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  1. Ghallanda guild list
  2. Lifetakers and Heartbreakers
  3. Plague
  4. Les Seigneurs de Karrnath
  5. Sabbat
  6. The Valiant Accord
  7. Southern Tenant Farmers Union
  8. The Harbingers of Torm
  9. Authentication Error?
  10. Bickering Idiots
  11. THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class Zero)
  12. New guild
  13. GTG - Guess That Guild
  14. Looking for a home
  15. Lifetakers and Heartbreakers...the official thread!
  16. Small Guilds
  17. Tavern Brawlers
  18. looking for guild
  19. Original Player Returning, looking for guild
  20. starting a new guild
  21. Some buddies looking for a guild
  22. Returning player LFGuild
  23. The Circle of Night
  24. DDO Korea Season II
  25. Best Uber Greatest Guild Ever Reared Of Fantastic Friends
  26. On Recrute Des Francophones Pour Ghallanda
  27. New guild looking for members
  28. Explain to me THACO
  29. Clan Mustache
  30. Vegas
  31. The Calm
  32. Valhalla Always Looking for New Members
  33. Has a Posse
  34. Fay Trees
  35. L4 relaxed guild.
  36. any good guilds out there want me?
  37. Looking for guild
  38. need a guild look no more we have one
  39. Static RP...
  40. New person looking for guild
  41. Back and looking for a guild
  42. Hardcore gamer looking for more.....
  43. Anime Dynasty
  44. i am infact back
  45. guild for a midbie
  46. Moon Under Water
  47. Valhalla Permadeath Guild Preps for 1st Raids
  48. Enforcers Of The Realms
  49. Permadeath 101 Friday Nights Ghallanda
  50. PD Halls of Valhalla - The newest and most challenging Permadeath guild on Ghallanda
  51. Looking for a guild that fits
  52. returning player looking for guild
  53. Old Pachet has Returned
  54. Hey
  55. Iron Watch
  56. New Guild - Ghallanda ReRolled
  57. A PD Tour of Xendrik
  58. Looking for guild for 2
  59. Damaged Inc.
  60. Returning Cleric Looking for Guild
  61. Apprentice Wizard looking for a guild
  62. I'm back, after 2 years away
  63. Loon A Tics
  64. Valhalla PD Guild Excited About Mod 9
  65. Hello
  66. Looking for a GOOD Guild
  67. Knights of Moonshea recruiting
  68. Looking for 18+ guild
  69. Casual F2Per LF guild
  70. returning player
  71. Sun War Reborn
  72. Looking For Guild
  73. Old player, new VIP looking for guild
  74. Returning player looking to fall in love...
  75. 2 New ViPs looking for a home
  76. Flying Burrito Brothers
  77. New Guild in Town
  78. Returning VIP, Looking for Guild
  79. I am Back and looking for a Guild!
  80. Thinking About PD.. lite.
  81. Radio Werewolf {New guild}
  82. We're EC
  83. New Player wanting to Join a Guild
  84. Geezer Looking For Guild
  85. Looking for a more active guild
  86. Looking for notsomuch a guild but...
  87. Returning Player Quest to Find New Guild
  88. Does this type of quest interest you?
  89. Now Looking for a non-PD but anti-Zerg guild
  90. Looking for Spanish speaking guild
  91. Whatever happened to Shadowmage Assassins or Katapult Kittens?
  92. Looking for a Huge Guild... No-Permadeath, mild zerging accepted.
  93. Is Ghallanda raiding dead?
  94. RP guild in the making - quality RP, more lenient rules
  95. Looking for a guild
  96. The Mission
  97. Lvl5 Whirlwind Fighter (Axe Focus) LF Guild
  98. best guild for ...
  99. Looking for very active and helpful guild
  100. Gods & Generals Ghallanda
  101. Hellboyz are looking for good natured players
  102. Licentia Proeliator Lunctus is looking for new members
  103. Jalon's Irregulars, Founder's Guild is recruiting
  104. Lfg!
  105. WF only noob friendly guild
  106. VirusClan open, VIP AND F2P
  107. A new PD guild on Gallanda
  108. The Eldeen Rangers
  109. Council Of Healing Spellswords (Recruiting)
  110. The Circle of Night is recruiting
  111. Lucentia Proeliator Lunctus Guild Page
  112. Be a part of something...
  113. Valhalla Celebrates One Year on Ghallanda
  114. Kgb
  115. Busco Guild de habla Hispana
  116. Clan Diabolic, join now
  117. God is AFK - not only Polish guild (Polacy mile widziani)
  118. The Secret Society
  119. Ghallanda Warriors Union
  120. Busco Guild que hable español
  121. Dark Flower Seeks Explorers Guild
  122. The Secret Society Forum is on Air
  123. VIP Player Looking for a Guild to Join
  124. The Knights of Glory and Beer
  125. Whispered Death Guild
  126. Brothers of Metal
  127. Valhalla Permadeath Guild - Ghallanda
  128. LF Active Guild for Higher End Stuff
  129. Valhalla PD Guild Conquers Tempest's Spine Short Handed
  130. Girls Only Guild Recruiting!
  131. Revelationz
  132. The Midnight Marauders
  133. Looking for people for a roleplaying guild project.
  134. New player looking for a non-zerg casual guild
  135. Looking for euro time zone guild
  136. Order of Khalnaar
  137. Happy Times, casual guild LFM
  138. I'll bite.
  139. Guild Hunting
  140. Valhallans Conquer The Orchard
  141. Introduction to PD Friday Nights
  142. PD Halls of Valhalla - recent growth
  143. Valhalla PD Guild Takes on Gianthold
  144. Schhhyyyy! . Don´t tell. We are still here.
  145. Disavowed Soldiers is looking for new blood!
  146. Seeking like minded Guild
  147. Warforged Only Guild Recruiting
  148. I would like to sit in on a PD session . . .
  149. Friday Night Low Level PD Play on Ghallanda Valhalla PD Guild
  150. PD Halls of Valhalla - LF Skilled players
  151. Valhalla PD Guild Short Hands TS Again
  152. Eyes of the Beholder
  153. Gods & Generals Guild
  154. Calamitous Intent
  155. To ALL Guild Recruiters
  156. Feral Underground
  157. Munchkins Dorn (German Players)
  158. La Guilde des Anciens
  159. .~*eStreLliTas LuMiNIscEntES*~.
  160. Sippy Cup Brigade
  161. masters of the performing arts
  162. Fast AS lightning Brah is recuiting active members for raids
  163. The Secret Society, Raidgroup and Recruitment
  164. Euro Zoners for players ANYWHERE playing at times based on GMT
  165. Duo Looking for a mature guild.
  166. Returning Player Looking for Guild
  167. Ddo Québec => Anciennement Les Seigneurs de Karrnath
  168. The Dungeon Crawlers
  169. New Player Looking For Guild
  170. Australian (or equiv time zone) guild
  171. Human Tank Looking for Guild
  172. Cleric and Rogue duo looking for guild
  173. <The Emperors Pointy Stick>
  174. New-ish Player looking for a guild
  175. Returning player looking for a guild
  176. Tu amigo el pollo recluta españoles
  177. Returning Player wants a guild
  178. canal para jugadores que hablen español /joinchannel enespañol
  179. Brand new player LF guild
  180. Wizards Of The Coast Guild Recruitment
  181. Descendants
  182. New Euro +2 timezone player looking for guild
  183. Old sage spirit (Fr guild)
  184. Looking to join a good foundation guild
  185. lvl 7 wiz looking for an xp grinder guild to join
  186. New (but serious) player looking for group
  187. Feat change question
  188. Old player that needs a guild
  189. Need a Guild
  190. The Tal Shiar
  191. Terrorismo Interno Guild Hispano (castellano)
  192. Professional Gamer seeks Professional Guild
  193. House Bloodright - Recruiting Like Minded Players
  194. looking for guild
  195. lookin for guild
  196. Knights of Doom is recruiting
  197. new and looking for a serious guild
  198. Looking for a guild.
  199. Small Group of new and old players Looking for Guild
  200. Are you in a Permadeath guild?
  201. Small guild seeking more people
  202. Coming back, Need a guild.
  203. Looking for a new active guild for a few of my toons
  204. Very important
  205. Türk Guildi Üye Alıyor!
  206. Are these guilds still around?
  207. Any guilds made up of F2P players?
  208. Returning player looking for a guild
  209. Duo looking for a guild
  210. Looking for a guild.
  211. Old timer returning to DDO.
  212. Diminishedlight
  213. Dungeoneers Union
  214. looking for a casual guild
  215. Semi new player looking for a guild.
  216. NEW GUILD! Darksiderz
  217. Erath Legends recruiting new and old players
  218. Are there any AntiDeath guilds?
  219. Permadeath Guild for skilled players
  220. Any Somewhat Active Australian Guilds?
  221. Looking for a guild.
  222. Euro time zone guilds ?
  223. GHallanda Active guild
  224. Is there any Pinoy Guild here?
  225. Gesta Danorum, Lille dansk klan.
  226. New guild for those in AU time zone in Ghallanda
  227. Any casual guilds on Ghallanda?
  228. Ancient Realms Euro based guild recruiting
  229. The Free CompanyEuro baised GMT+ Recruiting
  230. Mature player looking for Guild
  231. Any soloish guilds on Ghallanda?
  232. Peace Love and Monster Removal looking for guildies ... NSA
  233. Ghallanda Roleplaying Guild now Recruiting!!
  234. Explorer Society! THATS WHO! AND SOLOERS TOO!
  235. For Favor and Fun
  236. Coldcrew is Now Recruiting!
  237. |⊕⊕⊕⊕-|Dark Fantasy|-⊕⊕⊕⊕⊕| - recruiting
  238. Tyrs Paladium is hiring! "The 30-50+ Year Olds Guild"
  239. Looking for a Greek guild
  240. Ravensguard now recruiting, 1 position available.
  241. 38 year old Male looking for guild
  242. Armies of One
  243. Looking for a guild
  244. Looking for mainly european guild
  245. lf active friendly 20+ guild
  246. Important Guild Announcement
  247. Looking for Guild (european timezone)
  248. The Legion of Eberron is looking for YOU!!
  249. Older gamer, DDO newbie looking for casual guild
  250. Old School Gamer