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    Default Shocking blow questions

    1) Do shocking blow bonuses stack? (The one from the greater bold trinket, and the one from the charged gauntlets.)
    2) Are there any items with bonuses LIKE shocking? (Like frost blow or something) and if so, what are they?
    3) In case shocking blow bonuses don't stack, and other items LIKE shocking blow exists - Do they stack with shocking blow?

    Thank you in advance! =)

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    In order

    1) the regular guantlets do not stack with the greater bold trinket, but the epic charged guantlets do

    2) no there is not

    3) while there is not any currently, if they did ever add them, they would probably stack, just as any other on a 20 effects stack with each other

    as a general rule: the same thing, effect or type of bonus, does not stack. but different things usually do stack
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    Default Shocking Blow not working

    I have found that Shocking Blow no longer work's either on the Great Bold trinket or the Charged Gauntlets. has anyone else noticed this ?

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