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  1. Shadowdancer and STR Rogues
  2. Dooooooom
  3. Shadowdancer No Shadow Jump?
  4. Technician
  5. Just how do destinies work? (what trees available)
  6. Shadowdancer Shadow Training III threat reduction stack?
  7. Yay for money-grabbing!
  8. Exalted Angel Astral Vibrance Not Working?
  9. Draconic Incarnation Darkvision from Draconic Incarnation not working
  10. Grandmaster of Flowers Everything is mothing epic moment glitched
  11. Fatesinger Masked Ball & Inspire Excellence
  12. Shadow Manipulation
  13. Shadowdancer Shadow Manipulation
  14. Shadowdancer Meld into Darkness
  15. Fury of the Wild Fury made placid?
  16. Which epic destiny is best for a Pale Master?
  17. Exalted Angel About Renewal.
  18. Fatesinger Happy bard
  19. Shadowdancer Untouchable
  20. Unyielding Sentinel Stance questions.
  21. epic destiny and TR
  22. Fatesinger Fragment of the song: Valor won't work on allies
  23. Unyielding Sentinel What about Fighter Stalwart Defender tanks?
  24. Grandmaster of Flowers Imp. Martial Arts
  25. Fury of the Wild Fury of the Wild or Shadowdancer?
  26. Magister Epic Summons
  27. Compilation of ED Bugs
  28. Picked wrong destiny, how do I switch?
  29. "reset tree"
  30. Fury of the Wild TOD Slayer Arrow
  31. Passive destiny levels
  32. Shadowdancer Shadow Form
  33. Legendary Dreadnought Master's Blitz
  34. Shadowdancer Shadow Charges.. how can i tell how many I have?
  35. Draconic Incarnation Pre-requisites on Draconic Incarnation issue
  36. Grandmaster of Flowers Bypass Foritification?
  37. Prereqs
  38. Shadowdancer Shadow Training II
  39. Draconic Incarnation Flyby attack
  40. Draconic Incarnation Dragon Heritage..Stack with 2ndary spell specialty?
  41. Draconic Incarnation enhacement effects on Energy Burst
  42. Shadowdancer Untouchable Not Working?
  43. Fury of the Wild Adrenaline and TWF
  44. Exalted Angel reborn in light
  45. Fury of the Wild Does the adrenaline +16 to threat range mean Frenzy have 80% to get extra crit mult?
  46. Legendary Dreadnought Legendary Tactics
  47. Fury of the Wild Lets talk about twists for Fury
  48. Draconic Incarnation Twists for a Draconic destiny Air Savant
  49. Shadowdancer Shadow Training 4 and doublestrike on finessable weapons
  50. Fatesinger Twisting Song abilities
  51. Twist of fates - unique combinations
  52. ED and TRs
  53. Unyielding Sentinel Untie Fanatacism, Bane and Purify from stances
  54. Shadowdancer Needs more uses for Shadow Charges
  55. My LVL 20 Stalwart Defender
  56. Draconic Incarnation Energy Sheath
  57. Legendary Dreadnought Overwhelming Critical Range?
  58. Epic Toughness and CON requirement
  59. Grandmaster of Flowers Epic Destiniy path chosen but not chosen
  60. Exalted Angel Leap of Faith + Abundant Step?
  61. Grandmaster of Flowers Serenity + Drow Racial SR
  62. Draconic Incarnation White Dragon Wizard
  63. Unyielding Sentinel AC twists
  64. Fatesinger Is Dirge as bad as I think?
  65. Fatesinger epic ability not working
  66. Grandmaster of Flowers Running with Wind - How much run speed increase at tier 3?
  67. Fatesinger quick question I can't seem to drag chord of disruption onto any hotbar?
  68. Magister Arcane Tempest Questions
  69. Shiradi Champion Double Rainbow effects list
  70. Shadowdancer What's your feedback?
  71. Void Incarnate
  72. Grandmaster of Flowers Generating Ki for Non-Monks?
  73. Volcano's Edge
  74. Fatespinner spell pen missing?
  75. Twists of fate; What are your choices?
  76. Legendary Dreadnought 2HF Feats: Junk with Legendary Dreadnought?
  77. Best Epic destiny for Targeted Class
  78. Epic destinies for TWF?
  79. Shadowdancer Twist of Fate
  80. Unyielding Sentinel stances
  81. Druid Epic Destinies - which?
  82. Legendary Dreadnought Unarmed Momentum swing
  83. Help with Epic Destiny Selection
  84. Cost of abilities
  85. Fury of the Wild Max burst?
  86. So why did casters get screwed in the trees?
  87. Shadowdancer Improved Invisibility (Displacement from start?)
  88. Endless Faith bugged?
  89. Magister Magister caster lvl don't work on Force Missile (or more)
  90. Grandmaster of Flowers A Dance of Flowers Question
  91. Shadowdancer Cloak of shadows: does it prevent PM aura-healing?
  92. Shiradi Champion Shiradi Champion maximized and spell point item
  93. Barb - LD or FotW?
  94. Draconic Incarnation Fearsome Invulnerability, add a bonus to SP suggestion
  95. Legendary Tactics
  96. Bulwark of Defense Epic feat choice
  97. Shadowdancer Shrouding Strike attack does nothing
  98. Monk tank: any destinies
  99. Druids and Epic Destinies
  100. Half-Elf Diliettantes and Epic Destinies?
  101. Shadowdancer Dark Imbuement
  102. Fury of the Wild Need some help for twists please & thanks!
  103. Legendary Dreadnought HOrc Momentum Swing animation borked
  104. Twists stacking question
  105. Legendary Dreadnought The Mornhnaught: ultimate twf dps
  106. Grandmaster of Flowers Serenity confirmed not WAI, Response = Dooooom?
  107. Legendary Dreadnought Headman's Chop question
  108. Fatesinger Non-stacking of Inspire Excellence WAI?
  109. Fatesinger Echos of Shiradi
  110. No Devotion?
  111. Twisting
  112. Shiradi Champion PRISM and bolt/blast?
  113. Grandmaster of Flowers Tactics, etc.
  114. Shiradi Champion Isn't it ironic
  115. Grandmaster of Flowers Running with Wind
  116. Twist Question
  117. Exalted Angel Judgement
  118. Fatesinger Passive party bonuses should not cost 6 ED pts.
  119. Draconic Incarnation Energy Burst and Dragon Breath
  120. Magister Question about Sigils
  121. Magister Magister 3 missing fate point
  122. Epic Destiny "Builds"?
  123. Magister for clerics
  124. Twisted "Reign" from fatesinger, but its does not regenrate when not on fatesinger.
  125. Shiradi Champion Shiradi force mage
  126. Fury of the Wild Ward against Weird
  127. Question regarding multi classing, ED's and LR's
  128. Few Epic Destiny questions
  129. Shiradi Champion Stay Frosty / Prism / Rainbow
  130. Exalted Angel Exalted Angel <-> Magister?
  131. Shadowdancer Shadow Training III and Subtle Backstabbing? Stack?
  132. Shiradi Champion Audience with the queen, nerfed or bugged?
  133. Unyielding Sentinel Basic question: Sentinel Stance
  134. Is there a destiny that gives a healing boost on outgoing spells?
  135. Draconic Incarnation Quick Spell Aug and Monk attacks question
  136. Exalted Angel un-needed change to Reborn in light
  137. Unyielding Sentinel Anyone know which abilities work with handwraps?
  138. Draconic Incarnation Draconic Breath Augmentation
  139. Exalted Angel FvS caster fresh to lvl 20 - whats good in EA?
  140. Double Rainbow bugged if twisted?
  141. Shiradi Champion No bow proficiency after reincarnation
  142. Exalted Angel Caster Level and turning undead
  143. Destiny AP Assignment
  144. Fatesinger: Glitter of Fame not working properly
  145. Fatesinger or Shiradi for ranged builds?
  146. Twists of Fate
  147. Grandmaster of Flowers Walking waves - is it granting any dodge?
  148. Shadowdancer Current Shadowdancer 'issues'?
  149. Shiradi Champion Animal Form
  150. Fatesinger Fatesinger's Repertoire passive not working?
  151. Cleric Healing Epic Destiny
  152. Fatesinger Tailwind useless now?
  153. More inclusive not exclusive ED benefits
  154. when exactly are fate points awarded?
  155. Unyielding Sentinel Stand Against the Tide weapon buffs
  156. Fatesinger Few Quick Questions
  157. Exalted Angel Endless Faith and Echos of Power
  158. Draconic Incarnation Dragon Breath targetting
  159. Draconic Incarnation Energy Sheath and Spell Aug
  160. A pair of ED... bugs? WAI?
  161. Legendary Dreadnought Devestating Critical. Does it stack with Overwhelming Critical???
  162. Fury of the Wild Ranged now exempt from Adrenaline? Seriously?
  163. Fury of the Wild Devs - so what's intended for Adrenaline and ranged?
  164. Epic Destinies
  165. Magister Best twists of fate for Palemaster Magister
  166. Completionist feat question
  167. Advice on Epic Destinies and Wizard
  168. What to twist for artificer
  169. Shiradi Champion Fey favor not working on spells: known issue?
  170. Unyielding Sentinel Bane of Undeath vs. Weapons of Good (Question)
  171. Shiradi Champion Runearms and Shiradi Champion not working together
  172. Shadowdancer Shadow Charges?
  173. Draconic Incarnation Does the Magister and DI spell pen stack?
  174. Shadowdancer feedback on chosen abilities for Shadowdancer tree
  175. Arty TR build ED choice
  176. Stupid TR stuff...
  177. Precise casting and Ascendancy
  178. Fatesinger EotA: Shiradi Champion
  179. Shiradi Fey Form & FVS DR
  180. Fatesinger Siren's Song on red and purple
  181. Legendary Dreadnought Twf and Dreadnought
  182. Fury of the Wild What counts as being raged?
  183. Melee Cleric - best destiny track
  184. Shiradi Champion Fey and Align Fang spell
  185. Unyielding Sentinel Finally got to use Undying Vanguard...
  186. Draconic Incarnation Best ap allocation for a draconic incarnation palemaster wiz
  187. Exalted Angel Divine Wrath
  188. meld into darkness
  189. Draconic Incarnation DI Point Allocation: Request for Advice!
  190. Twists of Fate...How do they work exactly
  191. Magister End game magister?
  192. Best ED for Pure Divine Caster
  193. Fatesinger Best point distribution for a wizard?
  194. Spell Pen Question
  195. Momentum swing and unarmed
  196. Shiradi Champion A bit new to ED and wondering about shirado
  197. Unyielding Sentinel Smite Evil
  198. Question on Twisting Fate
  199. Returning player wanting to level his Cleric
  200. Draconic Incarnation Twists and feat swaps / TR / etc.
  201. Shadowdancer Still not gaining shadow charges
  202. Unyielding Sentinel Healing Hands Question
  203. Draconic Incarnation Dragon Breath animation
  204. Draconic Incarnation Earth spells vs. Acid Spells, DI spell boosts
  205. Grand Master of Flowers
  206. Problems with Dodge % from Perfect Balance and Unearthly Reactions
  207. Shadowdancer Shadow manipulation
  208. Exalted Angel Help for non-melee cleric
  209. Legendary Dreadnought Adrenaline + Momentum swing?
  210. Shadowdancer Shadow form, untouchable, shrouding strike...come on guys fix this
  211. Grandmaster of Flowers Can't get Everything Is Nothing counter to start up
  212. Unyielding Sentinel Bane of the undeath
  213. Fury of the Wild Fast healing
  214. Summer Smoke proc rate
  215. Primal Avatar: First Impressions and Testings
  216. Shadowdancer Twist ideas for shadowdancer
  217. Test Request: primal avatar's tsunami
  218. Unyielding Sentinel Purify weapn working?
  219. Draconic Incarnation dc caster problems
  220. Magister Summon Kindred Being Typo
  221. Shiradi Champion How does spell power buffs affects passive damage procs?
  222. Magister Le Suck
  223. Unyielding Sentinel Smites not regenerating?
  224. Grandmaster of Flowers Ubiquity bugged?
  225. Shiradi Champion Rainbow & Double Rainbow
  226. Unyielding Sentinel US spectacularly disappointing.
  227. Fury of the Wild Gird Against Demons [Rank1] bugged
  228. Legendary Dreadnought LD and wraps
  229. twists.
  230. Shadowdancer Incorporeal or not incorporeal that is the question..
  231. primal avatar - Nature's fury
  232. Exalted Angel Renewal Questions
  233. Shadowdancer Shadow Charges
  234. Fatesinger What is duration of Echoes of the Ancestors?
  235. Exalted Angel Screen Shot Your Choices and Why
  236. Shadowdancer ap allocation for arti craftbot
  237. Unyielding Sentinel Unbreakable stance, sacred natural armor gain bugged?
  238. Legendary Dreadnought Does Pulveriser work on Sireth?
  239. Can innate abilities be twisted?
  240. Fury of the Wild Adrenaline
  241. Shadowdancer Dark Imbuement
  242. Critical Multiplier & Burst effects
  243. Artificer - Shiradi, Magister or Draconic?
  244. Why spend points on stats?
  245. Are twists of fate independent of what destiny is active?
  246. Shadowdancer incorporeal + displacement+dodge
  247. What ED for my build?
  248. Best epic destiny for an artificer?
  249. Shadowdancer Shadow Charge
  250. Gear?