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  1. Dedicated Game Groups
  2. Are you looking for a dedicated group?
  3. Looking for slow tactical players
  4. Tharashk New Guild: Mature minded players looking 2 take the time to do it right
  5. Looking to put together a regular Dungeon crawling group.
  6. Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated RP Party
  7. dedicated group for Sundays (mid-morning thru early afternoon)
  8. New guild on Argonnessen seeks regular, intelligent, team players!
  9. Australian time zone dedicated group.
  10. Persistant Group on Sarlona
  11. "The Clerics are coming, The Clerics are coming"
  12. Most Heavily Populated Worlds
  13. Morning RP dedicated group
  14. Persistent group for new content? (Newbies welcome)
  15. Tuesday night persistant group seeking more players
  16. Looking for a server?
  17. i have a +1 int tome to trade
  18. Anybody out there???
  19. Trading for black dragon scales
  20. Looking for Paralyzer or maybe vorpal
  21. Any new players to Tharashk that need help?
  22. IFV is in the Hiz-ouse!
  23. guild tournements
  24. Pacific Moon
  25. Von 3-4
  26. XP weekend to help the lower character
  27. XP weekend & Dedicated Teams
  28. Dedicated party - RP optional
  29. All Caster Party - What Happened?
  30. Favor hunting
  31. Thursday Persistant Group on Sarlona
  32. DDO @ Gencon!
  33. Sarlona Dedicated Teams Guild: RP Tuesday Night 8 pm ET
  34. Looking for a dedicated RP group? - Join here
  35. Group of three looking for three more to play with every night in Thelanis
  36. LFM shopping
  37. New Player Looking for other New Players for dedicated group
  38. Trade loot from khyber to fernia (or other server)
  39. Regular Gaming Group/Non-Rush/RP Encouraged mature players
  40. Venturing Virgins Persistent Role Play Group [Sarlona]
  41. Dedicated Team Looking for One Member
  42. Fighter on Thelanis looking for lvl 7
  43. {Mature}-[Permadeath OR Dedicated...]
  44. Looking for a Persistant Group-LvL 1
  45. All WF Dedicated Team!
  46. dedicated ghallanda wed. 9-12am edt
  47. New dedicated group, looking for 4 other adventurers
  48. Sarlona- Are you level 5-7, at least light RP, and looking for a static play team?
  49. 5 cleric free wed afternoon, t, th, nights, all weekend
  50. Drow Favor Run
  51. All Halfling or Dwarven Persistent Group
  52. Looking for a persistant group on Ghallandra
  53. Mortal Voyage starts RP Night
  54. Sarlona Dedicated Team: Venturing Virgins (Fri 7:30PM EST)
  55. Any dedicated teams playing after midnight CST?
  56. Looking for regular Group or as close as possible
  57. The Pit
  58. Aussie Player looking for reg group of Roleplayers
  59. Tuesday Night Dedicated Team Looking for Roleplayers
  60. Sarlona Dedicated Team: Venturing Virgins {Updated}
  61. Monday Night Dedicated Group Looking for 2 New Players
  62. Thelanis Tuesday Nights
  63. Looking to build a regular group on Argonnesson
  64. Orchard Of The Macabre Map (spoiler)
  65. The unofficial Raid Ready forum post
  66. European Group
  67. Any Low-Mid Levels looking for a consistent group?
  68. Thursday Nights 7pm eastern
  69. Thelanis Wed.Night Static Group
  70. Sarlona Dedicated Team: Venturing Virgins (Reformulated)
  71. Player looking for a group
  72. Looking for a group of Newbies
  73. khyber players
  74. Looking for a crew to roll with.
  75. Guild: Dedicated Teams - Thelanis (Draczel’s Monday Niters)
  76. Thelanis persistent group - Valenar warband
  77. Wednesday Night Sarlona Casual Team
  78. Wed Night Casual Argo Team
  79. Looking for a group of newbies on Arg.
  80. All Drow Adventure Group
  81. Roleplay Thelanis Dedicated Team. Players needed.
  82. Saturday Night Dedicated Group: EEF
  83. Thelanis Gaming Group
  84. saturday 8th event, 830 pm est
  85. Looking to form a regular group
  86. looking for a steady group
  87. Attention ALL Warforged!
  88. Interested in leading a new player RP team?
  89. Women Players - ALL Servers
  90. Tuesday Night Stsic Group LFM Ghallanda
  91. Looking to organize a titan raid
  92. Welcome to the Wavecrest
  93. Dedicated group...
  94. Looking for Group
  95. New RP Dedicated Group: Knights Tactician
  96. Black Abbot Wrecking Crew
  97. Argonnessen Waterworks team
  98. Argonesson Titan
  99. Monday Static Light Roleplay Team P.S.T. 7+level
  100. Newcomer LFG
  101. Dedicated Teams: Wed low level light RP group
  102. Looking for dedicated group
  103. ~Click~ a hidden compartment reveals a small vial, what will it be?
  104. Wed night Dedeicated Team
  105. New Medium Roleplay Static Team Thur P.S.T.
  106. Personals
  107. Day timers
  108. Looking for a group.
  109. Vision of Destruction on Sarlona
  110. OSD Noob Night.
  111. Demon Queen -- Looking for Raid Group
  112. Dedicated Group Raids
  114. Looking for a dedicated group
  115. Static group on Argonnessen
  116. Looking to start Sarlona static group
  117. Sublime Permadeath Guild
  118. Looking for early am static, or permadeath guild.
  119. PD on Ghallanda
  120. New Static Group Forming. Come one come all!!
  121. Redoing Sarlona Static group - looking for 3 more
  122. Static Group Khyber Forming
  123. Valhalla Moving to Mid-Level Content
  124. Valhalla PD Waterworks Challenge
  125. Daytime static group proposition.
  126. Sublime PD website temporarily down
  127. Thur. Night 8:30pm EST Khyber Group needs 2
  128. Valhalla Permadeath Guild Plans Raids
  129. Most active non-peak hour PD guild?
  130. Warlord's Battle Brigade
  131. Static Group Forming - New and Veteran Players - Maximize your game experience
  132. Permadeath lowbie night
  133. Valhalla Static Groups
  134. permadeath
  135. Roleplaying Semi-Permadeath Guild with Improved Economy
  136. Golden spear
  137. wensdays 3PM central static group
  138. Golden Spear site
  139. Our Website Es-plode!
  140. Looking for a more or less regular Group on Khyber
  141. Looking for Permadeath
  142. 2 Players Looking for PD Static!!!!
  143. Permadeath advice
  144. New PD guild/static group on Ghallanda
  145. Some good PD Death Quotes
  146. Perma-Death Article
  147. Valhalla Permadeath Guild To Go to the Mountain
  148. Permadeath 101 on Ghallanda Server Valhalla Permadeath Guild
  149. PD Halls of Valhalla - Challenging Permadeath on Ghallanda
  150. static group
  151. PD Halls of Valhalla WED Night Static Forming
  152. Valhalla PD Guild Running Challenging Quests
  153. Saturday Morning Toons
  154. Monday 7:30 EST PD Static - Gallanda
  155. To Beta Testers and F2P Folks
  156. New Dedicated Team Forming!
  157. Perhaps a "Looking like-minded Afternoon Roleplay Static Group Players
  158. Mod 9 Changes and Bare Bones Style
  159. Looking for a Monday night Perma or Static group
  160. Looking to join a static group
  161. Mabel's Misfits PD
  162. PD Play and Scaling
  163. New permadeath video
  164. Stormreach Society RP Permadeath
  165. Returning Founder
  166. Sublime Escape from Korthos Island, Sunday 27 September!
  167. New static group
  168. Forming a new PD guild on sarlona
  169. PD Tour Starts Tonight 7PM EST
  170. Cool PD article
  171. Valhalla PD Static Group Recruiting
  172. Thursday Night Dedicated Team
  173. looking for static group
  174. Khyber player looking to learn PD play
  175. Any Spots in a Thursday Evening Static Group?
  176. Permadeath 101 - A Place to Learn the Style
  177. Monday night Cannith Dedicated Warforge Party
  178. New Permadeath Guild Forming
  179. Static, Casual/RP group
  180. Extreme Challenge Permadeath Group
  181. Forming Static, Casual RP group on Cannith
  182. Veteran Status and PD
  183. Introduction to PD Valhalla PD Guild 11/13
  184. Knowing What You Join
  185. Official Permadeath Guilds Listing
  186. Static Group on Newest Server: Orien (Not Permadeath)
  187. Hardcore server?
  188. Wednesday Night War Forged Static Group - Cannith
  189. Any PD Guilds with active members in +10 GMT evenings?
  190. A new PD guild on Gallanda
  191. been out of forum action too long
  192. Can I join a static group too?
  193. Looking for a weekend static group around GMT +8
  194. Valhalla PD Guild Anniversary Events
  195. All PD Guilds are invited
  196. Looking for a Static group
  197. New PD guild on Orien called Never Die
  198. LF static grp sarlona
  199. Static Group for new players
  200. NeverDie has a new website
  201. Thelanis Friday Nights Group??
  202. Valhalla PD Guild - Brave New World
  203. Red Dragon Perma Death Guild Recruiting
  204. Valhalla PD Guild Smashes Tempest Spine
  205. Static Groups spread about distant servers
  206. Adventure Parties forming (not permadeath)
  207. Never die permadeath guild on Orien server
  208. Off to Meridia and Beyond
  209. New Player looking for static group playing european evenings
  210. Argo or other server static group
  211. Sarlona Raidathon
  212. Sarlona Dedicated Team Request
  213. Sarlona Tuesday or Friday Night 8:00pm CST
  214. PermaDeath Loot
  215. Permadeath opinions - Is Death Pact considered a Rez
  216. Bellecosa's Thursday Night Dedicated Team
  217. Vive Hodie Permadeath Guild - Orien
  218. New Euro-Time Static RP Group on Orien
  219. Perma-Death only on DDO
  220. Sarlona Sundays and Mondays
  221. Cannith Weeknight Static Group Forming
  222. Best Heirloom Item
  223. Sarlona - Old school dedicated group
  224. Small Idea
  225. Cannith Weeknight Static group recruiting
  226. Knights of the Crying Spire - Unique Permadeath.
  227. Power Gaming Group--Argonessen
  228. Required skills for a static group?
  229. Any interest in a stealthy static group?
  230. Orien Sunday Night Static Group looking for 1 more
  231. Permadeath discussion on MMORPG.com (Have your say)
  232. Dogma - Static group - CET Play times
  233. Rules changes in The Core
  234. Interest
  235. Bad PD Experiment
  236. Challenge Road
  237. WF-Tempest Ranger looking for Group
  238. Any late night static groups out there? (after 11pm PST)
  239. Looking to start a static group on Thelanis
  240. New Official Shard "Static Groups/Roleplayers/Permadeath"
  241. Questing like this is what permadeath is all about.
  242. Cleric looking for static group
  243. Divine S.W.A.T. http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=249188
  244. Tuesdays 17.00-24.00 CET Static group - Cannith
  245. Spirit[Enigma] - Online Gaming Community
  246. 2 spots open on Monday/Tuesday night Thelanis Dedicated group
  247. hardcore questing from The Core
  248. Von3 on hard, bittersweet
  249. Orien Static Group with slot open for 1 more
  250. Sitting Ducks static in The Sublime Permadeath Guild