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  1. How To Use This Forum
  2. Displacment
  3. Character Copy failing
  4. fvs wings no longer incrementing in instances.
  5. Open Beta Bugs
  6. Druid wolf companions still perma-bugging at level 9
  7. Artificer Dog no longer summons after taking an Epic Level.
  8. Fatesinger not bestowing Inspire Courage feat.
  9. Pale Master bug still happening
  10. kensai broken
  11. Attacked by my own magic
  12. Servants of the Overlord, spawn issues
  13. Astral Panthers are bad at hiding.
  14. Improved Martial Arts Epic destiny trait, Not applying to Damage at all.
  15. King's Forest rare- The Hag's Prize
  16. Superior Laceration Lore not changed to Superior Impulse Lore
  17. Leap of faith for clerics bugged
  18. /showhelmet Works wirth some helmets, doesn't with GS Helms
  19. Half Plate Graphical Bug
  20. Demonic Drain unaffected by Sealed Soul
  21. dont drink the water (bugs)
  22. WF healers friend STILL BROKEN
  23. two bugs last night
  24. Pale Master SLAs - Incorrect Caster Level
  25. Account Bug?
  26. Ninja spy still bugged
  27. Narration volume bug
  28. Nearly 500 damage from falling...
  29. Lord Quelish Domain or something like that
  30. Lag and stuck Cleaning Up Old Connection?
  31. Fighter Attack Boost 1
  32. The Ring of Fire challenge
  33. Vital bar bugged without the portrait
  34. Reflex save galore
  35. Lost gear
  36. Companion death issue
  37. Manyshot
  38. VIP on Lama
  39. GM Level 0 AutoGrant-Inner Peace
  40. Madstone Rage
  41. Heyton's Rest on Lamannia
  42. Infused Chaosrobe does not proc
  43. Shillelagh
  44. ui load shortcomings
  45. Primal Scream Damage in PvP
  46. Abandoned quest leads to THE VOYAGE
  47. Vampirism
  48. Unleash Iron Defender bugged
  49. Charactercopy failed
  50. Ozebaw's Chest
  51. Winter wolf form crit profile bug
  52. Cannith Manufactory
  53. Arti Damage Making Arrows
  54. Arti broken concentration instantly finishes task
  55. Eveningstar Exploration Quest Bugged
  56. Hirlings are extremly bugged
  57. Darkvision - shows everything - WAI?
  58. Sharadi Champion Skill Pin
  59. Action while recalling = instant recall
  60. baiting bite w/ shifting rake
  61. Items not granting effects until take off then reequipped
  62. Small Jewel of Fortune giving Level 1 Loot instead of +1 Level Loot.
  63. Free Delera/Necropolis 2 Tomb of the Shadow king
  64. Hags Deciet Not completeing when you kill all the hags.
  65. Lamannia DOWN?
  66. Unable to set diff
  67. Running with the Devils
  68. Summer and winter Buff Icon info Switched?
  69. Loot Tables either too high or too low
  70. Can you update the bug reporting tool with an "Epic Destiny" category?
  71. Epic Weapon Deconstruction Bug
  72. Garwyn Thane not allowing me to do battle of Eveningstar quest.
  73. Heavy Fort and other stuff spontaneously turning off?
  74. Reincarnation broken?
  75. An issue with poison
  76. The Shiny Shilling - Dirty Laundry Quest
  77. Fighter Attack Boost I - Not Trainable
  78. Unable to Earn XP -- Need Help
  79. Stone of Change Broken
  80. Turn Undead's not working
  81. Unwanted logouts
  82. sinister storage broken still
  83. Uhg Bug report broken
  84. typo in spell tooltip - Black Dragon Bolt
  85. Druid Pet Enhancement bug
  86. Power/Ki show on toons without those powers
  87. Full plate of the defender Too much AC?
  88. Human Versatility IV: Defense
  89. Critical bug: Cannot enter barbarian rage while under the effects of Madstone Rage
  90. Barbarian Rage icon stays on screen forever, even after expires or is dsimissed
  91. Companions: Fruit Bat and Ladders
  92. Member
  93. Just killed by my own Death Aura
  94. Stat point unavailable at Epic 4
  95. Searing Light
  96. Failing crit confirmations on a roll of 1 that should not fail
  97. Epic Rewards for Heroic Difficulties in Tides Chain/Malificient Cabal
  98. why do turbine points dont credit account
  99. Unable to Connect to Lamannia
  100. Sir Pincelot does not give Turbine points and DDO store still bugged
  101. Action Boost: AC borked in 6/15 build
  102. Bugs noticed since 6/15 server up
  103. unlimited summons
  104. Feat swapping with Fred crashes DDO client
  105. Fighter Pre's
  106. Madstone and Barb Rage
  107. Assassinate bugged
  108. Artifacting is getting worse.
  109. Cant switch a heroic feat out and epic levels are lost after LR'ing
  110. Fatesinger Reign not applying to Ranged weapons.
  111. Object Desire potions are bugged.
  112. Improved Uncanny dodge is not providing dodge bonus
  113. Healers friend STILL broken again
  114. Vorpal strike doesn't vorpal...
  115. Weapon Dice missing from Weapon Information on Inventory Panel
  116. epic difficulty favor
  117. Here are two bugs for the price of one
  118. Lamannia still has no straight access
  119. Artificer Pet Bug?
  120. Troglodyte Stench No Save?
  121. Tenacious Pack making hires and pets immune to healing
  122. Monk improved unarmed damage working?
  123. Not sure if its a bug
  124. Lily Petal deals incorrect damage
  125. Fix Demonweb flagging!!!
  126. ten thousand stars don't work
  127. SD/DoS not providing correct Physical Resistance
  128. ocean stance: 9% dodge instead of 1%
  129. Druids need release charm feat
  130. Draconic spell power does not stack with rune arm
  131. House of Death undone bugged quest level
  132. vetran status
  133. Improved Uncanny Dodge broken - not granting correct dodge %
  134. New reincarnation bug
  135. Being redirected?
  136. Inspire excellence
  137. Bugs as of the 6/19 update
  138. Enveloping Swarm bugged?
  139. No stat increase at level 24
  140. Beyond the Rift, Free the Prisoners objectove not completing
  141. Whirlwind attack animation borked
  142. Quest bug... House of broken chains
  143. Equiptment bonus working towards scrolls
  144. temporary inventory use by renown tokens.
  145. I feel i'm going to be lynched for pointing this out but...
  146. Guild ship door not working properly.
  147. So Judgement from my party member kills my PM..
  148. ui hotbars are sometimes squished
  149. Reincarnation and Druids (Yes, I know, but..)
  150. Improved Feint no longer Bluffs mobs
  151. Energy vortext damages PM while in form
  152. Epic normal Partycrashers : locked epic chest
  153. Will the "heavy fort" bug be fixed on live?
  154. Hypothetical Question
  155. Suulomades, and all horned devils Chains ability crashs the game client
  156. Is stalwart defender ac bugged?
  157. Free Epic Bard ability
  158. Sir Poincelot Broken again with latest patch
  159. Minor bug
  160. Lorikk's Champion bonus set
  161. city regeneration amount
  162. Legendary Dreadnought Bug List
  163. Epic Elite DQ2 Broken
  164. proof against poison not working
  165. Epic Favor not working as intended
  166. So uber trap damage and caster damag
  167. Any fixes for overwhelming critical?
  168. Fred?
  169. WF Healing Amp
  170. Sir Pointsalot not giveing out TP Again
  171. Energy vortex incredibly bugged
  172. Anyone getting trap parts yet?
  173. Deadly Weapons Buff not applying
  174. Heal Amp bugs with Fort
  175. Druid Pets have rabies!
  176. MAJOR BUG: Quest objectives not registering
  177. Epic Cloak of Night does not provide 2% dodge
  178. Magister => Nullmagic Strike
  179. Conjure Bolt scrolls NEED to be fixed
  180. ddo wrath of sora kell set bugged.
  181. Spell Not Working: Deadly Weapons For the Artificer
  182. New patch, new bugs
  183. ranged borked in a few ways.
  184. Debugging info for devs re invisible on ship
  185. Artificers pets and ladders.
  186. Magic Fang bug (reproducible case)
  187. Level 20 Cannith Challenges - Lousy rewards on level 25 Toons.
  188. Primal Scream untwistable?
  189. I would test epic destinies..if I could buy it
  190. Anyone check if OC feats are working in patch 2?
  191. Not sure if WAI but EiN counter resets when zoning?
  192. Madstone Boots still severely bugged.
  193. Kobold and Taken shapeshift forms now animate correctly again.
  194. Epic Bracers of the Wind has Redundant Stats
  195. Repeaters are broken post patch
  196. Ranger Master of Archery
  197. Cannot Search
  198. Cleave misbehaves with quarterstaffs
  199. Known Issues List WAI?
  200. Duegar Waraxe of the Weapon Master Bugged
  201. Green steel Weapon Re-named?
  202. Perhaps an easy solution, to fix w/f healers friend.
  203. Double Stacked unbridled fury
  204. Seal of House Dun'Robar bugged
  205. Lesser Reincarnations and Favor Loss
  206. Wrong damage types with Winter Wolf form.
  207. Overwhelming critical not working
  208. Improved Sneak attack bugs and a question
  209. Drow Smoke goggles Manslayer ability doesn't work
  210. DDO Store
  211. DDO Store Problem
  212. Noncollectable Crystal in the Extraplanar Palace
  213. GM of Flowers: Perfection of Mind(3/3) fails on a 1 roll
  214. Double-Strike display?
  215. Shillelagh bug
  216. Augment Summoning still not working
  217. Warforged Healers Friend unchanged
  218. Unyielding sentinel - tier 3 +50HP in vigor not working
  219. Greater Heroism not so Heroic Anymore?
  220. Whirlwind attack still bugged
  221. Missing Monsters: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
  222. Druid/Monk Unarmed damage issues
  223. Improved Martial Arts + Zen Archery
  224. Momentum Swing and Lay Waste are broken for Unarmed
  225. Uthe Lodge
  226. Armor kit preview function broken
  227. Fred the Feat Trader broken again?
  228. DDO Store doesn't work
  229. PSA - Point Blank and Combat Archery are not applying their +[W] boosts?
  230. List of bugs and and issues affecting the Barbarian class
  231. Has Smiting Weapons proc in items been fixed?
  232. Purchasing Monster Manual Volume I on Free Account did not unlock the Volume
  233. Monk Epic Destiny Bugs
  234. Thorn and Paw still broken - cannot be completed.
  235. Quest outbreak cant be completed
  236. DDO Store
  237. Is Healers Friend fixed in the latest Lammania build?
  238. spiked turban reflex save stacking
  239. Bulwark of Defense does not work with Stalwart Defender stance
  240. Fatesinger: Bonus songs vanished
  241. Greater Abishai and Knight loyalty
  242. Unyielding Sentinel passives are bugged
  243. GMoF: Walking waves does not grant any dodge
  244. List of Legendary Dreadnought and Fury of the Wild bugs
  245. Combat Log Spam is getting out of hand, needs to be worked on
  246. Epic Feat Bug - Combat Archery
  247. DDO Store Broken
  248. Bug : Black Loch Epic/Norm. No fragments
  249. Female Cormyrian light armor 'darkness' WAI?
  250. So what's the intended Stat Twist functionality?