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  19. Barbarian might
  20. Critical Rage
  21. Frenzied Berserker ToD set change: not a fan
  22. weapon bond
  23. Help with Dwarf Pure Barb Build
  24. struggled barbarian needs tips how to skill
  25. Mind Over Magic
  26. The True King of dps - 18/2 THF barbarian/Fighter Split
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  28. Ravager Core T1 Furious Rage can only Stack 6 times?
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  30. Shillelagh on Greatclubs?
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  32. BYOH Barb
  33. Does barb critical rage work in animal forms?
  34. The Bastard (An Attempt at a Self Healing Barb)
  35. TWF or THF since enhancement pass?
  36. ear smash
  37. Dwarf Barb and occult slayer ...build help please
  38. First Bar build
  39. Barbarian Intimidation
  40. Antimagic Boost w/no charges
  41. rage and arcane archer
  42. Critical Rage and Pulverizer Stack??/Primal Scream & Crit Rage??
  43. 5th level uncanny dodge not displaying
  44. The Battleragers 12 barbarian 4 Favored Soul 4 Rogue
  45. Looking for barb build for past life
  46. Drow Occult Slayer - does the SR stack?
  47. OS vs Ravager Tier 5 enhancements
  48. Back after a year away.
  49. new and confused player needs help
  50. New Player Advice {HORC - Barbarian suggestions}
  51. Value of Imp. Sunder and Trip to a pure Barb?
  52. Why does my Barbarian only deal minimal damage?
  53. Pain Touch + Glancing Blows
  54. Dwarf barb pure build
  55. Bladeforged Barbarian
  56. 2 Weapon Dwarf Barbarian - Weapon/Enhancement Path for Epics
  57. Frenzy applying vicious damage on bow to self but not target
  58. Rage and radiant burst
  59. 32 pt Horc Build request
  60. Second life fun Barbarian build
  61. Madstone rage = raged?
  62. weapon bond longbow
  63. Dwarven Occult Slayer - Pure Barbarian Build
  64. 28 point Human Barb - No real tomes or gear
  65. 36 pt Barbarian build.
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  67. Another barbarian nerf
  68. State of the current Barbarian
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  71. Powerful THF Pure Barbarian Build (don't have to pay for anything either!)
  72. self sufficient completionist barbarian
  73. How to full heal 20x per shrine without pots on a pure raged epic barb.
  74. Barbarian not WAI aka think of your own creation
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  76. "I like Pain" proc rate?
  77. Kinetic Bond bugged beyond tier 1
  78. Are Barbarian levels worthy it if I can't take any Tier 5?
  79. WF barb HTR life - the build so boring, I didn't even name it!
  80. Redesign Barbarian Rage to make Barbarians as proficient as other class in EE and...
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  82. Few Barb Questions
  83. Supreme cleave broken?
  84. Ideas for a self-healing Occult Slayer
  85. The battlerager
  86. Discussion about Barbarian self healing
  87. Ravager/Frenzy T5 enhancements
  88. Pure Barb Help Wanted~TR Train
  89. Project Barbarian
  90. What is a Red Sonja build?
  91. Is this an okay build?
  92. Barbariam multi-class fun build
  93. LF bard barb build
  94. Looking For a High DPS Pure Barbaian Build
  95. Just for fun barb TWF
  96. silver flame pots
  97. DDO Developers mistakes Barb nerf
  98. endgame barb armor
  99. 18 barb/1 druid/1 fvs
  100. Looking for Build Help.
  101. uncanny dodge stacking
  102. What's going on with uncanny dodge?
  103. Help with Barb Survivability
  104. Barb survivability ideas for new pass
  105. Pure Bladeforge Barbarian
  106. Barbarian Occult Slayer possible SR capstone change, etc.
  107. Occult slayer gear
  108. Redsonja 2.0 - U24 Barbarian DPS Build
  109. Barbarian and Heavy Armor Proficiency?
  110. Anger Management Graduate (Need help w/ a Non-raging Barbarian)
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  112. Comprehensive List of Self Healing Sources While Raged
  113. I see no more barbarians running in Thelanis
  114. Melee power scaling?
  115. update 24 frenzy
  116. The Vampbarian
  117. What is this barbarian you speak of?
  118. Max STR barbarian
  119. Barb SR - What Stacks with it?
  120. Ravager Bully + Half Orc Brutality - do they stack?
  121. Healing amp + healer's friend funkiness?
  122. Barbarian Past Life Feat Suggestion
  123. Dream Come True
  124. Which feats to take on 15Barb/4Fvs/1Fighter
  125. Zoda: Pure Zergbarian
  126. With the latest changes, do barbarians still need both cleave and great cleave?
  127. Barb: The numbers Game
  128. SWF Barbarian?
  129. Barbarian Past Life question
  130. Build suggestions for dwarven barbarian/rog/?
  131. quick Frenzy question
  132. Any Barb Enhancements Not Working?
  133. TWF There is any one out there???
  134. Glowing Barbarian
  135. Slaughter
  136. Wild weapons
  137. Q-staff barbarian
  138. Woot: A Barbarian Shielder
  139. Self healing Barbarian?
  140. Ozymoronic Barbarian
  141. Question for barb ee players. Or rather a minor advice
  142. Need some help with gear 12-20.
  143. swf barb
  144. Action Boost Haste vs. Action Boost: Melee Power
  145. level drain
  146. Warforged barbarian
  147. Barb Equip at cap - with new bracers/cloak
  148. U25 Cetus: Barbarian with Manyshot
  149. Supreme Cleave Cooldown
  150. Greetings! New player looking to start trying out classes.
  151. Redsonja 3.0 U25 - TWF Pure Barb
  152. can self healing stop?
  153. Updating Pure Barb. Need Advice.
  154. Gear layout
  155. TR to Barbarian question
  156. Is Ameliorating Strike needed?
  157. What's Your Barbarian Weapon Style?
  158. Non-Raging Stalwart Defender Barb?
  159. Epic Locus of Vol - Blood Rage
  160. Easy Living Build - Occult Ravager U25 THF
  161. lvl 12 enhancements
  162. blood strength seems to be a bit hit and miss on procs
  163. Half-Orc TWF Occult Slayer with Ravager Splash
  164. Thorix, a first life EE capable Dwarven Barbarian
  165. The Raging Forest
  166. Barbarian 2nd level: Uncanny dodge missing?
  167. Looking for Barbarian Build Help
  168. Most optimal gear loadout
  169. Enhancements for Drow Barb
  170. What do you think about this dwarf build: (18 barb/2ftr TWF TYWA)
  171. eRiftmaker vs lvl26 TF maul
  172. Where do you see the effect from Storm's Eye
  173. PDK barb
  174. Devotion on a Barbarian
  175. Did you know?
  176. Looking for Pure Barbarian build.
  177. THF Epic Riftmaker vs TWF Epic Bleeding Edge
  178. X-bow wielding barbarian / rogue / arti
  179. barb build advice
  180. Occult Slayer buffs, bugs and quality of life. Redirect.
  181. THF 18 barb/2 ?? splash.
  182. Long Delay for Female Barb Rage
  183. Post your favorite Barbarian build
  184. Occult slayer capstone stackings?
  185. Heavy Armor feat ...?
  186. Hi Guys, back at DDO for 1st time in awhile
  187. lvl 27 feat ??
  188. Bugs in Frenzied Berserker enhancement tree
  189. Dwarf TWF Barb?
  190. How well does the barb healing actually work?
  191. Barb vs Paladin DPS?
  192. Blood Strength
  193. Adventures in Theorycrafting: Kundarak Krasher
  194. Barb DPS U29
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  196. Thinking about a new build.
  197. which tree for 6 barb?
  198. Rate My Lowbie Build: Level 7 TWF Occult Slayer Dwarven Barbarian
  199. A few newbie barbarian questions
  200. Thundertwig 18 Barbarian/2 Rogue
  201. Is this Bowbarian build going to be at all viable?
  202. Scion of Triple Egged Biceps
  203. Ugg tr'd barbarian and I'm regretting it
  204. The Gnomerian!
  205. Newb question here
  206. Looking for 1st life Barb build with decent DPS and survivability
  207. Build for quick 3 barb lives please
  208. List of Barbarian weapons by level
  209. Barbarian ideas
  210. My new barbarian build
  211. Newer stuff??
  212. Blood Tribute enhancement
  213. Healing & care of ones Vampiric Barbarian
  214. 32-Point Dwarf Barbarian Build Request / Conversion
  215. Low hanging fruit in the barbarian tree
  216. What Else to Splash
  217. PRR MRR Help.
  218. Request a build for "Terror-Dwarf"
  219. Reincarnating and need some advice
  220. Barbarian Help, gear and others
  221. Gregorian's Barbarian
  222. How does she look?
  223. A weapon bond says wha.... ?
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  227. Visage Of Terror
  228. SWF Barb?
  229. Constitution Barbarian
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  231. Barbarian Attack Mod
  232. Terror Dwarf
  233. Human Barbarian Tank/DPS Build
  234. 32pts Dwarf Barbarian Build
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  238. Highest str for Barbarian (1st lifer)
  239. Barbarian/Bladeforge
  240. which 2hf weapon
  241. Best Gear Lay Out For Barbarian U33 for Causal/Raid/Slaverlord Players
  242. Spell Resistance is badly bugged for barbarians
  243. Unarmed Rager (abomination monk)
  244. Any good Barb builds besides the obvious???
  245. Pick Axe Barbarian Dwarf
  246. Quick question about FoTW
  247. Barbarian Healing
  248. Barbarian's best friend
  249. best gear
  250. looking back at barb healing