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  1. Time to gear-up
  2. Spell Focus: Abjuration?
  3. wizard's favorite prepared spells by level
  4. Pale master or archmage?
  5. Wizard/cleric multiclass
  6. New Player Seeking Major Help!
  7. necro build
  8. Diplomacy or Bluff?
  9. Elven Arcane Arcane Archer/Palemaster (Post E-Pass)
  10. Skills on a Shiradi 18 wiz / 2 monk?
  11. Considering Wizard
  12. U19 WF Shiradi Wizard / Monk build
  13. Wizard w/Morninglord splash aka trying to find a use for this "Class"
  14. Shroud of the Wraith
  15. Some opinions on a PM Shield Master build
  16. Pale Trapper for new players (Human 18/2 Wizard/Rogue)
  17. GrandMaster Scourge (Palemaster Shiradi AoV)
  18. WF wizard and the new enh system: looking for help
  19. Are PM "shrouds" WAI?
  20. Pure Pale Master DC Based
  21. Pure Wizard instakills
  22. Reticent pale master skeleton summon...
  23. Arcane Spellsurge - can't get icon from epic destiny slot to my toolbars for use.
  24. New Deathblock and Negative healing amplification
  25. Drop toughness in favor of Mental Toughness: Y/N?
  26. U19 Self Heal on a Pale Master Level 12 Wizard
  27. What two feats are you adding to your shiradi AM?
  28. Dwarf melee PM; would this work?
  29. Pale Master SLAs and Metamagics
  30. Cannot figure out my total INT
  31. Casting time on going into and out of Wraith form?
  32. pm vs wf self heal
  33. Best Shiradi WF docent?
  34. The Elf Enchanter/Evoker challenge
  35. Shiradi gear
  36. Gear levels for a lvl 15 Pale Master
  37. Shiradi proc damage and metas: actual data
  38. Zergod Shiradi Wizard Build - Version 2.0 Updated for U19
  39. Updating my Warforged Wizard
  40. Just Shiradi: The U19 shiradi standard (16 wizard/2 favored soul/2 monk)
  41. do you really need UMD?
  42. Optimal Shiradi Wiz single target rotation?
  43. possible to spend an uneven amount of sp?
  44. Returning Player - what to do?
  45. Charm Animal
  46. Wizards that feel and play quite differently - Some sample builds
  47. Silothien, Elven AA Shiradi
  48. Army of One
  49. stupid idea: dwarven deathknight
  50. Past life for wizards - help me solve an arguement
  51. Anyone else feel PM skeleton really needs evasion?
  52. Tring into PM and need help with past lives
  53. PM Death Aura problem
  54. Need some feedbak with my Pale Master
  55. buff Wraith form
  56. Wizard Enhancement Question
  57. What is the point of Cloak of Night enhacement
  58. are shiradi procs effected by metamagics?
  59. Suggestion to change the way SLAs work
  60. [Eldritch Knight] S&B only?
  61. My Thoughts On Archmage Enhancement Tree
  62. What are you multiclass Shiradi builds going to do for Epic TRing?
  63. PM summon Help please
  64. critique my build - the Paledancer
  65. Pale Trapper - Question about skills...
  66. PM trapper 2pst sorc life - any suggestion ?
  67. There is a way to use Arti scrolls for a Wiz ? UMD ? or simple NO way ?
  68. PM - a DEAD ANGEL
  69. Warforged AM vs PM Int/ dcs
  70. How much is important the 'heal skill'' for a palemaster ?
  71. Human Archmage Build
  72. Eldritch Knight possible build 12 Ftr/6 Wiz/2 Barb - Need advice.
  73. 12/7/1 Ftr/Wiz/Bar - TWF and THF possibilities, could use help.
  74. Heighten and SLA's
  75. Eldritch Archer:Self-sufficient wizard AA
  76. Eldritch Kensai Alternate Build
  77. Eldritch strike/tempest double hit whit twf?
  78. 12 Wizard/6 Fighter/2 Rogue - Build by request - open to suggestions.
  79. Wizard: Drow or Iconic Elf
  80. Arcane blast and bolt
  81. Need Wizard Advice
  82. Wizard: Honest Question from long time player
  83. 12 Eldritch Knight / 6 Tempest / 2 Rog. Build????
  84. Archano Titan (WF EK Evo Archmage)
  85. Pure Wizard EK test build
  86. in undead form what can I do when helpless due to stats?
  87. Eldritch Knight potential is not epic significant. EK makes your toon WORSE!
  88. Siouxsie the Banshee (build by request)
  89. Tenser's and SLA's
  90. Trying to build a solid EK with DPS, survavibility and high casting capabilities
  91. Feat selection for an Illusion AM / Pale Master build?
  92. improved mage amor from EK
  93. Another EK build attempt
  94. Spellsword - damage per character level
  95. Buils request please...WF Archmage 18 wiz/2rog
  96. Pale Monk or Trapper?
  97. Swordmage TR Project - Would like some advice and help.
  98. Requesting Build for 36 point Wizard / Rog
  99. Reduced Cool-down Stacking (question)
  100. EK can't take GTHF/GTWF and other issues
  101. Questiions about wizard mechanics
  102. Wiz Help for an Old Returning Player
  103. [New and advanced Player] Enchantment Wizard 17 / Rogue 2 / Druid 1
  104. Pointy Eared Wizard w/ Pointy Sticks (Wiz18-20/X0-2 TWF Primary Spellcaster)
  105. 28 bulid Wizrd Pure running out of spell points
  106. pure arcmage build help
  107. Wizard 16/FvS 2/Rogue 2 viable?
  108. basic Pale Master questions
  109. A few basic Wizard questions for someone who has never played the class.
  110. ? about combining Pale Master DC build with Shiradi...
  111. Returning player build questions Pale Master
  112. after multiple Sorc lives (Heroic)
  113. Epic Challenge Farmer (21 drow pure wizard)
  114. Beginning Drow Wizard
  115. What should I do with my wizzy
  116. Archmage SLAs
  117. Pure Wizard or Fighter splash for EK?
  118. Wizard Build, Win or Fail?
  119. Magister questions
  120. Archmage wiz. What do they bring to the table?
  121. Solo Wraith EK Build for Heroic Fun
  122. Absent for a year, want to get back to minmaxing
  123. pure wizard Pale master level 5 spell focus issue
  124. Looking for an Archmage Enchanter Build
  125. Fail Sorc life.
  126. Build advice for Eldritch Knight w/ Rogue Splash?
  127. URK, Undead Robot Knight
  128. Wizard Archmage Evoker viable?
  129. PM selfhealing enough for Epics?
  130. New necromancer
  131. Returning Wiz - what mid-level gear?
  132. Returning Player: BladeForged Wizard 18/ Rogue 2 Build Help
  133. Eldritch Knight Medium Armor PRR bugged?
  134. Epic Tr from Drow Elf pure wiz into a Warforged pure wizwiz
  135. Bug with Spell Power on Pale Master enacements?
  136. First gish build
  137. How does Arcane Supremacy work with ED abilities?
  138. Arcane Supremacy
  139. Beginner Wizard Concerns
  140. Difference between Heighten and Arcane Augmentation?
  141. Scarecrow - Post U21 Illusion Wizard
  142. A strong pure wiz build (Something deadly)
  143. Nova Shiradi - Palemaster Supremacy Shiradi build
  144. Arcane Tank Build
  145. Is there a good Eldritch Knight Build yet?
  146. Pale Master vs. Constructs... what spells do you use?
  147. About Skeletons
  148. The current best first life solo Wizard build?
  149. need help on energy drain for first caster build
  150. Need some feedback with a TR melee wizard
  151. 18/2Rog PM - When?
  152. Looking for EE Palemaster build
  153. Spell Targeting Help
  154. Zergod Shiradi Wizard Build Version 3.0 for U21
  155. Quick question.
  156. DC necro stacking
  157. Spells against helmed horrors
  158. looking for pale master build for a life
  159. Warforged 18/2 Wiz/Rogue still viable ?
  160. Basic Wizard question - best armor and weapons?
  161. Wizards need help..
  162. Archmage Enhancements: Illusuion III (Displacement) - working as intended?
  163. Help with new wizard
  164. Gear help
  165. Is my Wiz viable?
  166. Any thoughts about 17wiz/3bard or 15wiz/5bard battle mage?
  167. Pale Masters: tell me about the skelle....
  168. Need help with a pure wiz Eldritch Knight build
  169. Need help learning the wizard.
  170. Suggestions for wiz18/rog2 ?
  171. Arcane Supremacy hidden +2 int and AM vs PM
  172. Pale Master Skeletal Knight
  173. Eldritch Knight - Wiz/Ftr/Fvs - SWF/Shield (Warforged)
  174. soloing
  175. Im trying to make a pale master 3rd life
  176. Help me build a pale master wizard!! (new player)
  177. 12/8 Wiz/Fighter EK build (Horc)
  178. Current State of Pale Master Immunities
  179. How viable is this dex based Eldritch Build?
  180. Why no Force Missiles SLA instead of Fire Shield?
  181. Why do enchantment anymore when you can just do necro?
  182. 12 Wis 6 Art 2 Monk -- Guzzling Eldritch Artificer
  183. disentegrate
  184. My EK Dilemma: Orbs or Shields
  185. Shiradi Questions and Improved Precise Shot
  186. [Sketch] Elven Wiz18/Rog2 Arcane Archer
  187. Is Half-Elf viable for a Pale Master?
  188. Wiz 14 FVS 4 Monk 2
  189. Maximum Intelligence Non-Shroud
  190. Question about Wizard and trapping...new low level group
  191. Wielding shield with 0% spell failure?
  192. EK Enhancement Eldritch Shield Apply to Orbs?
  193. melee wizard build that can ETR into Shiradi bluild
  194. Max Exceptional INT - is this still correct?
  195. Current End-Game PM Gear
  196. ek martial training+dwarf= dwarvenaxe proficiency ?
  197. Concordant Opposition items and Transform Kinetic Energy they stack?
  198. Deathblock's Absorption- Question for Palemasters
  199. Issue with Cyclonic Blast.
  200. Challenge: Fleshy non-undead wizard viable for EEs
  201. Is Conjuration Archmage Worth Continuing?
  202. Pale master Skeletal Knight help
  203. Problems with a specific enemy... rushmore succy...
  204. Battle Mages and fightiing style and race.
  205. U23 Spiderman Build - 17 Wiz / 2 Arti / 1 Fighter
  206. Straight up gish build?
  207. Returning Player - Help Needed
  208. Ice Storm Not working
  209. Half Elf Wizard bad idea?
  210. Max int from enhancements?
  211. Flesh to Stone DC's
  212. suggestions for wizard TR?
  213. Wrath of Shadows = self healing for undead?
  214. An Official Thread Discussion On A Better DC Melee Wizard- For 16 wizard lvls+
  215. Shroud of the Vampire (Dev's please respond?)
  216. Pale Knight the undead warrior. Possible?
  217. Geargolem INT breakdown
  218. does shiradi abilities proc from radiant glorys light damage
  219. PM and AM Spell Like Abilities: useful or a waste?
  220. Elritch Henshin Staff Theorybuild
  221. Globe of Invulnerability PM Tactic?
  222. Eldritch Enchanter
  223. Quick gear for melee pale master?
  224. build idea: harper acrowiz 15/5
  225. Pointy Hat
  226. Wiz PL help
  227. I play a PM Wizard. Coming back to the game after 3 years. Where do I even start?
  228. Vampire form WAI? Stacking Fort, healing on thrower
  229. Shadovar Infiltrator
  230. Is this wizard character a good idea?
  231. (Seeking Advice) Wizard - Eldritch Knight/Pale Master Melee
  232. Does Crushing Despair Debuff Stack?
  233. Green Star Adept build, or something
  234. Eldritch Harper
  235. Mabar Robe of Shadows & Green Steel Concordant item.
  236. Seeking guidance on creating a necromancer preffered.
  237. Healthy Corpse-Dual Dwarven axe
  238. U24 NovaSoul - Survivalist Palemaster Direct Damage that can raid heal
  239. Question about zombie form
  240. Questions about TF caster weapons
  241. Blade of Velsharoon
  242. Shiradi Wizard Plan For First Lifers
  243. shadow mage: a build. a philosophy help...
  244. sorry got double post . eraseing this one as i can't delete
  245. Cleric pale master sun elf questions
  246. Arcane Barrier & Pale Master Vampire Self-Healing
  247. Gear for mid level Wizard (Palemaster)
  248. WF Wizard Trapper Build - Advices?
  249. Wanting advice on making a good non-pale master wizard
  250. Just read about archmage using phantasmal killer SLA