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    Quote Originally Posted by GusTheMage View Post
    The biggest problem with the rogue build now is not the enhancement tree, but the fact that they get hit by every ranged mob in the game. My hide / move silently skills are close to 100 yet I constantly have my sneak broken by stupid archers. It is very annoying to get right up to a mob and have your stealth broken by some mob not even near the fight.
    Rogue needs to be Artificer to do more not less as pure rogue! Should be Artificer to do all combat, use defender, and use runearm to kill all. As Artificer will advance twice as fast!

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    Default 51 pages of this?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    Correct. It isn't meant for the middle of a fight. It's an opener for solo rogues.

    So any fight that lasts longer than 10 sec's and oops sorry Mr. Rogue u can't use this enh anymore....Lame.

    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    In a raid you should be dealing out tons of Sneak Attack damage so you are probably fine there.

    Probably?!?! HAHAHahahahahaha. That's another way of saying you don't know. And that only applies to the boss. Last time I checked there were more than just bosses in a raid. 51 pages of this, and I couldn't even make it through page 1 of comments.

    The problems are:

    1. Everything takes u out of stealth mode, archers, melee, and spells. Making the assassination ruthlessly difficult to pull off mid combat.
    2. Raid bosses (and many other mobs) are immune. Negating the Enh completely.
    3. For Assassin's Trick--Animation is FAR TOO SLOW to be useful, and it breaks the attack chain.

    And worse, there were ppl saying that the Assassination enh was OP on page 1. Again, laughable. When there are casters running around with multiple insta-kills, it's silly to say this enh is OP. When compared to it's closest relative (Coupe), it's underwhelming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    Rogues have UMD and don't have Rage preventing them from casting if they need a healing source.

    Because there is ALWAYS time to throw a scroll in the middle of combat...These comments are laughable. Barbs don't need to throw scrolls to be healed in combat. By your own logic; a Barb doesn't need to use rage, then he could throw his own heal scroll. This is just faulty logic, avoidance of the problems isn't a fix. And you haven't considered the self healing nerf for Reaper content, which Barbs are unaffected by, since the heal is scaled with MP not conventional scroll healing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Severlin View Post
    The specifics of TWF are probably off topic for this thread.


    Hmm....let's not consider TWF when talking about the rogue...huh? It absolutely matters, because with the new pathing, NOTHING STAYS STILL LONG ENOUGH TO ACCOUNT FOR THE NERFING OF TWF!!!! Or if the mob isn't moving (not active) you can't sneak in and assassinate it because u can't target it. I think that you guys (Devs) should think some more on how to "fix the Assassin".

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