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  1. Orien - Cannith card trade
  2. 1st
  3. Card trade to Thelanis
  4. cards 1-8 & few rares, few servers left, Im on Gland
  5. Trade my PsuedoDragon companion on your server for yours on orien
  6. Trade Card X on Ghallanda for Card IX or X on Cannith
  7. Trade Card IX on Sarlona for Card IX or X on Cannith
  8. G-Land for Cannith Card X
  9. Have cards on various worlds, want cards on Khyber.
  10. Cross Server Card Trade to Thelanis
  11. Want cards on Thelanis cards left for Orien, Khyber, Cannith, Argo, and Wayfinder
  12. Moving cards to Thelanis
  13. Cross-Server and Multi-Way-Server Trades for IX and X cards! Post Here.
  14. Multiple server trades (cards 1-8)
  15. Want Cards in Khyber
  16. WTT my cards on Wafinder, for yours on Argo
  17. Cross Server trades, looking for cards on Khyber
  18. Tan Striped Pseudodragon pets for cross server trade to Thelanis (cards or plat/gear)
  19. Your Thelanis cards for mine on your home server
  20. 24 Cards on Orien for yours on Khyber
  21. Want cards on Thelanis, Have cards on Cannith, Orien and Wayfinder
  22. I want your cards on Ghallanda, have 7 cards on Argo
  23. I want your cards on Gallhanda, Have 5 Cards on Thelanis to trade
  24. I want your cards on Gallhanda, and have these 5 cards on Sarlona
  25. I have these 7 cards on Khyber and want your cards on Ghallanda
  26. Have 5 cards on Cannith, I want your cards on Ghallanda
  27. Have multiple cards on wayf, orien, canith, khyber, & argo. Want cards on G-land
  28. WTT I-XIII My Cards on Ghallanda for your cards on Orien (More than 20 left)
  29. Need Cards on Khyber
  30. Want Argo cards. Have cards on all BUT Khyber
  31. Need Card on Argo
  32. I have cards to trade on Khyber, Orien, and Wayfinder for your cards on Sarlona
  33. Trading my 9 cards on Sarlona for yours on Khyber
  34. Trading my 7 cards on Cannith for yours on Khyber
  35. Still cardss X left on Khyber & Cannith, and some other stuff, Im on Ghallanda
  36. Cards left to trade, Looking for cards on Thelanis
  37. wayfinder&cannith cards trade to whatever on thelanis
  38. Have cards on Argo & Sarlona
  39. Want cards on Ghallanda - have cards on Thelanis
  40. My 51 Cards on Wayfinder for your cards on Orien or Ghallanda
  41. WTS card IX on Sarlona for goods on Orien
  42. Looking for Cards on Sarlona
  43. Cannith to Thelanis card trade
  44. Trading for cards on Khyber
  45. WTT Have X on Orien want X on Khyber
  46. Essences
  47. Finally Getting Off My Lazy Butt to Post Left-over Card Trades
  48. Still looking to trade a few cards
  49. Want Cards on Ghallanda, have Cards on all servers see details inside
  50. Card IX now available on Sarlona
  51. Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Standard Edition Code For Sale
  52. I want your Khyber Cards!
  53. I want your argonnessen cards! (and bypasses, jeweler's toolkits...)
  54. I still have lots of cards on multiple servers
  55. cards left on other servers
  56. 23 Cards on Argoneessen -> Cannith
  57. Looking to join/form a Static Group (Details within)
  58. My Cards on Sarlona for your PP or cards on Ghallanda
  59. Did you buy the Shadowfell preorder? and dont play on Gland?, I want you !
  60. I still have cards on other servers? Oh my...
  61. A few cards left on servers I don't play on... Looking for Cannith ones.
  62. Experience Stone
  63. Tan-striped
  64. cards
  65. November 15, 2014: I want cards for Ghallanda or Cannith
  66. Few leftover cards
  67. Cards on other servers Nov 214 to Thelanis
  68. Seeking your extra anniversary cards on Khyber. Have cards on all servers.
  69. Got a few cards left, looking for trade to Cannith
  70. Looking to trade my Sarlona (59) and Wayfinder (76) Cards for Cards on Argonnessen
  71. Want to trade anniversary cards
  72. want to trade my card IX on khyber
  73. My IX card on Sarlona or Ghallanda for your IX/X on Orien
  74. WTT for cards on Sarlona
  75. WTT for cards on Cannith
  76. Trade for your cards on Orien
  77. have cards on Ghallanda, Khyber and Cannith; want cards on Wayfinder
  78. My cards on Ghalanda for your Thelanis cards
  79. WTT anniversary cards from any servers for yours on Ghallanda
  80. Cards to Khyber
  81. Ed's Card Exchange
  82. Cards on Cannith, Ghal, Orion, Sal, Thealis, and Way including IX, X for Cards to Khy
  83. Free to a Good Home: the Last of my Cards!
  84. Would like to transfer money + items
  85. Need Argonnessen Stuff, have stuff in most other servers
  86. H: Merry Mini-Mimics on Orien and Thelanis, W: Merry Mini-Mimic(s) on Cannith
  87. Have Merry on Wayfinder, Want Merry on Agonessen
  88. Need Portable Holes or plat on Argonessen, have lots of goodies on Ghallanda.
  89. WTB Scroll of Staff of Nat Gann on Sarlona
  90. Platanator looking for Keeper people! :D
  91. need stuff on orien have stuff on khyber.
  92. Plat transfer from Cannith
  93. i want to move my stuff!!!!!!
  94. Multi server Companion Trade - Sarlona main server
  95. Want shards for TP?
  96. Just Started playing on Arginessan want to trade like items cross platform
  97. I didn't this was asking too much... (WTB weapon)
  98. Looking for an experience stones! Willing to pay in cash or TP; fully negotiable.
  99. Want to trade 60 day VIP code for 2k+ DDO Point code
  100. Orien: looking for +3 Energized Dagger from TOEE
  101. Trade Astral from Server to Server.
  102. Looking to trade Plat on Ghallanda for same on Sarlona
  103. Cross server Daily Dice trades
  104. Trading Items and matts on Cannith for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  105. Trading Items and matts on Argonnessen for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  106. Trading Items and matts on Khyber for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  107. Trading Items and matts on Ghallanda for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  108. Trading Items and matts on Sarlona for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  109. Trading Items and matts on Wayfinder for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  110. Trading Items and matts on Thelanis for astral shards or 1-1 on Orion.
  111. how does cross-server trading work?
  112. Wayfinder: WTT Shard of Great Power for Shard of Power
  113. 5 jeweller's kits on Ghallanda for Thelanis gear
  114. Snowpeaks ingredients, Ghallanda/Argonnessen
  115. Astral Mistake, looking to make a recovery
  116. (All Servers) Trading (See Inside) for your Cannith Collectibles
  117. Trading Festive wisdom aug +2 for strength one - khyber
  118. LEGNDS of DDO Discord server open to all