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  1. Need help with a Light based Human Monk. 34 points. +2 tomes in each stats.
  2. 10k stars
  3. Monk Question
  4. AC, Worth it?
  5. Shuriken Build
  6. some random questions
  7. Keyboard/hot bar set up for monk?
  8. Being "uncentered"; how to fix?
  9. 34 Point Wisdom Based Monk
  10. Diamond Body
  11. Opinions on this Shintao please.
  12. fists of light tactic
  13. Two quick questions
  14. Half elf monk question
  15. Best monk Tank gear setup/EE gear and ED setup for 20monk
  16. New to the class, 32 point light monk build, what do you think?
  17. New Player Seeking Major Help!
  18. EE Monk based Tank; is it possible?
  19. Gear adjustments
  20. Protection from Tainted Creatures question
  21. Dark Monk Gear Set
  22. Stunning Fist
  23. TWF Longsword Monk - staying centered
  24. Getting through Monk for a completionist TR
  25. Dance of the Water Strider
  26. I messed up and need advice. Tryin for monk 12/ranger 6/pally 2
  27. Strength or Dex?
  28. Dear Devs: Enhanced Ki in an augment slot
  29. Ninja with 2 celestias: 12monk with 8 ftr or 8 ranger ?
  30. Urgent tr problem
  31. Ninja spy/shuriken master
  32. Ending Gear-Shintao
  33. monk 32pt build
  34. Monk Back - Need help after new contents
  35. Monk TR build needing feedback
  36. Iron cloak of the Bear
  37. Boosting monk elemental and force damage
  38. The Possible Henshin Monk
  39. An Epic Elite 32-Point Build Monk?
  40. Looking for advice and input!
  41. Getting the monk class
  42. 36-pt Monk Build: Suggestions?
  43. How to build the new Ninja?
  44. Choosing Monk enhancements post Shadowfell update
  45. Everything is Nothing post update
  46. Monk stances in the new patch, where are they?
  47. Monk stances in the new patch, where are they?
  48. I miss my animal enhancements
  49. Henshin Mystic
  50. Were pure monks ever able to open locks before?
  51. Monk and QP and Quarterstaves
  52. The Shintao Monk is broken??!?
  53. new ninja spy monk and cant find Void Strike
  54. Need some help to build a palemaster henshin mystic
  55. Touch of Death
  56. Did I waste a feat ?
  57. i built a monk for my 2nd life
  58. Missed final Lamania build, does Vorpal Feat + T2 Ninja let you use dex for hit/damg
  59. Sources of Doublestrike for a centered quarterstaff user
  60. Challenge Farmer
  61. Void Strike still in game?
  62. What am I doing wrong
  63. Self healing Monk
  64. Mystic Training Enhancement
  65. Any ETA on the fix for shinto monks light based attacks
  66. Update 19 - respec Monk for Ninja and Dex
  67. POST U19 enhancements: Wis based WF Tactics monk
  68. Does perfect twf (epic lvl 26 feat) works with unarmed?
  69. Question about Shuriken Expertise
  70. Make Monk stance feat available to Monk?
  71. How would you build a monkcher in U19?
  72. Ninja spy's limits
  73. Do the Ninjutsu Toggle effects depend upon failed Touch of Despair saves?
  74. Way of the clever monkey accidentally nerfed?
  75. Monks their weapons and ki generation
  76. Unarmed Fight Vs. Tempest Tree.
  77. Limits of Epic Elite Mob Fort Saves
  78. 36 point pure unarmed horc monk
  79. Thunder and Lightning
  80. How useful is Quivering Palm in EE Stormhorns?
  81. Question about Ten Thousand stars post update 19
  82. Ninja Poison?
  83. Stunning Fist and Quivering Palm DC's Breakdown
  84. Henshin needs a revamp
  85. Monk enchantments has been revamped?
  86. Question about Dark Monk Enhancements
  87. Can't find Shinato
  88. What Tower ring to holy burst?
  89. Level 20 Helf: Cleric or Rogue Dili?
  90. shadow veil questions
  91. Ninja training with bows?
  92. Vorpal Strikes Mechanics Question
  93. Monkcher build with Quivering Palm - Build advice
  94. New to monk...some advice.
  95. Sneak attacks and monks
  96. Trying to remember a feat's name
  97. Feat advice request - Pure Human Monk
  98. ToD Burst rings kinda borked after update
  99. need help with a halfling 32 point build henshin acrobat
  100. Help understanding Healing Ki
  101. Another Shadow Veil question
  102. Whirling Steel Strike bugged for FvS/Monks
  103. Shadow Veil Incorp and Displacement
  104. Some thoughts on Shintao Enhancements
  105. Piercing Clarity and flawless black dragonscale robes
  106. Scorching wraps
  107. kukan-do
  108. Coming back from long break, Building a monkcher
  109. Planning for the ultimate survivalist monk for EE
  110. Moncher - need advice on build
  111. Need pure monk build!
  112. A Better Staff
  113. There is a way to be centered with exotic weapons ?
  114. Please review Ninja Spy Monk 18 / Rogue 1 / Fighter 1 TR build
  115. Does No Mercy stack with itself?
  116. vorpal strikes = +0.5 dice damaged unarmed?
  117. Monkchers For Noobs!
  118. opinions on a TR
  119. Need help with my monk.
  120. Are dark monks now pointless?
  121. Henshin Or Shintao Tierr 5 Enhancements - What to Choose???
  122. FotW / unarmed
  123. Warforged Monks
  124. antipode or dual celestias
  125. Dark Monk - Noob
  126. Help me with my stats please
  127. Need advice on enhancements for monkcher
  128. shurimonk builds out there?
  129. Which Iconic for Henshin Mystic?
  130. Ninja vs Shintao
  131. pure Ninja Spy weapon: wraps/short swords/both?
  132. fighter monk
  133. Qstaff Builds
  134. Returned L20 (solo) Monk with obsolete gear, what to go for?
  135. Healing with a Monk
  136. Equipment ideas?
  137. rebuilding my monk, how bad is it?
  138. Light or Dark?
  139. Does Combustion/Impulse boost Henshin SLA's?
  140. Dodge doesn't add up?
  141. Monkcher: Light or Dark
  142. Need TR help, too many feats (:
  143. Wanna make a good melee CC monk, any built ideas?
  144. What Debuffs can I use against bosses?
  145. Could this be viable in EE (17monk/2pally/1clr)
  146. Every Light Casts a Shadow
  147. Monk archer(have not played in awhile- just wondering if this would work)
  148. does ninja spy dex to damage now work for celestias?
  149. All Consuming Flame doesn't work?
  150. Advice On Light Pure 28 Monk Gear
  151. The Dirk Jiggler (16Mnk, 2 Ftr, 2 Rgr)
  152. Can you take Grandmaster of Form at 18?
  153. Returning player seeking some help
  154. Touch of death and Adrenaline
  155. Versatility (12Monk/4Paladin/4Ranger)
  156. Lvl28 monk
  157. I need a good upper/mid level set of heroic handwraps. Where/what are they?
  158. Partial Monkish.. Question - Need some advice.
  159. Returning monk player - Need some serious advice
  160. GS items on a monk-ish TR character - need advice
  161. Passive ki regen?
  162. With the new enhancement changes, is Dwarf still a good choice for a monk ?
  163. Request monk build: High saves and DPS
  164. Legendary Tactics/Stunning Fist
  165. Bladeforged Monk TR
  166. Another Returning Player
  167. Dex Monk Build needed please
  168. Overwhelming Critical requirements - wisdom based monk
  169. Martens Rebuild (Seeking constructive input)
  170. Pure HORC Monk
  171. Quick question about Monks using Whirlwind feat & Combat Expertise stance.
  172. Theorycrafting - PDK shortsword QP master
  173. Past Life: Disciple of the Fist.. what are the dice step increases ?
  174. Maxed out Grand Master of Flowers - where next?
  175. Ninja Question/Confusion RE: Vorpal Strikes
  176. Boss DPS: Qstaff, handwraps, or shortswords?
  177. How does 10k actually work? (Just a few facts please.)
  178. Shadar-Kai Handwrap Monk - How Much to Splash?
  179. looking for a build
  180. completionist
  181. My Pure Monk Build
  182. Improved Martial Arts
  183. Charisma based monk
  184. Monk Druid Animal forms
  185. Pure monk help duo with friend
  186. A Dance of Flowers: Ranged
  187. The Monk Trip
  188. [Solo] Reaver's Fate - best handwraps for beating on Stormreaver?
  189. 3rd life monk build
  190. The Zenarek Build
  191. Need Help Kitting out my friends Lvl 23 Single-class Monk
  192. TR Drow Monk (pure)
  193. Shintao build
  194. 10/10 Monk Paladin Build 3rd life
  195. Help with build please..
  196. Hansong Master, an epic elite DC and survival Monk
  197. Henshin Mystic Core abilities
  198. Advanced Ninja Training questions.
  199. Does Oversized Two Weapon fighting do anything for handwraps ?
  200. A few monk questions about Feats.
  201. [Solo] Spec for (Soon-to-be)capped Monk, going back to solo old content?
  202. question on damage
  203. question on damage
  204. Monkcher question
  205. DC needed to land SF/SB/QP in EN/EH?
  206. Seeking some general advice for playing a Mystic
  207. Bladeforged healing and heal amp
  208. Strength of feat for monkcher
  209. Wonk option?
  210. Way of the Tank
  211. The Limber Pine
  212. Please critique my Monkcher build, i need advice.
  213. Build Request-Unarmed 19Monk/ 1Rogue (Trapper)
  214. Unarmed Monk or TWF Monk
  215. general advice on short sword monk needed
  216. Monkcher with trapping skills - feedback requested
  217. Removal of Sundering Bonuses to QP
  218. Monk + Kensai + Healing Ki
  219. Returning after several year hiatus
  220. Bladeforge Monk, Max dps pls
  221. Returning player, have Monk questions.
  222. Anticipating Sunder Changes Build
  223. The Weremonk (PDK Shortsword tactical DC monk with very high attack speed)
  224. Iconic monk sanity check
  225. Warforged to Bladeforged Monk TR build
  226. thoungts on a 2nd life monk build
  227. Don't laugh, I want to try a Monkcher.
  228. Advice needed for 1st life Shadar-kai Monk / Rogue
  229. While using a shuriken, does the off-hand weapon provide any benefits?
  230. Save the monks. Get involved!
  231. Monks Unarmed. No dex to dmg DDO fail
  232. Gearing a Completionist: Handwraps
  233. Build Request: Trapper Monk
  234. Monks and Grenades - remaining centered
  235. May have made a mistake...
  236. Ninja Spy & Weapon finesse
  237. Build request / help. plague by monk decisions
  238. How much STR does a Monk REALLY need?
  239. monk AA build
  240. generating ki as a shuriken thrower
  241. Pure monk 32 point build
  242. What is a decent unarmed damage for a lvl 28 pure light monk?
  243. build up for discussion
  244. Maximizing Hits Per Second
  245. Returning Player, Need help salvaging a monk/pally/ftr
  246. Begginner with MONK/Looking for a build
  247. What 'end game' wraps are you using now?
  248. Thunder-Forged Wraps: What Tier2 is best?
  249. Staying centered
  250. Advanced Ninja Training + One With the Blade?