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    Goodbye trusty ol' forums!

    I bet it will feel strange and take a while to get used to the new forums after looking at these homely pages for over a dozen years, but out with the old and in with the knew, I guess. :p

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    Anniversary Event [2023 Edition] Speedrun

    Hey all, my friends urged me to post this one here as well: :)

    Our three person strong guild Brotherhood of Blades on Cannith managed, after a number of tries, to complete the Anniversary...
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    Season VI video compilation out now!

    Howdy all!

    I want to thank everyone once more for an awesome season of Hardcore! Had a ton of fun pugging with many people, especially while delving into reaper for the first time on HC! :)

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    After multiple entries over a 10 year period, I'm...

    After multiple entries over a 10 year period, I'm excited to finally be featured!

    Not to be that guy, but it could have been mentioned in the post that the screenshot was submitted by Larendell....
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    Ditto. Definitely the most fun season so far! The...

    Ditto. Definitely the most fun season so far! The two level limit makes it so that everyone can easily group up, no matter if they're after XP, favor or gear. Hounds also spice things up in a way...
  6. The End

    Everything seems to be in order and the points match our Excel sheets. :)

    All three of us were also okay with receiving 300 points (and it keeps the sibling rivalry in check).
    Just remember to...
  7. Week Ten – Missing at Sea

    Phew, here's the last of 'em!
    A bit of a shame that it had to coincide with Hardcore, so most people had even less time to participate. Maybe next time it would be better cut the challenge down to...
  8. Week Nine – Subversion of the Damned

    In these levels low level gear and being a first lifer is starting to become a bit harsh, but it's interesting to see how one can still do semi-zergy R1 runs nonetheless without using any consumables...
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    Larendelee – finally completionist after 10 years!

    Merry Christmas y'all!

    On 24.12.2011 I did my first TR ever and now exactly 10 years later I performed my final TR to achieve Completionist on the same character. :cool:

    So, let me present to...
  10. Week Eight – Memoirs of Fire

    We've been quite busy running Hardcore, but we'll try to post the last couple of weeks' challenges nonetheless. :)
    Trial by Fire on R6 went surprisingly well, considering that all three of us are...
  11. Week Seven – La Vitesse

    Did some quick runs for week seven, we'll see if we have the motivation to do some skull runs as well (or if we'll shift our attention to HC). :p

    Wrath of the Earth (R1) – 02:24 (modified 01:48)...
  12. Week Six – The Temple

    Here's our Sealed in Amber runs for week 6. The speedrun was quite fun to try, though it could have been many seconds shorter as can be seen on the video, because I was a big dumdum and didn't see...
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    Brotherhood of Blades – 130

    After eight months since our last update here, Brotherhood of Blades has today hit level 130. :cool:
  14. Week Six – The Purge

    Here's the first half of week six, while we're still working on not getting roasted and charred by pesky Flame Skulls. :)

    Purge the Fallen Shrine (R1) – 02:42 (modified 02:02)
    Purge the Fallen...
  15. Week Five – Tempest of Death

    Voici – our runs of Death House and Tempest's Spine for week five! Tempest's Spine was surprisingly easy for a raid, except for Sorjek's Call Lightning in the end fight that shocked us quite badly in...
  16. Week Four – Jungle of Speed

    Didn't have much time to play last weekend, but we managed to squeeze in a couple of attempts on VoN3, and here are the results. :cool:
    No difference in points compared to our previous posts – just...
  17. Week Four – Mountain of Khyber

    We didn't want to spend an eternity on trying these slightly longer week 4 quests on high reaper, so only R1 speedruns on our part for this week. :cool:
    In WPM it was a bit laggy in some parts (as...
  18. Week Three – Tough Bargain Stand

    Huzzah! Week 3 high reaper runs!

    Bargain of Blood (R5)
    5 Base
    5 Skulls
    3 All first lifers
    1 No deaths
    1 Lower level
  19. Week Three – Speedy Bargain Stand

    Gotta goooo faaaast! Here's our speedruns of Bargain of Blood and Gwylan's Stand; videos provided as per usual. :)
    In Gwylan's Stand my death was after completion as can be seen in the screenshot...
  20. Week Two – Quid Pro Quo + Ruined Halls Revisited

    Here's the videos and screenshots for Quid Pro Quo!
    We also improved our time on Ruined Halls so new video and screenshots for that one as well!

    Quid Pro Quo (R10)
    5 Base
    10 Skulls
    3 All...
  21. Week Two – Ruined Halls


    Here's the videos and screenshots for our run of Ruined Halls. First run is a R5 run and the other is a R1 speedrun. :)

    Ruined Halls (R5) – 03:50 (02:53)

    5 Base
    5 Skulls
    3 First...
  22. Week One

    Here are the results of week one for our guild runs on Cannith after we quickly rolled up some fresh first life characters. :)

    The Mystery of Delera's Tomb – 07:12 (modified 05:24)
    5 Base...
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    Hehe, loved the video – thanks for the recommendation! :)

    Please send these guys to Eurovision next year and you'll get another win. ;)

    Really liking these bonuses also! :cool:
  24. Player character model disappeared completely

    Yesterday I encountered a bug/feature that definitely made it into my top 3 most memorable from my past 10 years in DDO.
    I was trying to climb the stairs by the waterfall in the swamps of Feywild...
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    Brotherhood of Blades

    Brotherhood of Blades has now advanced to level 110. :cool:

    Cheers! :)
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