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  1. proof that no one plays a bard
  2. Bard Gear
  3. 1st bard needs help
  4. My bard build (16bard/2fighter/2rogue dps healing)
  5. Convert to Bardcher?
  6. 2 Barcher ideas
  7. Warchanter
  8. Cranke - a - toon build
  9. Pure Bard (human) advice needed.
  10. CC bard
  11. Needed: A 34 point Human Bard build that I will have fun with.
  12. Enthrallment
  13. New Player Seeking Major Help!
  14. Gear for a Warchanter
  15. Healing Bard: Secondary Feat Advice
  16. getting ready for enh.pass
  17. Bard/fighter
  18. The weirdest build ever.
  19. The Mountain - Pure Bard dwarf Warchanter
  20. Post U19 warchanter thoughts
  21. Musical Studies, Poetic Edda and stacking
  22. Hey... Warchanter +cha doesn't do anything?
  23. Alas poor Virtuoso, I knew you well.
  24. Pure 20 Spellsinger AA
  25. 2 Pure bard builds for Review: Which is better?
  26. Scaldic Rage vs. Barbarian Rage.
  27. PDK bard help
  28. Which settup pro's and cons?
  29. help with a bardcher
  30. Genghis Khan - updated for u19 enhancement pass ?
  31. Str based THF melee bard. New Player Friendly.
  32. Looking for advice ona Bard/Rogue build
  33. Question for DEV: Song of Capering - WAI?
  34. Virtuoso of the Sword - Puppa Build
  35. U19 1 cleric on bard for divine might
  36. Comparing Enthrallment and Fascinate
  37. Inspire Recklessness
  38. Anyone play with the Warchanter cold line?
  39. Pure Bard Spellsinger AA or Multiclass?
  40. Stacking spell debuffs with songs
  41. Bound/Grim Fate
  42. U19 version of the Classic Rocker?
  43. Bard Class Skill Revamp
  44. THF Melee Healing Warchanting Chest Blesser
  45. Victory song bugged?
  46. Warchanter Problems
  47. Problems with my Fascinate!
  48. PDK Bard
  49. Howl of the North?
  50. Bard lvling build
  51. Musical Studies enhancement bugged?
  52. Victory Song
  53. New Bard player build help
  54. EE Build advice wanted... Spellsinger with "Melee Mode"
  55. Elf TWF Warchanter
  56. 28pt Spellsinger w rogue splash? Can it be done?
  57. For a Bard, halfling or drow
  58. Extending song durations
  59. Which songs can or cannot be interrupted?
  60. Howl of the North Stacking
  61. Cleric splash
  62. Warchanter northwind with ranged?
  63. Siren Song/Chord of Disruption
  64. Looking for an Updated TWF Bard Build
  65. Gearing a 18brd/2rog
  66. I just want to play a pure bard
  67. banshee build 2rogue/6bard/12 wizard
  68. What is considered high for bard hp?
  69. Bards, the Rodney Dangerfield of DDO
  70. Bard Build Advice needed
  71. How to fix Warchanter and bard in general
  72. warchanter enhancements on the known issue list?
  73. Snemeis - Ranged Warchanter
  74. Jinu - Bardcher
  75. Epic Elyd Edge -- Shard/Seal drops
  76. Yay! A bard fix in U20!
  77. Advice needed for building a warchanter for epics
  78. Post U20 THF str based melee 15/4/1 bard/fighter/clr for pl. EE ready?
  79. Bard PL
  80. Help Rebuilding my Acrobard... (back from a long break)
  81. Song of the Dead, Makers. Devs claim they are working as intended
  82. Revisiting Bardchers (U20)
  83. Wallace the warrior poet, pure spellsinger melee, dc, healing
  84. Bard Enhancements Review, with suggestions for improvement
  85. What's Broken with Bard Enhancements?
  86. Can someone provide me with a good drow bard build?
  87. Bards an idea
  88. Most important metas?
  89. PDK bard
  90. The Woes of a Bardcrobat
  91. Bard: Spellsong Vigor now single-target?
  92. Bard Advice Needed on 1/2 Orc Bardbarian and Pale Bard
  93. Want to build melee bard, could use help
  94. PDK TWF Bard: Tier 5 Spellsinger vs Tier 5 Warchanter
  95. Bard TRing build
  96. Build request and viability discussion
  97. Making Bards Rock: some proposals on how to improve bards
  98. Bard AA build?
  99. Need build suggestions - bard multiclass
  100. THF evasion Warchanter
  101. Bard EK viable?... Build Ideas
  102. bard song durations and fixs
  103. Need feedback on my bardcrobat
  104. Looking for AA bard build
  105. Soza: Heal and Crowd Control Bard - Feedback Please
  106. Deadly items stack with inspire courage?
  107. Soundburst = Helpless
  108. Swash your buckles matey!
  109. Looking for a bard build for heroic only, tr-ing right away.
  110. Bard 2nd Life Build
  111. Yeah some kinda monka rcher mix does 8 trillion on a crit yet let's nerf the bard
  112. I need help to reroll my bard :)
  113. Avatar of Eilistraee
  114. Bard 16/2ftr/2rog set up help
  115. Enthrallment and Fascinate
  116. Siren Song
  117. Need help to revive pure drow bard
  118. Any way to wear Heavy Armor and cast Bard spells?
  119. New bard prestige tree on live!!
  120. Frozen Fury & Boast +1[w]... am I missing something?
  121. Need advice on Bard PL for completionist
  122. Looking for help with a bard
  123. What to Dual Wield?
  124. What to Dual Wield?
  125. Brd18Rog2 vs Brd18Rog1Clr1
  126. Charisma based bard / PDK synergy
  127. Spellsinger - spell penetration on EN and EH
  128. warchanter enhancements and ranged attacks
  129. My suggestions to improve Bards
  130. brd12rog4rgr4 drow twf and some range
  131. Light armor proficiency w/ spell failure?
  132. Two Handed Fighting WarBard! 18 Bard/2 Fighter
  133. Music of the Dead/etc
  134. Need a Bard build
  135. Is the PDK Melee spellsinger better than Warchanter road?
  136. Build: The One Bard
  137. An Experienced Bard
  138. Tramuntana - the Northern Whirlwind
  139. New bard tree: swashbuckler
  140. What are the most effective CC spells in Epic quests
  141. Build Idea want feedback, 15bard/5Wiz Support Machine
  142. Primary solo'er, interested in Bard. Help please?
  143. PDK squash buckler with evasion- feedback please
  144. Max Charisma?
  145. Captain Jack Dancer - F12/Bd7/C1
  146. Personal reference thread for enchantment DCs
  147. [U22] Maelodic - Merrily Murdering the Masses (20 Bard)
  148. PDK Greatsword THF/Spellsinger/Warchanter bard build...
  149. Swashbuckler weapon advice
  150. Wanting to start out as a Pure Solo Bard Swashbuckler. What should I do?
  151. The Count of Monte Cristo - dps, CC, survivability focused pure swashbuckler
  152. What gs items is your bard using?
  153. Melee Swashbuckler feels underwhelming?
  154. My stab at the new bard swashbuckler
  155. foolish question maybe
  156. Brainstorming Bard/Rogue swashbucklers
  157. 16 bard 2 rogue 2 favored soul build
  158. Troubadour for U22
  159. Swashbuckler clarifications/questions from a newbie heroic player.
  160. Pick & Strum - experimenting with a DC Swashbuckler
  161. Sword Dance of the SB tree - does not work as described
  162. Swashbuckler Thoughts
  163. Looking for TWF Bard/Ftr/Rog build .. Post U19
  164. Build ideas (martial PL, bard PL)
  165. I'm a slap you and cap you.
  166. Swashbuckler|Single Weapon Fighting|Thrown Weapons
  167. Requested build
  168. Looking for 16/2/2 Bard/Fighter/Rogue Build
  169. I got a plan!
  170. fvs 3 for swashbuckler?
  171. Yeah Yeah Swashbuckler!!! mean time my old rant for different instrument
  172. Current (U22p1) Warchanter tree, Howl of the North requirements?
  173. Swashbukler stance + stalwart do they work togheter?
  174. The dwarven defender parody
  175. Bard fast movement bug?
  176. Reign
  177. Burning Blood is a Bard spell?
  178. Swashbuckling Spellsword
  179. Spell Singer Final build please help.
  180. Fascinate advice
  181. Weapon type for swashbuckler
  182. Please fix sustaining song
  183. Spellsinger feats
  184. Jack sparrow - new swashbuckler build
  185. Drow Swashbuckler
  186. Improved Shield Bash on Swashbuckler?
  187. Level 28 Swashbuckler optimum dps gear list
  188. Deathmetal-the Bladeforged Bard
  189. Barbarossa, pirate of the sea.
  190. Math? Swashbuckler damage stat - Cha, Str, Con?
  191. The Smashbuckler
  192. Update 22 patch 2 pure Warchanter help
  193. Looking for ideas to salvage a hasty ITR into Bard 8, Rogue 3, Ranger 4
  194. Impression of U22 Patch 2 and first build ideas
  195. The Favored Pick of Destiny
  196. Exalted Bard
  197. U22.2 Iced Edges and Northwind not working [Warchanter]
  198. All Flavors Please
  199. looking for a bard life...
  200. Dodge Cap
  201. Tossing around a Swashbuckler Idea
  202. Warmaster and Epic Elyd Edge
  203. Ideal level 20 gear for spellcaster?
  204. Swashbucking: Deflect Arrows broken?
  205. Spell dps Bard idea
  206. Some advice on a swashbuckeler
  207. Swashbuckler Weapon
  208. Think I found something cool for swashbuckler class the other day...
  209. Flavor 1: SB Help
  210. Flavor 2: WC Help
  211. Flavor 3: SS Help
  212. swashbuckling and crit profiles
  213. Reverberate (Spellsinger SLA)
  214. Fascinating is getting frustrating
  215. Future of SWF with Shield Mastery
  216. Pure Bard Spellsinger, questions.
  217. Recommended Spell List?
  218. Spellsinger Mass Hold SLA - 5 questions
  219. Monk(TM) - A build for losers.
  220. Questiosn about Swashbuckler Weapons
  221. Epic TRing my bard
  222. Swashbuckler enhancement: Resonant Arms - working?
  223. Soza: CC. Heal, Nuke, Pure Bard Build
  224. Do Not Use
  225. Bard Warchanter Build idea
  226. Deflect arrow in SB not working
  227. The Icebreaker - A Freezing Warchanter Bard
  228. Has anyone tried maces in epics?
  229. Swashbuckler Help for a returning player
  230. Swashbuckler question
  231. The Blasting Charm - the SwashBuckler
  232. looking for a swf 12 bard 6fighter 2 rogue build 32 piont build no tomes
  233. Bugged swashbuckling weap?
  234. SWF construct beater
  235. Would it be bad to go pure spellsinger?
  236. Bard rebuild ideas 2nd life
  237. pick of destiny
  238. Coupe De Grace and Rune Arms
  239. Coup de Grace and En Pointe
  240. Swashbuckler Enhance Questions
  241. Bladeforged Swashbuckler , why yes, yes we can
  242. Good bardcher ideas/builds?
  243. Lightning Bard?
  244. Coup De Grace with Runearm
  245. 11 rogue/5 bard/4 fighter swashbuckler. dex or str?
  246. build direction advice
  247. Epic Destiny help
  248. Swashbuckler and Valenar Grace
  249. Different tack-smooth flourishes vs weapon finesse
  250. sustaining song, spellpower bug and arcane might bug