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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogann View Post
    Realistically speaking 66 won't land regularly on average mobs(orc archers, gnolls). Forgot about giants and beserkers. The dps would be pitiful. Mobs are hitting for 250+. I honestly don't see the point in rolling a rogue unless you like doing EH content. If you're through the trouble of completely maxing int, just build a palemaster.
    66 DC is working regularly actually. Humans, Shadar-kai, archers, casters, they all get easily assassinated with that DC. Berserkers and Giants won't even be assassinated with 70 IMHO but haven't really tried. DPS would not be pitiful. It will still have Improved Sneak Attack, Perfect TWF, Action Surge: DEX and CON, Haste/damage boosts, Agony 15-20/x3. Tons of survavibility with 25% perma dodge, Shadow form, Ghostly, Incorporeal. Over 700 HP taking both toughness and Epic toughness.

    Trying to work out my PRR at the moment thou. It's just the base 14 from the Blue slot. Might get the prowess set for another +15.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    I don't think you get a choice.. you are Rys's minion..

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    Thanks everyone for the 130k views! I was feeling a little nostalgic this past week about the good old days. So I decided to do sort of a retrospective on my Rogue guide. I know the information is essentially useless besides a history lesson but I feel like it’s interesting to see how things were before the insane power creep happened. If we get a ‘DDO Classic Server’ like World of Warcraft and other MMOs the info will become relevant again. I can wish.. right?

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