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  1. The 64-bit client has never worked from me since its addition...

    ...which means that I'm effectively locked out of the game until the 32-bit client issue is resolved. :(

  2. "We had an exciting Hardcore Season as players were hunted down by deadly Hounds..."

    A request for our esteemed producer, +Tolero:

    Please, please, *PLEASE* never utilize the "deadly Hounds" again. Despite what you claimed in your Producer letter, Hardcore Season 6 was neither...
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    Let us roll our Daily Dice until the last day, PLEASE!

    @Cordovan I believe this was entirely unnecessary. I have saved my Astral Shards until the end of each season in order to utilize them for daily dice before I transfer. Now, I'm stuck with 145...
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    The Solution is Literally This Simple!

    The "bugs" are the fact that you, the Devs, thought that making these annoying can't-play-around hounds red named was a good idea, and then used the first few weeks of the Hardcore season to have us...
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    A simple solution that I think will allow us to play the vigi game:

    I think if it was possible to switch the hounds from red named to orange named in a hotfix that came out within the next day or two, everything else about them would be fine in all instances.

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    +Tolero stated that it would happen during...

    +Tolero stated that it would happen during Quarter 2 of 2022, so we currently have, hmm... less than a 55 day notice if The Producer's word is taken at face value.

    A two month season like HC...
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    9,442's all about beholders

    Let's make this a Hardcore season worth remembering!

    Any chest has a chance to spawn a beholder akin to the way mimics spawn. Beholders ramp with difficulty level, including appropriate...
  8. If DDO took a page from EVE Online's transparency...

    If DDO took a page from EVE Online's transparency with regard to statistical information, it would most likely show that Hardcore is the life's blood of the game now with major boosts of income being...
  9. Forget about the events and extend Hardcore Season 5 another month

    Thank you for your efforts to add flavor to the game....and yet, when you do so at the cost of something people actually like to do (i.e. Hardcore) *and* provide a buggy and dysfunctional release...
  10. Yes, and to those events I say: been there, done...

    Yes, and to those events I say: been there, done them many times over, ad nauseam. I'd rather play Hardcore an extra month and enjoy the experience thoroughly while striving to achieve the goals set...
  11. Please extend HC Season 5 one more month: It's not too late!

    Dear DDO,

    Some of us really enjoy Hardcore and would like to achieve the favor, reaper, and level goals. Please consider that many of us that make up your player base have jobs, kids (and...
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    De-guild and killed bug

    Hi all,

    I got a guild invite to DeathSmile on Hardcore to get the movement ship buff on my crafting toon. As soon as I got on the guild ship, I got the ship buffs, and then de-guilded while on...
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    Hardcore Season V, question mark (?) -yav

    Hardcore Season V, question mark (?)

  14. "(Error): The text you entered is forbidden." Hmm... "Hardcore"

    See title.

    I wanted to change the MOTD to announce the date of the new Hardcore season and kept getting the "forbidden" error. After checking everything else, I ended up putting a dash between...
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    Love this week's screenshot of the week

    I hope the person had a really good tumble skill in lieu of feather fall!

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    DDO points are TIGHT /roll d100 -yav

    DDO points are TIGHT

    /roll d100

  17. I took the day off work tomorrow to make a final...

    I took the day off work tomorrow to make a final push for 5k favor. To say that losing four hours on the very last day of Hardcore isn't disappointing would be an understatement. I played the...
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    Gosh, I hope not *too* soon. As much as I have...

    Gosh, I hope not *too* soon. As much as I have loved hardcore and have participated daily, I can imagine that the Hardcore League must have decimated the regular servers' population. I know my...
  19. Bittersweet... but awesome job, Chacka!

    Chacka, I was watching your unveiling on Noobicabra's stream and when it didn't happen, it was definitely a downer that no one else but you can see it. I hope this isn't WAI, and will be fixed ASAP...
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    Purple is my favorite color. -yav

    Purple is my favorite color.

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    /cheers +Cordovan! -yav

    /cheers +Cordovan!

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    @Turbine, akin to the other grateful recipients,...

    @Turbine, akin to the other grateful recipients, thank you for the kind gesture. I look forward to another decade of great memories in DDO.


  23. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it! ...

    Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it!

  24. Is there a way to tell if a character has a lesser/greater tome of learning on it?

    As title asks; if so, how?

    Thank you,

  25. Thread: Vip - rip

    by Yavool

    It just goes to show...

    ...even after your hiatus, one thing is for sure: constitution is still not a dump stat. ;)

    Do the quest on a lower difficulty; you can start your bravery bonus on the next quest.
    Put up a LFG...
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