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    Default " Secound Marine Expeditionary Force recrute!"ORIEN Server"

    hello all, we are II Marine Expeditionary Force, a multi game group based out of World of Tanks..making our first strides into the DDO circuit through the World server of Orien. and on track with a start up guild. plans are in motion to transfer from our current kick start to a good standing lev 50 ship and guild that we will be inheriting. right now we are looking for active players...players willing to look beyond just buffs and gifts,,but a real gaming community. we have access and standings in a number of well known games from WOWP/WOWS, War-thunder, LOL and in the future Mech Warrior. our founder and main advocate who pays for our fully functional team-speak 3 server and Eejjin website, is also a veteran in the marines and is serving currently as a base commander. we have a good deal of active/inactive military vets and like minds, but also every day Joe schmoes like me. we welcome all types and only ask courteousness, honor, and respect to those who warrant it. this is a brief experpt from our commander...bellyfart...

    "I Marine Expeditionary Force/Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MARSOUTH)

    États-Unis Marine Corps Forces, Sud (MARFORSOUTH), est la composante Corps des Marines des États-Unis de l'United States Southern Command. Forces II sont fournis par Marine Corps expéditionnaire, Camp Lejeune, en Caroline du Nord. En outre, le MEF fournit réaction immédiate des forces riveraines capables prêt ?* mener des opérations de combat pour les forces alliées; et de soutenir d'autres forces maritimes dans la région de USSOUTHCOM de la responsabilité opérationnelle.

    Comme rapporte au jeu, ce clan est un groupe d'amis: Active Duty militaire (Etats-Unis, le Canada, l'Australie, l'OTAN), Réserve Active Duty, retraité militaire, des Forces armées canadiennes, application de la loi / Services correctionnels, Service fédéral des États-Unis employés civils, et joueurs locaux avec intérêt de l'âme ?* la promotion d'un environnement sûr et amical qui a une mission et une seule règle: Promouvoir un environnement "Family Safe" ".

    pour info de contact:
    WOT" World of Tanks" main website:
    Multi game universe Website: World of tanks related questions

    to contact me directly:

    team-speak 3 server address:

    Dante245 or XThunderlord of DDO
    god speed and semper fi,
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    Default Semper fi

    well do not know if you are still around, but had to stop in and say OOH RAH.

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