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  1. Guilds of Sarlona
  2. Guild List
  3. 13th Circle
  4. Golden Spear Army Rules
  5. Looking for Guild: Specifics Inside
  6. Caffeine
  7. War
  8. Neo Skullriders
  9. Untouchable
  10. Forgotten Legion
  11. The OriEnTal StYle
  12. Our guild is recruiting!
  13. Black Mantis
  14. Looking for an Active guild...
  15. The Bleeding has lost all its blood...
  16. League of Extraordinary Beings
  17. Return to Glory---The Order of the Rose
  18. Iron Maidens
  19. Chaotic Constructs
  20. Looking for a guild
  21. On Recrutent Des Francophones Pour Ghallanda
  22. Looking for a new guild
  23. Looking for an active Guild
  24. Looking for a good guild
  25. Retuning lvl 13 bard lfg
  26. Husband and Wife team LF Guild
  27. Roleplaying Semi-Permadeath Guild with Improved Economy
  28. Empathetic Visage
  29. Rest in Pieces (RP Guild)
  30. Arogostinas
  31. Golden Spear
  32. check out the sites
  33. New player looking for active guild
  34. New to Game, Tried out the Beta and loved it
  35. New G-Rated guild looking for players
  36. Old player returning Seek guild
  37. Old Geezer lookin fer a guild!
  38. Ethereal is recruiting.
  39. Any EU Guilds
  40. Swords of Light is looking for Good adventurers
  41. guild of the black dragon
  42. Returning player - looking for a guild
  43. Returning players looking for guild
  44. Roleplayers of Sarlona
  45. Disciples of the Apocalypse LFM
  46. Re-Org
  47. Returning player looking for a guild.
  48. New Players, New Guild
  49. Looking for Perma-death guild
  50. Old Aerenal player returning
  51. Returning after 2 years, Looking For Guild
  52. Top guilds
  53. Random Allies - Fast Growing Guild
  54. Malicious Souls..... New upcoming guild
  55. Servants of the Silver Flame - Themed RP guild
  56. Raiding Guilds
  57. Dedicated Teams - Static Groups
  58. Heartless...
  59. Coming back to DDO... Read on
  60. Malicious Souls Permadeath
  61. Guild policy of recruiting then kicking ?
  62. Im looking for a Guild
  63. Looking for an European Guild
  64. 15lvl Cleric Darmock returning to DDO
  65. Returning player, looking for RP guild
  66. Any large guilds with low level characters?
  67. Founder returning, looking for guild
  68. F Bombers now recruiting
  69. Old VCA member from Aerenal Returns, Finding a Guild
  70. New VIP fighter looking for a guild!!!!!
  71. Antediluvian 'Before The Deluge' - Mature Guild Recruiting Now...
  72. Mature RP Guilds?
  73. New Player looking for guild
  74. VIP Cleric
  75. The Brotherhood of Redemption recruiting!
  76. Kyber's Brood RP Guild Recruitment
  77. LF Casual Guild
  78. Afternoon guild/group
  79. Hell Reapers - New guild LFM
  80. Looking for a Casual Questing/Raiding Guild
  81. New Player LFG
  82. Dead people looking for RP guild
  83. Looking for casual raiding guild..
  84. Looking for guild
  85. Newbie from Europe looking for a guild.
  86. Question about creating a guild
  87. Looking for a guild
  88. Extreme Explorers
  89. Help wanted, inquire within.
  90. Looking for RP Guild
  91. Seeking non-RP VIP guild
  92. URBAN LEGENDS is recuiting VIP PLAYERS
  93. looking for guild that does adventure packs
  94. I'm looking for an RP guild!
  95. Remnants Of Syn
  96. Looking for Guild (Starting Fresh)
  97. Lvl 11 VIP FTR LFG
  98. Couple looking for a happy guild
  99. Demon Hunters looking for more!
  100. Seeking a home
  101. Recuiting all lvl players w/VIP Status
  102. lf casual guild
  103. Managing a guild question
  104. UK Guild looking for UK Players - Ideally newbies
  105. Looking for a guild
  106. LF a good guild, but I live in Japan (GMT +9)
  107. new guild
  108. Twisted Metal
  109. The Rogue Saints Are Recruiting...Visit Us Today
  110. LF Eastern Time Zone, Active Guild
  111. Yes I'm looking for a guild.
  112. Newer Player looking for Guild Options
  113. Looking for vip restrictive guild
  114. Guild Portal
  115. VIP only player LF Guild
  116. LF moderate to heavy RP guild with a strong emphasis on casters
  117. LF mature West coast-friendly non-RP guild
  118. LF mature mild RP guild
  119. LFGuild
  120. Our guild chugs a +6 Pack of Awesomesauce!
  121. Looking for a guild
  122. Experienced vip mmo raider looking for a guild
  123. (R) Nimrods Angels: Mature, Casual Guild Looking for new members!
  124. Atonement is Recruiting
  125. Relatively New Player Looking for a New Guild
  126. Looking for rep of House Magdala
  127. Wolvar Blackbane
  128. Cheers to Lost Legions
  129. The Rogue-Saints Are Recruiting!!!
  130. Fighter looking for a guild.
  131. Overland Avengers-New Guild
  132. EU-based guild?
  133. Looking for light-RP guild
  134. El Greco - Greek guild Recruting
  135. KTL is boarding up the shop
  136. Hello Server !
  137. Unofficial RP server?
  138. LF a guild =)
  139. New EU guild recruiting
  140. lf guild
  141. New player looking for mature, fun guild
  142. Any west-coast based guilds or routine grouping guilds recruiting?
  143. Looking for a Heavy RP Guild
  144. Looking for Adventure Group about the Fantasy Fun
  145. New player looking for guild
  146. Looking for a guild
  147. new to DDO, old to mmorpgs!!! lf mature, raid/leveling oriented guild!!!
  148. Do the Vicarians suit you?
  149. BlackSoul's opening its door for guild membership
  150. want guild members.
  151. I think my guild died.
  152. New/Old player looking for a guild
  153. I'm looking for a guild.....
  154. Swords of Light is looking for Good adventurers
  155. Look for guildI am a F2P player atm. (sigh) who has WF and Sorrow Dusk Isle pack atm
  156. Looking For Aussie Based Guild!! Need Big Active Guild :d
  157. For the True Reincarnates
  158. The Order of Cygnus is looking for more explorers to learn with us
  159. How to find a guild
  160. Perma Death Veteran's Lounge
  161. Seeking Strong RP Guild
  162. Guild, I needs one.
  163. accepted ettiquete
  164. High Guarde's back! And in recruitment!
  165. Looking for Guild
  166. coming back to ddo
  167. Lost Legions - +3 Lesser Heart Available
  168. Lookin for a friendly large old guild.
  169. Smashed Drunken Ale Fighters Recruit thread!
  170. new to game looking for guild
  171. F2P DDO n00b
  172. Looking for the perfect guild
  173. Said Id never do this again...
  174. Looking for large clean guild
  175. Fearless Crew Guild.
  176. E.P.I.C. - Epic Partners In Crime
  177. New Guild looking for members
  178. Eagles Splender is recuiting
  179. Lonely Bard Seeks Guild
  180. Level 11 Ranger looking for a guild
  181. oceanic guilds???
  182. Any Warforged Guilds active these days?
  183. Looking for active players/guild
  184. Teen Wolf
  185. Level 14 Rogue looking for a home...
  186. Raiding Guilds
  187. Darkness Falling
  188. largest guild?
  189. Looking for a Guild
  190. Seeking Pay It Forward Officers
  191. Old School Player looking for a guild
  192. Fighter lvl 4 looking for a guild
  193. Rogues Do It From Behind... Join ROGUS Today!
  194. Creeping Death!!!!! Recruitment for interested/ing people
  195. hagglebot looking for a home AND work
  196. Monday night or Friday day raiders?
  197. Not new, but coming back
  198. Three P2P Players LFG
  199. Looking for an active guild
  200. Draconis Immortalis is recruiting!
  201. Québéquois solitaires
  202. Stately Dwarven Cleric Seeks Guild
  203. LFG for all my characters
  204. Temple of Ashara - Our goddess awaits
  205. Looking for A Big ACTIVE Guild
  206. Türk Guildi Üye Alıyor!
  207. "Viento Negro", Guild de Hispanohablantes (Castellano, Español )
  208. Rogue Saints are recruiting!
  209. need guild members
  210. just wondering
  211. Returning Veteran LF Active Mid/High Level Guild
  212. Any Active RP Guilds on this Server?
  213. Inter-Guild Organization
  214. Team Player seeks a Home
  215. Returning Player Looking for Guild (former VCA)
  216. Looking for mature guild.
  217. Supremacy recruitment drive
  218. Empire Has Fallen
  219. Experienced player LF guild
  220. Tux Familiar
  221. Warforged Fighter Looking for RP Guild
  222. Semi new player looking for a guild.
  223. Crusaders Of The Old School is Recruiting players with common sense.
  224. LF +1 GMT guild
  225. Draconic Descendants
  226. (french post) guilde FRANCOPHONE en recrutement
  227. Looking for a mature RP guild to adventure with
  228. theKillerRabbits
  229. Guild Levels
  230. A new guild concept for the PUG/Small Guild players. Interest?
  231. ArE LOokIng fOr a LitE to hEavY RP GuIld??
  232. Looking for a Guild...
  233. Trying to find a guild...
  234. Looking for Polish guild
  235. **Commendation** Recruiting
  236. The Waiting Shed inviting active players
  237. The Rogue Saints or recruiting!!!!
  238. Absolute Power - dont get used for renown.
  239. looking for one or two runs a week
  240. Order of the Arcane
  241. Super Active Guild :Council of The White Dragon
  242. Looking for tight "casual raiding" guild
  243. The Swords of the Light...
  244. Black Dragons have an airship.
  245. Nightfall
  246. Eternal Wrath! Tired of Epic Fail Pugs? Want an experienced player base from Beta?
  247. Looking for late night PST guild
  248. Any Active Filipino Players here?
  249. Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its a buncha Halflings?
  250. La Hermandad Roja