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About Lopnel
Styphathal's MELEE REAPER INTIM TANK revealed (Khyber mentor)
First of all I would like to personally invite any informed streamers/bloggers to get a good 3rd person view of this build in action!

I spent the better part of 2 weeks cross referencing for an uber melee build that can withstand a solo reaper 4 quests and bosses without the use of hirelings. (hirelings seem to be on strike and really only usefull when the battle is over or as a backup policy)

I will do my best to fully inform and welcome any form of criticism but please follow this link as there may be further reveals.

This is an EPIC build perfect for ETR lives . Beware Arborean crowns they are the bane of this build.

This build can support Reaper 4 boss tanking given you have all the gear and physical past lives together.
to get the appropriate feats unlocked and useful epic twists you will need to complete the Martial 3 and Primal 1 and even access to tier 3 Magister for stronger Sentinel tanking.

Chaotic Good or True Neutral
8 Rogue (Improved Uncanny Dodge)
6 Fight
6 Lock (Fey)

Start your leveling as a Rogue to unlock the ability to search, open lock and disable.
Any races except warforged or bladeforged due to max dodge for body types. Mithral body type does not recieve expanded dodge cap as you would from light armor.

2 rogue 6 fighter then move to 8 rogue and finally 6 warlock

36 Point Build
STR 16 | 2,3
DEX 14
CON 16 | 4,5,6,7
INT 15 | 1
CHA 10

Noted Rank of Skill at level 20:
Balance 10
Bluff 23
Diplomacy 8
Disable Device 22
Heal 11
Intimidate 23
Jump 11
Open lock 10
Perform 6
Search 22
Spell Craft 10
Spot 3
Tumble 13
Use Magic Device 19

Core Feats
1 Dodge
3 Completionist
6 Great Cleave
9 Shield Mastery
12 Improved Critical Slashing
15 Shield Deflection
18 Improved Shield Mastery

Fighter Feats
1 Power attack
2 Cleave
4 Improved shield bash
6 Mobility

21 Overwhelming Critical
24 Quicken
26 Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
27 Bulwark of Defence
28 Elusive Target
29 Dire Charge
30 Epic Damage Reduction and Arborea

Action Points:
Enlightened Spirit | 34 AP | Brilliance, Shining Through & Displacement, Spiritual Retribution 3/3, Tier 3 and 4 Constitution
Stalwart Defender | 17 AP | Overbalance, Durable Defence 3/3, Shield Expertise 3/3, Tenacious Defence 3/3
Kensei | 16 AP | Strike with no thought, Agility 3/3, Athletic Mastery 3/3
Vanguard | 13 AP | Vicious Shield I, Stunning Shield 3/3, Missile Shield 3/3

Named Equipment used:
Cloak of Night
Swash Buckler
Kobold Admirals Tiller
Emerald Twilight
Ring of Lies
Seal of House Avithoul +
Supreme Tyrant Green Necklace of Radiance (HP)
Drow Outrunner Armor
Leathers of the Celestial Avenger
Legendary Animated Rope
Keylock Ring
Halcyon Boots
Epic Treasure Hunters Spyglass
Epic Blasting Chime
Epic Bracers of the Wind
Epic Rock Boots
Epic Spare Hand
Planar Gird
Axe of Adaxus

Crafted Gear used:

Slave Lords:
Symbol of the Slavelords
Bracers (Strength)
Necklace (Constitution)

Cannith Crafted:
Goggles (Seeker, Insightful seeker, Deadly or Intelligence) (True seeing, intelligence, hamstring)
Gloves(Double Strike, Armor Piercing, Insightful stunning)
Helm (Sheltering, insightful PRR, saves)
Belt (Constitution, Insightful Constitution, Vertigo)
Boots (Dodge, Insightful Dodge, Parrying)
Bracers (Strength, Insightful Strength, Intimidate),
Trinket (Deadly, Insightful Deadly, Stunning)

Play Style:
Intimidate Tank using Displacement and Improved Uncanny dodge. Bluff to draw individual targets away from their spawn point.


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