We offer a PvP section of the forum to allow players to discuss the various aspects of PvP they enjoy (or don't enjoy.) Players who utilize the available PvP systems in DDO should be allowed to discuss PvP in this section of the forums. To encourage this discussion, we offer this bit of advice:

If the topic is about whether PvP in general terms is good, then a player would be keeping in topic by saying they don't like PvP. However, if a player is saying "I have X comment to say about a specific part of the PvP system" that player should not have their thread disrupted by off-topic posts which amount to essentially, "I don't like PvP." A player should be allowed to make suggestions they feel would improve DDO's PvP system without having to deal with off-topic posts as well.

If your only contribution to PvP threads is that you do not like PvP in DDO, you should not be posting in threads meant to discuss certain aspects of PvP, or threads that suggest improvements to the PvP system. If your goal is to harass those who do utilize this game option, you should not be posting in these threads whatsoever.

Please allow players who want to discuss PvP in DDO to have a place to do so. Harassing people for liking PvP, or leading threads off-topic by making posts which amount to, "I don't like PvP and don't think it should be in the game" can be an infractable offense.

Remember to follow the Community Guidelines. Thanks!