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  1. I equipped a helmet to my human cleric, and it didn't show up on him. To show it.

    Some games show helmets when you equip them. Everquest and EverQuest 2 shows them. If the character is ugly, it hides their ugly head and can hide their long hair for characters in games who have...
  2. I tried to heal him. It wouldn't let me. I like...

    I tried to heal him. It wouldn't let me. I like playing cleric. I thought Lars is supposed to die. I thought you can't progress in the game unless he survives.
  3. Stuck in the game. I don't know how to move on to the next area.

    It's the area right after the beginning village. There are three areas where I can't get into the dungeons. The game is fun, and there is potential.

    One of the dungeons was finished before I...
  4. I killed some monsters, and it didn't show XP gain from it.

    In Baldur's Gate 1, BG2, and Planescape Torment, the character got XP from each kill. That was the fun of killing each individual enemy. It looked like I have to finish killing 50 enemies at a time...
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    What starter alignment should I choose?

    Lawful good looks good. Neutral good looks okay. Does alignment effect what you do in the game? My character can obey the laws as long as they are reasonable. I know that Elminster and Drizzt...
  6. How come I don't see this game on DAYBREAK's website. I see EverQuest 2 on there.

    I didn't know about DDO. Everquest 2 came out 2004. DDO came out 2006. DDO is a better game, more fun. Could add to it instead of EQ 2. I have a cleric templar in EQ 2. The EQ 1 cleric can't fight...
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    What to start out with for cleric?

    I'd like to make a caster cleric with attack spells. And with tomes, I thought I could eventually try melee cleric also for fun to alternate try with.

    What skills beginner skills to add to? There...
  8. I thought I'd like to play a warrior. If healing...

    I thought I'd like to play a warrior. If healing is important, I thought paladin would be better than warrior. Which would you rather play? If unlimited, I could get Str and Con 200+. Is that...
  9. Are stats with tomes able to be unlimited increased or not? If so, can cause

    continual gameplay and for me to play the game for more hours. And then I'd either want to play a warrior and/or a cleric. Is one better than the other? I thought a warpriest can outdo a paladin in...
  10. What can you do with much plat like 2000 k platinum?

    Buying items with. Buying in game things with? I thought you can trade plat also in game. Trading is fun and items and currency made it more fun. Diablo 2 has trading. Diablo 4 will have trading.
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    If there is one, what's the best cleric weapon in...

    If there is one, what's the best cleric weapon in the game? Or can best be crafted or bought for any weapon cleric can use? I thought a longsword could be fun for cleric. If so, what are the best...
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    "Do you mean a Warpriest using the Cleric tree,...

    "Do you mean a Warpriest using the Cleric tree, or a "warpriest" that bonks with weapons / buffs with spells / tosses heals to friends and self? Both are possible."

    I learned that you can make...
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    Questions and ideas for cleric and game

    There is a specific cleric class that is more warrior that gets 16 str and 16 wis, and then there is the puny cleric healer specialist build that is only 8 str and 18 wis. I at first chose the...
  14. Constitution stat question and about level cap

    I know in Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 and even Planescape Torment that if your character has higher constitution, the more HP the character gets per level up. I don't want this rule in future RPGs of D&D....
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