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    Default DDO in-person events for 2017?

    DDO in-person events for 2017?

    Does anyone know of a link listing DDO events or events where DDO players will formally gather in 2017?

    I am looking for seminars / panels / demos / workshops on things like/similar to;
    • How to play a Monk in DDO
    • How to be a better Warlock in DDO
    • Paladins reveled
    • Living life as Warforged
    • Artificer - the pain and joy of rebuilding yourself from bio to construct
    • Weapons in DDO and which are best for what
    • Gear for beginners, what you want and how to use it
    • Planning character career growth – things you need to consider about Epic before you get there.

    Also wondering if there are any in-person DDO e-game competitions? Like go to a convention where attendees compete while other attendees watch and cheer them on. Where you would go and create an event only character to complete all of Korthos. Competitions would be something like;
    • Solo play - Best time to complete as <class>.
    • Solo play - Most XP gained in set time as <class>.
    • Party play - Best time to complete as party of <2,3,4>.
    • Party play - Most XP gained in set time as party of <2,3,4>.
    Each contestant would start off as solo, completing quests Shipwreck shore, The Grotto, Storehouse’s Secret, and Heyton’s Rest. Then the top X for each class (by XP/Loot/time) would move on to the next phase of the competition. In the second phase contestant players would choose to either remain solo or permanently join a party to complete the rest of the Korthos quests (Cannith Crystal up to but not including Misery's Peak). Thru the elimination tree process as each solo and team moved up, they would move to a station with a bigger overhead monitor so that more attendee can watch and cheer them on. As the Saturday evening main event, the final four solos in each class would play Misery's Peak on a large stage before all those gathered their stations connected to super huge monitor for all to watch and cheer and see who will be the winner. Repeat to determine top parties of 2,3,4.

    For characters that don't make it into the second phase and who want more play time (rather then watching others), player vs player combat rooms would be added to Korthos tavern, one for any class, then one for each class allowed in the contest. Attendees could then fight others of their own class or others of different class (in the any room) one-on-one while setting right next to the person they are combating. When you lose a match, you lose your seat at the station and get back in line if you want to play again. You could have a prize for each class for character who won the most player-vs-player battles. The in-person angle to this is you are setting right next to the person you are fighting. Contestants would shake hands before the fight and talk with each other in-person as combat goes on. You would meet people in the real world who share your joy of DDO.

    There would be a section with some free stations that would allow connection to DDO's normal worlds where;
    • Player build/career development consultation.
    • Attendees could play with their "real world" DDO characters while being with others in person.

    There would also be an event guild ship available to all characters on all worlds during the event only, where people who cannot attend the event in person can visit with people at the event. Buffs from any guild ship would NOT be allowed in the contest quests or player-vs-player combat rooms. Also the passing of gear/potions/scrolls/wands/weapons for the purpose of competing in contest quest would be blocked. The only things allowed in the contest quests is what you find in those quests by that character (sharing between contest party members would be allowed).

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    Not really they had a casual meeting for PC members in Boston this year but I didn't go even though it was pretty close but nothing like you
    talk about although it would be cool

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    these are really good ideas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saekee View Post
    these are really good ideas
    Thanks for your kind words. To me, it is a place I would like to goto for an extended weekend, to be all DDO and nothing but DDO. Where I, being a newbee, could complete against veteran people with a chance of success, lean so much more than what can be transferred via forums to improve my characters and play style, and meet people in person. All while having fun. I also believe that since the event's contests and player-vs-player rooms only allows event characters (which are level 1 to 4 (max?)) it would be a great recruiting event to get more people signed up and playing DDO.
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