camp" at the base of the Airship Access, in the Twelve Enclave. So if/when you die, you can eat/drink, recover HP and SP, then hop up on the ship and go wherever you need quickly. Doubly so if your guild ship has a Farshifter's Chamber.

    Convenient world navigation may need its own post, as soon as I can get time AND remember to do it. ;-)
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