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  1. Needle in a Fey Stack - zero named drops at end chest

    In the last several weeks I've run Needle in a Fey Stack on epic hard more than a dozen times, and epic elite a dozen more. About 28-30 runs. Not a single named item has dropped in the end chest. ...
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    Master of the Dead still not affecting Death Aura (Nov. 2021)

    Master of the Dead still does not affect Death Aura for damage or healing amounts.

    It affects Negative Energy Burst as expected. At level 27 I went from the burst averaging about 850 damage (when...
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    Epic Moment: Dragonform - Pale Master gets unwanted immunity to negative energy

    Epic Moment: Dragonform: Activate this ability to take on the aspect of your Draconic Bloodline. Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.
    You become immune to elemental damage of your Draconic...
  4. Wizard - Appearance / Cosmetic (Pet and Spellsword effect)

    I've never played a wizard, but I made one recently. This isn't about game play or abilities; I'm a designer and I tend to look at things from that standpoint, so this is purely about appearances.
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