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  2. Rogues do it better
  3. How exactly does Smite Construct work?
  4. Can rogues assassinate with a bow?
  5. acrobat 2...what else
  6. noisemakers
  7. Let's Talk Rogue
  8. Assassinate better than ever
  9. What typre of Rogue life for a Artificer?
  10. 28-Point Build Human Trap Monkey (Pure Rogue)
  11. A rogue may gain a bonus feat in place of a special ability
  12. Rogue Assassin III and Cleave: Can you Vorpal Strike multiple targets in a Cleave
  13. is SA dmg capped?
  14. Dust Ninja - selfsufficient 36pt build
  15. DPS Pure Rogue build needed
  16. Manyshot question
  17. Almost ready to TR my rogue - many questions.. :)
  18. 13 rogue /6 monk/ 1 fighter help
  19. Hamstring queston
  20. Rogue Mechanic: Looking for some advice/builds
  21. How many weapons does a rogue REALLY need?
  22. TR / Which feats to consider
  23. hi all Nub here with a question
  24. solo rogue + hireling with Intimidate
  25. Noob Rogue here
  26. Need Help - Human Ranged Rogue - Light/Heavy Repeater Xbow
  27. Tumble
  28. Finally Returning-Could use some tips
  29. Rogue builds/weapon
  30. My Post U19 Pure Human Rogue Mechassin
  31. 18 Rogue, 2 monk new enhancement layout. Using Deadlock's pdf file for reference
  32. just started playing....
  33. R.O.G.U.E. where have you gone??
  34. How do you stealth through Sins of Attrition?
  35. Does Rogue Assassin I Thoughtburn work?
  36. Assassinate DC, Do you HAVE to be Single-classed to have it high enough to matter?
  37. Str vs Dex on a Halfling Rogue
  38. R.O.G.U.E. IV: The Rebirthinatening
  39. Is there an enhancement to make you faster at disable?
  40. Too many feats, what to use them for
  41. Acrobat VS assassin
  42. Assassination working properly?
  43. Faster Sneaking
  44. Knife Specialization broken?
  45. What do you NEED to be a successful rogue? (Please critique my build plan?)
  46. New build idea with the update for my multi rogue - 12 rogue / 6 monk / 2 paladin
  47. thief acrobat/henshin monk staff build help
  48. did Improved Feint get "fixed"?
  49. Acrobat feats - help!
  50. Do Drow Need the Spot Skill?
  51. SA while soloing...
  52. Looking for build ideas.
  53. Does acrobat attack speed even work?
  54. Sweeping Strikes, improved trip and vertigo: what´s up?
  55. Pretty new, would like advice!!
  56. good daggers/kukris
  57. Poison attacks / Assassin attacks
  58. Ultimate Quarterstaves master
  59. Halfling Assassin Build (advice welcome)
  60. "Intelligent" enemies.
  61. Quarterstaffs and glancing blows
  62. Acrobat enhancement questions
  63. Venomed Blades Bugged - Let's Get This Fixed - Bug Report Template Included
  64. Rogue HP/PRR/Dogde at 28
  65. Sweeping strikes
  66. rogue soloing
  67. Halfling Rogue Enhancements?
  68. Are other Assassin Rogues having this problem?
  69. Sources for insightful and exceptional Dexterity
  70. Rogue paths - Dex? Int? Str? What's the new expansion pack revealing?
  71. Are Sweepiong Strikes and Vault supposed to be on the same timer?
  72. Maximum SA dice???
  73. Help! Because I need somebody! Not just anybody!
  74. Do ability boost from different enhancement trees stack?
  75. Stunning Rogue
  76. Greensteel Weapon Type for Undead
  77. My Rogue has 2 Feets?
  78. Assassin's Trick
  79. Assassins in Boss Fights - what do you do?
  80. Looking For Advice
  81. Best robe/outfit/light armor for a rogue level 20+
  82. Thief-Acrobat Nerf?
  83. Assassin T4 ''Killer" Enhancement - Is it worth or worthless?
  84. Acrobat + Pulverizer Crit Range Stacking?
  85. Bug/issue
  86. First Life End Game Assassin - Splash Monk?
  87. Lethality and Manslayer Interaction
  88. level ups into Dex or Int?
  89. Shadar Kai Enhancement Gloom Stalker
  90. Secondary Tree for an Int-based Assassin
  91. Build Options for a Knife Specialist
  92. Is it possible to activate Quick Strikes's Bonus to Doublestrike, then swap weapons?
  93. Iconic Acrobat
  94. Targeting Sights and Insightful Damage
  95. Best overall GS Staff for Thief Acrobat
  96. Most worthwhile items & scrolls for a high UMD Mechanic?
  97. The Charlatan (Dex/Cha Based Thief-Acrobat)
  98. Just a few questions
  99. Midnight Greetings and Dagger in the Back
  100. Weird behavior: drawing aggro and intimidate symbol
  101. Acrobat knockdown immunity questions...
  102. Ranger to Rogue Transition
  103. Quickstrike or wolfform?
  104. acrobat doubts
  105. Expert Builder
  106. Solo Rogue vs. Ambushes
  107. The Shadowstick: A Dragonmarked Elf Acrobat Build
  108. Thief Acrobat enhancement...broken?
  109. The Shadow Walker Build (Halfling Assassin)
  110. Shadow Dancer completed, where next?
  111. What forms of haste stack?
  112. Dex-based ninja assassin viable?
  113. Rogue Mechanic Treasure Hunter!
  114. Please help knock out a rogue PL.
  115. Punching while moving
  116. Almost time for my rogue life
  117. 100 reflex save
  118. Staff Lunge, WAI?
  119. Spiders?
  120. Queston on Shadow Charges - Possible bug
  121. Sneak Attack broken?
  122. Acronomonk
  123. New player, few questions
  124. Acrobat - Requesting Build Help
  125. Deepwood Mechanic Sniper Rogue - Post U19... need assist!!
  126. Great Now Assassinate Is Broken
  127. TWF Trapper vild advice please?
  128. Splashing
  129. The Crimson Bolt: Self-Reconstructing thief-acrobat
  130. knife specialization
  131. Adventures in Theorycrafting - The Mechassin
  132. Someone help me figure out any improvements I can make on my stun rogue.
  133. GS Item for HP and Int Skills
  134. an unusual pure rogue
  135. Rouge TR Gear - recommendations?
  136. staff fighting cleric - STR or DEX?
  137. Rogue/Fighter
  138. What to do with rewards box
  139. best GS repeating crossbow for a Rogue/arti TR project?
  140. My lvl 23 blues.
  141. Build request
  142. Rogue Crossbow Proficiency
  143. Question on assassinate Dc
  144. Question about Leg Shot
  145. Need help with build
  146. How to epic destiny
  147. assassin dex enhancements and elf dex based weapons
  148. Dex based halfpint acrobat
  149. Conjure bolt scroll not working on my rogue
  150. Staff Specialization
  151. EE DC's?
  152. The Shadow Assassin: A Halfling Assassin
  153. new guy here confused on rogue builds
  154. What type of rogue do you prefer?
  155. 12th past life rogue
  156. stick fighting
  157. Max Reflex Defensive Roller
  158. Thrower Assassin feat choices
  159. Assassin gear ?
  160. LF: Sireth using rogue/monk/? Shadar-Kai build
  161. 5 Wizard Splash - lolwut?
  162. Venomed Blades [BUG]
  163. Disabling/Minute Seeing - Where did they go?
  164. Dex-based TWF build
  165. Need help with range rogue
  166. New to the world of Roguery... and DDO really.
  167. Having trouble assassinating unagro'd mobs
  168. have i already gimped myself?
  169. Rapid Fire, worth it?
  170. Not liking my 20 rogue
  171. Shadar-Kai rogue assassin
  172. Mechanic who hates crossbows
  173. How do Poison Strikes fit as a Poison type?
  174. Quarterstaff bulid. advice please. For my 3rd life.
  175. Does a Half-orc Acrobat build need the THF feats?
  176. Defensive roll. Pro and Cons?
  177. Epic viability of max dex
  178. Assassin build discussion.
  179. Assassin Poisons
  180. Rapier Vs Kukri/Dagger
  181. Rogue skill concentration?
  182. bllaak stabbath-a halfling assassin
  183. Looking for a 18-20 Drow Rogue Trapping Build
  184. What's The Highest Search I'll Ever Need?
  185. Sneak Attack Damage Question
  186. rogue shortsword build
  187. Sneak Immune Mobs
  188. Rogue/monk/fighter 12/6/2
  189. Halfling 32 point mechanic build
  190. auto intimidate?
  191. LF bladeforged max dps staff build
  192. Iconic Rogue Assassin
  193. repeater / arti splash?
  194. Making a drow rogue(assassin). Fill in the blanks?
  195. Shada Kai Chain and SA
  196. Knife specialization
  197. Understanding Sneak Attack Bonuses... Please help!!!
  198. Trapmaking
  199. Rogue with or without Monk
  200. Best Armor
  201. Rogue with balizarde/celestia - still worth it?
  202. New Rogue, Old Questions
  203. Stealthy player "Assassinate" question
  204. First rogue: Advices wellcome!
  205. simple assassinate question
  206. Shadowdancer
  207. Dodge seems really stupid for rogues to me
  208. A good Rogue....
  209. Shadar Kai or Half Elf?
  210. Most common uses for UMD? - late teens/20
  211. Thief Acrobatics' Attack Speed Bonus
  212. endgame ready rogue
  213. Looking for an Acrobat Rogue build on a f2p account.
  214. Revisiting the Halfling Acrobat for New Players
  215. Rogue Self-Healing
  216. Dumb question about Open Lock and Disable Device
  217. Opportunist feat
  218. Starting stats query
  219. Acromonk first lifer, advice?
  220. Rogue use of Stoneskin Scrolls
  221. Repeating Crossbows and Mechanic Tree
  222. Best hire to accompany an Assassin (Heroics)
  223. 12rog /6ran/2art halfling build enhancement help
  224. Rogue qstaff PL build for review
  225. Rogue and tactical feats
  226. Repeater Rogue: how bad is the ammo issue?
  227. SWF vs TWF??
  228. Wow... So much has changed!
  229. how to get max sneak attack damage
  230. Rogue with Artificer Splash
  231. Build advice for a halfling "sniper" type character
  232. DeathTitan Rogue
  233. Trying to build a F2P Repeater Rogue
  234. Started playing again, need some feedback.
  235. What are the general choices for a mechanic rogue
  236. Drow 13 rogue, 4 FVS, 3 bard
  237. Known Issue: Venomed Blades bug
  238. How is sneak attack damage calculated?
  239. Need Drow rogue rebuild for 19th level just to finish up and tr
  240. divine stick build
  241. Shout Out To All The Rogues
  242. Thief acrobat questions
  243. Opportunist feat with XBows
  244. How will Harper tree affect your assassin's weapon choice?
  245. Solo EE Assassin Quest Requests Wanted!
  246. Shadar Kai mechanic
  247. Magical Trap DC's
  248. Perfect SWF and Lethality
  249. Any useful U23 gear for my build?
  250. Extremely basic Rogue question concerning traps