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Okay, I think I got it all in here now. This was a heck of a thing to play catchup on. A LOT has happened since Update 54!

A few things of note...

1. I did a lot of cleanup, and have more to go. After reading through the Help.txt doc I had a better idea of how this all works, and realized a lot of the data was not alphabetized, had Flags and things in the wrong order, called out Rank 1 or Cost 1 items when it didn't need to... those kinds of things. So I am slowly going through all of these to clean that stuff up. I still have to finish going through Enhancements.txt, but I think I have most of the other ones all finished.

2. The wiki is not a good place to get updated data for the game at the moment. It's really backlogged on updates, and a lot of the info is inconsistent. Part of that is because some of the release notes to not match what is on live (and was clearly used to update the wiki). I may have to be a contributor there next.

Whenever things weren't clear I rolled up a character or logged into one I already had to verify what it was in the live game. So everything in these txt files is as fresh and accurate as you can make them, save for Legendary stuff (since I do not have a 30+ toon right now). We'll just have to hope that stuff is accurate for now.

3. I set Completionist to "Unselectable" for now, since we really do not have any way to tell this system when it should or shouldn't give it to the player. I'm thinking it just needs a toggle at the Stats section in the beginning, but obviously I am not a programmer so someone else will have to work that out.

4.I sort of figured out a work-around for Devine Disciple for now. It's not pretty, but it works. Basically just a series of checks to see if you have already added the Core1 Light or Dark, and if you have you can either add the next Core or the matching path, or add the Core one of the other. Then it just does that over and over for all the various Light/Dark cores. I have most of the Light/Dark prereqs working with it as well in the rest of the tree, save for the "Balance" options in T4 & T5. I just couldn't figure out how to get it to check for the Core1 Light and Core1 Dark with all the combos they could be in, so I am just going to let the user figure that out for themselves.

5. I figured out how to add different cost for multiselectors within the same ability (like in Exalted Angel: Tier 3: Noble Affinity), so I went through and fixed all of them that I could find.

I think that is everything for now. As I clean up the last of the files I will just update and save over the these links. Let me know if I can help any other way!

Classes.txt - https://jmp.sh/WW1s6O8
Classes (Archetype Versions only).txt - https://jmp.sh/Xxpxs3h8
Destinies.txt - https://jmp.sh/uBBFAIi
Enhancements.txt - https://jmp.sh/7vyJlH5
Feats.txt - https://jmp.sh/Bc7DCeG
Races.txt - https://jmp.sh/dRABiwi
Spells.txt - https://jmp.sh/NyeQf38

For some reason I am not able to download the first 2 links, Classes.txt and Classes (Archetype Versions only).txt all the others I was able to download.