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  1. The black wolf
  2. Flame blade and animal form
  3. Dragonscale and Crystal alchemical shield
  4. Having more fun than a druid ought to be allowed to have
  5. Cleave vs. natural fighting?
  6. Druid 19/Rogue 1: Stat and Skill Allocation?
  7. Medium Armor
  8. Critique my Drogonk
  9. Are Druids challenging and fun to play?
  10. Wooden staff with red augment slot with dr breaker augment and Shillelagh...
  11. Druid TR builds
  12. Sneaky drunk build
  13. Attaining 3 Past Life: Druid. What is the quickest way?
  14. Druid 18 / Monk 2 need help with build please...
  15. Niche Build Druid - Challenge Farmer
  16. Relationship of druiding and warforged body feats.
  17. Druid Wolf Monk
  18. 17 druid, 3 monk or 18 druid 2 monk?
  19. Wolf form and Weapon type question
  20. Thwing v6 - 17 Druid/2 Monk/1 Ranger
  21. 18 Druid 2 Monk TWF
  22. Soloing as a multiclass Druid/Rogue TR
  23. Cha druid in Draconic
  24. My Drogonk Second Life
  25. Returning player needs druid advice
  26. Pure Melee Druid Viable?
  27. Maximizing healing from hots...
  28. Shapeshifting: more drawbacks, fewer benefits
  29. Rearranging Gear on my pure druid
  30. Need advice on wolf melee form
  31. Icey Flowers or Ice Storm?
  32. Does anyone use wild empathy? whats the DC based on?
  33. Critique My 4th-Life Druid (Final Life)
  34. First Time Druid
  35. Xoriat summons cleave wolf pets!
  36. Help me. 12 Druid 3 Monk 2 Fighter
  37. Spring Resurgence dont heal friend
  38. Druid build for a newbie kid 12-15 years old.
  39. Druid Celerity
  40. New Enhancement - Seasoned - thoughts?
  41. Best druid weapon iyo
  42. Earthquake questions.
  43. Animal shapes: I still don't get it
  44. Druid Animal Form. Does weapon proficiency matter?
  45. wheres all of the caster druids?
  46. Druids & Resists
  47. Natural Fighting Feat
  48. BearClaw Build Thread
  49. The Green Juggernaut - Please critique
  50. Need some Druid help please!
  51. question about druid past life
  52. Do Brawling Gloves Work in Wolf Form?
  53. Druid transform animation rant
  54. Need feedback on sStaff build for U19
  55. Arcane Spell Failure Chance does it effect Druids?
  56. Animal form and TWF
  57. Something I've noticed about druid elemental forms and spell-casting in general....
  58. Is bear form viable?
  59. Druid and Shield Defensive Stance
  60. Druid SLA┬┤s not working
  61. Druid Alpha Strike Requirements
  62. Caster any flaws ?
  63. Does Shifting Rake activate on Deception weapons?
  64. Ninja Wolves
  65. Weapon-specific enhancements in Animal form
  66. All Inclusive PDK Druid Juggernaut
  67. TWF feats now work with Wolf and Bear forms, is this wai?
  68. Oathbreaking
  69. Looking for a couple good builds for getting druid past lives.
  70. The Feral Cleric
  71. Recommended Past Lives for Druid
  72. Help me refine the build for my next life
  73. Druid and 2h-weapons
  74. Wolf Form Druid + Sleet Storm + True Seeing and Freedom of Movement.. VERY NICE!
  75. Does Force Spellpower affect Wolf/Bear form attack damage?
  76. Help With My Current Pure LVL20 Druid, Advice and Improvement.
  77. Newbie Druid
  78. New to TR mechanics
  79. Druid Improvements in 19.2
  80. Are 9th level druid spells some kind of cruel joke?
  81. Natural Evolution, a simplified wolf dps build
  82. Druid Wolf Build <---Please correct everything you see wrong
  83. My Druid Archer, the True Sylvan Warrior
  84. Quick driud TR x3
  85. does monk past life purchasable feat disciple of fist increase damage in animal form
  86. Some questions about druid and its mechanics. Also seeking advice on how to build one
  87. Issue with Wolf Pet quickbar abilities
  88. best mastery issue
  89. Druid Wolf + Thief Acrobat
  90. Druid spec viable
  91. Feat question for druid monk build
  92. Casting / melee / healing build possible?
  93. Gingerspyce's caster/healer/quasi-tank build
  94. Spell Focus for pure caster druid?
  95. Help With Caster Druid (returning player)
  96. 15 druid for heal, max DPS from there
  97. Too many builds....I'm a little lost here.
  98. LF Caster Druid Splash/Multiclass Options?
  99. Just a FYI, you are all horribly wrong about LD not having good druid synergy.
  100. How Well Can Caster Druids Solo EE's
  101. Trying to figure out what stacks with Wolf form speed bonuses.
  102. Season's Herald capstone, Heirophant, doesn't work
  103. Dwarf Pure Druid?
  104. Race and feats for a wolf druid?
  105. Anyone use PDK for a caster druid yet?
  106. So what's best, pure casters, or melee druids?
  107. Druid enhancement bug or not ?
  108. Looking for help understanding how some things work with druid
  109. Is the druid missing the lv 2 wolf spell???
  110. What happened to Spring Resurgence?
  111. I don't like that regular Bear and Wolf form become totally obsolete
  112. I want to tr into a Druid for my 3rd life
  113. preferences on the healing spells
  114. EE Earthquake DC viable?
  115. Cleave attacks and animal forms
  116. new player to Druid... warning new player questions inside
  117. Drunk / Dronk Build
  118. Need advice
  119. Ice Druid build, comments/tweaks welcome
  120. Are the Spell Focus: Evocation feats necessary or worth it?
  121. Blood Moon Frenzy stops working on log out.
  122. new Druid question
  123. My animal companion is broken
  124. Druid Build
  125. Pet Enhancements?
  126. Druid With...Rogue?
  127. Druid Meta-magic feats
  128. What's the bigger animal form, PDK or Half-Orc?
  129. Need Build for friend
  130. Improved crit for wolf form
  131. Returning player looking for some help and advices on druids
  132. Nature's Warden Based Druid Advice
  133. Wolf form and Ninja Training question..
  134. Dru Nukem 15 Druid/3 FvS/2 Monk (Monk Optional)
  135. Bear Form
  136. Improved Wild Empathy and Nonharmful Animals
  137. Request Druid build!
  138. Beardozer
  139. Evoker
  140. Best hireling to go with the Druid Army (Self, summons, pet)
  141. Wolf form and Ninja spy question
  142. Please Do not nerf animal form druids
  143. REQUEST BUILD: Looking for Viable PDK Druid Build
  144. Animal form [W]
  145. Druid questions
  146. Markeyx Build 2014 (Caster - Healer, DPS and CC)
  147. What's your favourite Iconic Druid build?
  148. Keen Edge working with Druid animal forms?
  149. Druid/Fighter Wolf Form enhancements.
  150. New to Druid - Looking for fuggestions for a druid build
  151. Help with pure Druid build request (32-point)
  152. Some questions about Druid...
  153. What are you equipping your wolf with?
  154. Druid / Rogue Question
  155. Anger of the Noonday Sun
  156. New to druid
  157. Druid adivce please
  158. The Stonehenge (18 druid / 2 monk)
  159. stunning fist in wolf form
  160. Druid 18/ Rogue 2: Multiclass Weapon Enhancements in Animal forms
  161. The Stonehenge (efficient, dragonmarked caster)
  162. What's a good melee druid?
  163. Deft Strikes
  164. Druid Epic Destiny
  165. Druid DoT's
  166. 18 druid/2 ranger build. Opinions?
  167. Questions about seasons herald:D
  168. Looking for suggestions for a fun-to-level druid
  169. Shillelagh bugged?
  170. druid AA?
  171. Wolf Elf druid and Elven Weapon Training
  172. Request-a-build: Simple DPS Druid Wolf
  173. Epic Druid shield
  174. venom immunity bugged?
  175. Wild Shape Question
  176. Thinking of a druid caster build- few questions
  177. Off hand weapon for wolf form druid?
  178. Weapons effects on Druid wolf form
  179. Dethek Runestone prepare to be dissapointed
  180. Need a Druid build
  181. Mandy's Comet, An Exalted Angel Morninglord build.
  182. Just got Battlerager's Harness and guess what :(
  183. Need some Druid (Caster - Evoker) advice, naturally
  184. Getafix AA Druid (17 Druid 2 Monk 1 Ranger)
  185. Do arcane archer bonuses carry into animal form?
  186. Trying to make a centered swordsman Druid
  187. druid caster and cc
  188. Please explain Baiting Bite
  189. Pure Wolf Druid
  190. Caster & Spell Pen
  191. Druid Weapon?
  192. lv20 bear and beyond
  193. 12K Crit Bear form, yes. Read the tricks of the fur here. Bearzilla Build
  194. 12K Crit Bear form, yes. Read the tricks of the fur here. Bearzilla Build
  195. druid and spell resistance mobs
  196. Wolf pet's trip not working?
  197. Twitch play Bear form for 5 cleave attacks quicker than wolf.
  198. Looking for Druid advice
  199. Druid Build- Xadin
  200. Druid wolf form weapon dice multipliers
  201. Some questions about druid wild shape
  202. Animal form and Salwart Defense
  203. Does Flame blade work with...
  204. 1-20 Build for Druid Life?
  205. shiradi druid
  206. Elemental form - which one first?
  207. What do you think about this druid build?
  208. Wolf/proc/speed build ee focused
  209. SWF + pure druid wolf form
  210. Flame Blade and TWF
  211. Looking for First Life solo-friendly Druid build
  212. Looking for a build
  213. It's been a while
  214. Matching enhancements from an old build to the new enhancement trees
  215. Seeking advice on wolf build
  216. Bear Form -- Tank/Healer/Caster -- Help welcome
  217. Druids and augment summoning
  218. Elemetal form caster/melle druid hybrid
  219. regarding storm of vengeance
  220. Bear-dar-kai Help needed
  221. Pure druid wolf pet EE viability
  222. Warforged Druid DPS Build (Advice Needed!)
  223. do-everything druid
  224. Caster Druid alignment? Like most caster TN I am about to hit the finish button
  225. low level twink gear for my wolf form what is good to have
  226. Reaving Roar broken
  227. Celestia and Druid Animal Forms
  228. Bestial Nature: Sometimes bugged sometimes works?
  229. If my wolf were a player I'd squelch him. Or, here are some changes I'd like to see
  230. Druid with monk splash: Winter Wolf (with natural fighting) DPS vs Unarmed TWF?
  231. Asking for advices on the druid class and THF
  232. Can't cast flame blade in tavern pvp?
  233. U23 Faun - Wrathbringer
  234. Third Druid Tree [Lost Trees Project]
  235. Earthquake DC
  236. Fight or Flight, The Mean Wolf
  237. Looking for advice
  238. Fenris Chained (15 Dru/3 Mnk/2 Rng)
  239. Druid build advice
  240. Helios Build - A Rework of Xadin's Druid
  241. A good melee druid build that doesn't use TWF?
  242. Stance question
  243. Non-proficient debuff in wolf form?
  244. Wolf Kombat - wolf solo fight vs. EE mini boss
  245. druid w/o shape changing
  246. Wolf Kombat 2: wolf vs. EE Gresl-glis
  247. "Patch of Leaves" cancels Ice Storm?
  248. Is Earthquake still getting canceled by wind spells?
  249. Looking for a First Life Caster Druid Build
  250. Sneak Attack Focused Melee Wolf (15dru/3rog/2wiz)