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  1. Old alpha info
  2. pretty polychromatic polygons
  3. what to do with crash logs?
  4. Client no worky...
  5. DDO Mac Beta Client for Live Servers
  6. Two complaints so far ...
  7. Couple Bugs
  8. macbook air...
  9. Voice Chat Issues
  10. Some graphic glitches
  11. Bad .dmg file
  12. A couple of "Show stopper" bugs
  13. Can't Login
  14. Is there an equivalent to the ddo.keymap file on windows?
  15. Crashbug after exit
  16. Uff! Heavy lifting required - no torrent available ?
  17. xbox 360 controller support for mac client
  18. Running DDO well, buuuut....
  19. Why is the launcher downloading splashscreens every time I launch?
  20. crash on game launch
  21. .dmg error
  22. plans for mac osx 10.6?
  23. Mac Client: Stated Schedule/Release From Beta?
  24. BUG: / text commands not working
  25. Fps
  26. Just can't seem to get around "An update error occurred"
  27. Initial Observations/UI Nitpicks
  28. Keyboard issue after change the resolution
  29. Lamannia
  30. Damage display bug?
  31. U17 crash dump
  32. Joystick support?
  33. Keymapping bug
  34. Where are screenshots stored?
  35. Please disable downloading loading screens everytime launcher executes
  36. How to disable Loading Screen download on launch
  37. Spell Damage graphics bug
  38. Update 17 changes
  39. Spectres travel through doors in Mirra's Sleepless Nights
  40. Was this project forgotten?
  41. Lag Issues And the Instruments Tool
  42. Mac stopped playing DDO this Monday
  43. Really strange interactions with key layouts...
  44. Watch your Antivirus - Avast! blocks Mac Client
  45. MACPro: Rainbow colored floors and splashes
  46. Who is 'The Guide' ...?
  47. "ghosting"
  48. Yo Gamma Gamma
  49. Multiboxing on MAC
  50. Installing custom UI on Mac Beta Client
  51. U18 Bug Fixes
  52. installation (MAC)
  53. Mac install problem
  54. Help! Can't download installer file!
  55. U18 Patch 2...graphics glitch still present
  56. Is there a Lamannia Mac client?
  57. Launcher "Update Error"
  58. Lamannia game client
  59. Cannot log in
  60. I NEED HELP PLEASE, i just want to play
  61. Stuck at initializing
  62. Mac install error
  63. DNDLauncher crashes
  64. why doesn't my MacBook recognize the .dmg file?
  65. Game shutdown after login
  66. DNDLauncher Quit unexpectedly
  67. stuck at installing pre-reqs
  68. Mac Client - no access to DDO store - what settings are needed?
  69. Kein neuer Character möglich
  70. Anyone have mouse funtionality problems?
  71. state of mac client?
  72. First time install of Mac Client
  73. Developer Sticky Suggestion - Mac Install
  74. Issue with Mac Client Download… or just me?
  75. DDO store window pos up when I click ANY menu item
  76. Cannot See Physical Damage when Attacking
  77. Some dungeons completely unplayable
  78. Client crashes when entering game
  79. Low fps on Retina Macbook Pro / OS X 10.7.5
  80. Low FPS on MacBook Pro 17 Native Mac Beta CLient
  81. Frequent Crashes
  82. Chat Channels not working
  83. Mac freeze during character creation, help!
  84. Black screen within dungeons
  85. Mac client on Steam Crashing
  86. Mouse problem - Both left and right click do not work.
  87. Extremely slow before login
  88. Just got back from vacation, now launvher crashes immediately after I choose server
  89. Left Click Key Binding Issue
  90. I get to Welcome to Eberron loading screen and nothing happens ..
  91. Mac Launcher Download File is Missing
  92. Am I choosing the Correct Mac Download Option?
  93. Using the Mac Lamannia Client For Update 21
  94. Akamai User Agreement error
  95. Macbook Air - Redux
  96. Always prompting to download the high-resolution data files.
  97. Floating Damage Numbers
  98. Where is the Mac Lamannia Client?
  99. Help Needed (sorry, probably wrong forum)
  100. Extremely Low FPS after DDO reinstall on mac
  101. Left Mouse button won't work properly - game completely unplayable
  102. Mac Gameplay Mouse Question
  103. Unable to load patchclient
  104. Mac Book Pro resolution problems
  105. Character Planner for Mac?
  106. UI layout save/load for Mac - solved
  107. Problems with
  108. Mac client brightness known issue
  109. Cannot open DDO. Help
  110. Can't see DDO Store/Help
  111. Crashing Before Character Selection
  112. Can't click and drag ANYTHING
  113. UPDATE ERROR OCCURRED - Unknown Error 0xffffffff80004005 - PLEASE HELP!
  114. Login Server failing to connect for Thelanis on Mac
  115. VSync and Troubleshooting FPS limit non functional
  116. Searching for logon server 20 attempts then crash for all servers EXCEPT Wayfind
  117. Disappearing Walls/Black screen/The Graphics Bug Everyone gets
  118. Post U24 Issues for Mac Users
  119. Please file tickets!
  120. Opaque walls fixed?
  121. Mac user problem: installer/launcher not launching
  122. Launcher Script For Mac OS X
  123. I am not happy with happy cloud
  124. Lamannia Mac Client Download
  125. Need help....old player returning!
  126. Mac login broken?
  127. Has Turbine abandoned the mac client?
  128. Error 201/ then unable to use pacth
  129. Cerulian Hills = Crash & Burn
  130. Low FPS after upgrading my IMAC
  131. Low FPS after upgrading my IMAC
  132. Awesomium_process
  133. In-game store won't load
  134. Oops... need help fast!
  135. Weapon damage display - Any Fix?
  136. Info to help diagnose the "only one digit of damage" bug
  137. Your Character is Still Being Saved - Sarlona
  138. new player, unable to install
  139. OS 10.9.5, Warning, image data corrupted
  140. Can't Launch DDO on my MAC sine Feb 29th... E_FAIL Error. Anyone else?
  141. Xbox controller with MAC
  142. Install DDO in wine
  143. Voice Capture and Playback options greyed out
  144. DDO on MAC OS 10.9.5?
  145. Mac loading troubles
  146. MAC: I cannot select other characters on first login screen
  147. After 4 years of zero problems my iMac threw a hissy-fit (not a DDO post).
  148. Internal Error
  149. MacBook Pro performance?
  150. Mouse Look Mode and protect Energy spell cause character to be unable to combat
  151. Unable to augment items
  152. post U34 left mouse-klick bug
  153. Damage Output Counter Wrong
  154. Mac cliente login crash (Same problem of 2013)
  155. Slow initial loadingscreens since U36/U36.1?
  156. UI Layout Saving and Loading
  157. Internal error or error 0xffffffff80004005
  158. Mac install issues
  159. DDO Store still in external browser after latest update
  160. 10.13 and APFS
  161. Graphic sliders not working
  162. DDO Store Error Page
  163. Running DDO within VMWare Fusion
  164. I can't play anymore on my Mac Dec. 2017 dndclient problem
  165. No right click menus.
  166. Any luck loading ui skins???
  167. can't open de game
  168. Lamannia has an update for the Mac
  169. There was an error generating the hash code for a patch file.
  170. 64 bits version
  171. Mac 64 bit update from Sev
  172. Resetting Key Bindings and now can do nothing
  173. U39: Mac: Patching failing with "Netsession Error"
  174. Mac Issue after White Plume update
  175. Friends list export / import on Mac
  176. Client doesn't use EGPU
  177. Regular Client Crashing
  178. Location of graphics settings file?
  179. Happy Update
  180. Cannot access DDO Store since Mojave update...
  181. dungeons and dragons oneline STUCK
  182. DDO won't load citing "Dungeons and Dragons Online quit unexpectedly."
  183. Mac Client hangs 'Getting in Line to Connect' and a little while later just dies
  184. When logging in I get this error every time
  185. Please let me know when DDO works with OS X "Mojave"
  186. Microphone & Voice Chat Not Working Since Mojave Update
  187. How I got DDO up and running on Mojave
  188. For those unable to login to client/store...
  189. Update Error - unknown error 0xf...f80004005
  190. Client Hangs after choosing s server
  191. Any have a method to get anti-aliasing to work with Mac DDO ?
  192. Issue launching game
  193. No character copy option for Mac lamannia client?
  194. Some help please
  195. What Does It Want From the Resource Folder
  196. Update error occurred: The request could not be sent. The New "Sharn Pack" 05-14-202
  197. Mac beta?
  198. Making a purchase on the DDO Market
  199. Trouble with having to double click everything or no left at all
  200. Mac client freezing and not able to reload after quit produces error unknown to supp
  201. Menace to the underdark dlc
  202. Mojave opening Resources folder when connecting to server?
  203. Game Client crashes once it's loaded and trying to patch
  204. Beta Wine and key mapping?
  205. Make a sticky
  206. Mac OS using a mouse to look around causes camera to point straight down
  207. Game Client Crashes when I try to log in
  208. Day 2, Can't log in
  209. Update on Wine client from Cordovan:
  210. Ensure quality of Wine Client before making a permanent shift off Mac Client
  211. My current status on the mac clients (plural)
  212. DDO Laucher directs to Resource Folder once I select World
  213. MacOS: New Client Available and FAQ
  214. MacOS Client (circa 2019-09-19) Install Issue
  215. "New" Wine Client installation fail
  216. New wine client is a failure
  217. New Mac Client Review and Request
  218. anyone else lagging bad with this new "wine"?
  219. The New Mac Client: My Experience
  220. Mac noob looking for some tech support
  221. Can't connect
  222. Wine Client Broken on Mac
  223. Wine client - How does it work?
  224. Client won't connect
  225. Sad Simple Reality
  226. Catalina and Codeweavers PSA
  227. How I play DDO on 2019 MacBook PRO 16"
  228. Startup Crash Due to File Not Found
  229. High encryption pack
  230. doesn’t work ?image not found?
  231. Game won't launch
  232. Mac Client Crashes after selecting the server onto log in
  233. New Mac client is a complete failure
  234. Is it my Mac or ... ?
  235. Catalina so close
  236. Word on an updated Mac client?
  237. Got DDO running on my M1 Mac Mini...sort of
  238. Thinking of updating Mac OS
  239. DDO Mac Client Is broke, use Crossover with windows client
  240. Maetrim's Builder and Cross Over
  241. Installing the DDO Client on a New MAC
  242. DDO working with M1 Max / Monterey ?
  243. Mac M2 with Parallels Desktop 18 Pro and Windows 11 - Game not loading after launcher
  244. MX Macs & DDO - How To
  245. Loader stuck installing since update 56
  246. Crossover 22
  247. SOS... Please Help!