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    Default Reputation System Guide

    What is the Reputation System?
    The Reputation System on the DDO forums allows forum members to give and receive "Reputation" points to each other based on each others' posts. Did someone write a really killer guide to the Rogue class? Did another member help you out when you had a question? Give them props through the Reputation system! The higher your Reputation, and the longer you've been a DDO forums member, the more power you have to raise (or lower) other players' Reputations!
    How do I give Reputation?
    When you're looking at a post and want to give Reputation points to the poster, click on the Reputation icon, which looks like a pair of scales. You'll be asked if you approve of the post (i.e. it is well said, informative, or a positive contribution) or disapprove of the post (i.e. it is inflammatory, derogatory, disruptive, trolling, or violates community guidelines); choose one, then click on "Add to Reputation." You should not issue negative reputation for disagreeing with someone’s opinion or advice unless their post is worded very rudely. Here are some examples:
    A post you could give positive rep to:
    Hi everyone, here’s a cool walkthrough guide to the new raid I made.
    The same post worded in a way that probably deserves negative rep instead:
    Hey jerks, I made this raid guide for you because you all suck so bad at DDO. LTP!
    A post you could give negative rep to:
    You’re so wrong I can’t even see straight! People should only play pure class monks! Why do they let people like you own a computer???
    A post you *shouldn’t* give negative rep to:
    I disagree. People should only play pure class monks.
    How much Reputation can I give to other members and how often?
    How much Reputation you can give (or take) depends on how long you've been a member of the forums and how much Reputation you have yourself! Users can bestow reputation three times per day, so choose wisely!
    I tried to give negative Reputation to a post I didn't like, but it wouldn't let me!
    You must have at least 1500 positive Reputation before you can give negative reputation.
    What does Reputation look like on the forums?
    When you have positive Reputation, it is displayed as green boxes. The boxes are grey if you
    have 0 Reputation, and red if you have negative Reputation.
    Is there an easy way for me to see what Reputation I've received?
    Once you've received Reputation from other users, clicking on User CP will show you the last 10 Reputation clicks you've received and on which of your posts. You can also click the scales on a particular post you’ve made to see what kind of reputation was left for that specific post.
    • Reputation left for you that was positive will be green
    • Reputation left for you that was negative will be red
    • Reputation left for you that didn’t count for or against you will be grey

    What do I get for having Reputation?
    You'll earn Reputation titles, which were taken from the favor system in DDO, based on your Reputation level - and the satisfaction of knowing your fellow members value your contributions to the forums! The Reputation Titles are viewable by hovering your mouse over a user's Reputation boxes.
    What if I don't want to display my Reputation to other forum members?
    You can toggle whether your Reputation is displayed to other members by going to User CP -> Edit Options and checking or unchecking the "Show My Reputation Level" box to have your reputation appear to other users as grey (neutral).
    How do I know how much Reputation I have?
    Clicking on User CP will show your Reputation level in two places: On the right side of the "Latest Reputation Received" box, and in the Options menu, under the "Show My Reputation Level" option.
    I suspect abuse of the system or received neg rep that I feel was unwarranted – what should I do?
    If you received negative reputation, consider whether your post was disruptive, trolling, derogatory, inflammatory, or in violation of the guidelines. Avoid making posts of that nature to avoid receiving negative reputation. Remember: your posts over time determine how high or low your Reputation goes!
    To report abuse of the Reputation system, please use the Report Post icon to report the post in which the abuse took place, or contact the moderation team through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forums. Please note that members' use of the Reputation system must comply with the Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines:
    “9. You may not abuse the Forums Reputation System. This includes posting requests for positive reputation or other means of “farming” reputation, targeting an individual or group for negative reputation, or any other means of artificially influencing your Reputation or another user’s.”
    Administrators are able to view the reputation left for and by users. Administrators may perform random audits on users reputation habits in addition to investigating reputation abuse reports. Users who are found to be abusing the Reputation system may receive disciplinary action in addition to having their own Reputation level altered/reset at the discretion of the moderators.
    Note that posts complaining about receiving negative reputation are a type of rep farming. While such comments may not necessarily be removed, your account will be investigated for rep farming, which may result in having your reputation altered and receiving warnings and/or infractions at the discretion of the moderators. You should instead report reputation abuse by using the Report Post icon.
    Please note that as with all moderation decisions, rep investigations are not generally communicated to the user who reports a post for reputation review.
    What happens if a user's Reputation gets too low?
    If a user's Reputation goes below a certain threshold, they will automatically be moved to the Moderated usergroup, meaning all further posts will be placed in a queue until the community team can review the circumstances and determine the correct course of action, including but not limited to warnings, infractions, temporary suspensions, or disciplinary action issued to users who “targeted” an individual to place them in moderation undeservedly. Please know that this is not a “ban” from the forums, and users who become moderated will be reviewed.
    Why can't I give Reputation to the Community Team?

    The Community Team, after the initial launch of the Reputation System, has opted out of being able to give or receive Reputation.
    Have fun earning Reputation!
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