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    Default Erdrique's Blog-Fansite Application

    I would like to submit an applications for my blog as a fansite. It has been mentioned a few times in the DDO Chronicle and I thought it would be fun to be listed as a fansite. Thanks!!

    The name of your fansite. Erdrique's Blog-Just a DDO Gamer's Rambling...
    The fansite's URL.
    A brief (around 50 words max) description of your fansite's content (if your site is accepted, this description will be displayed in your site's entry). A blog about my adventures in Dungeons & Dragons Online. I like to talk about lore and try to make links between various aspects of the game and to talk about other game related topics such as quests and builds.
    The email address(es) you would like added to our email list for news and announcements. (They will not be displayed in the listing.)

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    Good luck!

    Thanks for the blogging, it's enjoyable to read and see how other folks enjoy this game.
    Fresh perspectives are always a good thing.

    Keep on writing!
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    Dude, did you see they way that guy just pressed button 1? It was amazing! A display of skill unseen since the 1984 World Games where in the men's room, between events, a man washed his hands with such unbridled majesty that people were claiming the faucet he used was OP.

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    Default Cool bro! Good luck!

    I support this endeavor! Good luck! You can do it! :P! ! ! Sign this!!!:

    DDO toll free support phone#: 855-WBGAMES (855-924-2637)

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    Default Thank you!!

    Thank you guys!! I have been blogging since April or so of last year and joined the OurDDO Feed in August of last year. I have had a fun time blogging and have really enjoyed the support of fellow bloggers!! The blogging community is definitely supportive and a blast to be a part of !!

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