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  1. R10 Vision of Destruction - Lava Divers

    After seeing some folks on Orien complete r8 and progress towards r10, we decided to throw our hat in the ring and see what we could come up with in a couple days prep. So shoutout to them for...
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    4-man reaper raid challenge

    4-man Reaper Raid Challenge

    Lava Divers of Khyber is hosting a Reaper Raid Event that is open to participation from all servers.

    After a very fun and successful duo r10 speed challenge, we've...
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    Final results are in

    AND that wraps up the 1st ever r10 duo challenge hosted by Lava Divers of Khyber.

    Thank you to everyone who participated over the last few weeks, all the viewers/supporters who came to watch on...
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    Hey! Glad you are interested in this....

    Hey! Glad you are interested in this. Unfortunately we decided to go with the stipulations of only allowing 1 caster per group to allow for a bit more variety of groups.

    That rule is worded...
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    r10 Duo Speed-run Challenge

    r10 Duo Speed-run Challenge

    Lava Divers of Khyber is hosting an r10 Duo Speed-run Challenge

    March 30th-April 10th (11:59pm est deadline)

    House Jorasco chain (5 quests)
  6. Lava Divers - 2-man r4 PN - Cammy & Courtney

    In usual fashion, I'm 3 months late to posting this.

    Cammy and Courtney went back into Project Nemesis to one up their previous r1 run.
  7. Lava Divers - World First r10 Skeletons in the Closet

    This one was an absolute grind. Congrats to Cammy, Kanra, Dom, C, Kawzen, Gunga, Viamel, Jennafer "Big Deeps" Johnson, Fakkie, Deathrobot, Shavara and Sardonic.

    Another huge shoutout to all those...
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    Lava Divers - R1 PN Duo

    A little late posting this one to the forums but Courtney took a break from soloing and took a partner in Cammy from Lava Divers and successfully completed R1 Project Nemesis.

    This duo is looking...
  9. Lava Divers World's First R10 Hunt or Be Hunted

    New raid, new challenge for the boys to get through. Despite the ridiculous scaling of damage in the raid, after a few attempts and tweaks to the strategy, we got it done! Shoutout to Gunga, Matty,...
  10. World's First Heroic Elite Abbot on Hardcore! - Deluxe Nackle Edition

    Welcome to the Nackle Family Reunion! This one was a bit of a change of scenery for some of these boys. We knocked out Heroic Elite Abbot on hardcore last night! First attempt, flawless run. This...
  11. Lava Divers R10 Lord of Blades - World First Post U50, Gouda Free Completion!

    And we're back! This one took us a few weeks of attempts to complete, but we pushed through and got it done with a pretty flawless run. Huge thanks to Gunga, Roub, Kanra, Grun, Matty, Fakkie, Turm,...
  12. Lava Divers R7 Lord of Blades -- World's First Post U50 Completion

    Since we knocked out R8 VOD first try, we wanted to go back in and give LOB a shot to see how things were. After a couple attempts, we got it done on R7! Well done boys. Thanks to Gunga, Dom, Epic,...
  13. Lava Divers R8 Vision of Destruction -- First Raid Push Post U50 -- Low-Fat Cheese

    After U50, we were keen on getting back into the challenge raid scene to see how the raids felt, and if it was possible to complete post stat squish. Despite the scaling not being perfect, we got R8...
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    Truly amazing Dom. Well played sir.

    Truly amazing Dom. Well played sir. <3
  15. Nice job folks! That's a solid time on that...

    Nice job folks! That's a solid time on that second run. Did you get any guardians that were bluffable or was that just pure deeps?
  16. Lava Divers R10 The Dryad and the Demigod -- World First - Cheese Free

    Not gonna lie, this was probably the most challenging R10 raid we've completed besides R10 KT. The great part about this raid is it requires teamwork the whole way through from the folks in the...
  17. Added a VOD to the OP from the DPS PoV.

    Added a VOD to the OP from the DPS PoV.
  18. There were actually a lot of other divers that...

    There were actually a lot of other divers that contributed along the way to working out this strategy that I should have also thanked.

    PJ, Viamel, Flairr, Acme, Fakkie, and Matty all contributed...
  19. Lava Divers R9 The Dryad and the Demigod -- World First - Cheese Free

    I'd like to thank the folks on Argo that knocked out R8 and got us to wake up and go back in to DnD. We had a lot of fun knocking out r9 DnD today, cheese free.

    Great work by Ben, Gunga, Dom,...
  20. Lava Divers at level R10 Heroic Vision of Destruction World First

    After solving r10 ToD, the pack picked up some new members and rolled on through R10 Vision of Destruction at level. Great work by Ying, Fakkie, Speedy, Lookana, Dom, Noobi, Kanra, Matty, Gisty,...
  21. Lava Divers at level R10 Tower Of Despair world first

    The wolves have been hungry for a new challenge so they dropped down to heroics to knock out a couple of nostalgic raids on R10. Great job by Ying, Fakkie, Speedy, Lookana, Dom, Noobi, Kanra, Epic,...
  22. Lava Divers 8 man R5 Dryad and the Demigod

    We popped into Dryad and the Demigod tonight on r5 with an 8 man party. This is a much more fun raid with most of the cheese cleaned up. Great work by Ben, Gunga, Kanra, Epic, Matty, Fakkie, Jen,...
  23. Thread: ET R10 ToDW

    by Lava_Diver

    The jump room has made me cry on more than one...

    The jump room has made me cry on more than one occasion. LMAO

    Great work on the completion folks. Awesome to see y'all pushing raids.
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    Lava Divers 7 man R7 Killing Time

    The boys got together and knocked out short man R7 Killing Time this weekend. Gisty, Fakkie, Dom, Jen, Epic, Tanky, and Gunga did amazing work in there and I think this achievement clearly shows who...
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    Well done folks!

    Well done folks!
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