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  1. Leveling Your Homonculus (Evasion II by Level 16)
  2. ranged/runearm/caster arty Build for guildy
  3. TRing to build a very high dps artie, using artificer splashes thematically
  4. Do not TR in any way IF you have a pet.
  5. What spells to take as an Artifacer Melee?
  6. Why not Melee Juggernaut with Rune Arm?
  7. Arty Gear advice for levels 18-22
  8. Suggestions for a TR caster-based Arty build?
  9. Feedback and Suggestions on 32pt Warforged Artificer
  10. Need some feedback on my 32p Artificer build
  11. Rune Arms and Shiradi procs
  12. Dumb Ranged Alacrity Question
  13. We arti and umd
  14. Not much to go on...
  15. Evasion on n artificer
  16. Fleshie Arty Viable and other questions...
  17. Scrollcasting Artificer Spells on Self
  18. Silly Arti queries.
  19. Armor
  20. Past Life Stacking?
  21. Why a Pure caster Artificer? Mobs will still save against rune arm attacks/ spells!
  22. Is it me or Archer's Focus is worst than ever?
  23. Is Int/Str arty viable in heroic play?
  24. Halfling dragonmarked Arcanotechnician
  25. Ranger TR into artificer, need advice
  26. help with build
  27. mid level weapons
  28. Help with 1st Character (28pt) Warforged Artificer build
  29. Deadly Weapons/waste of a spell slot?
  30. Casting Arcane Spells in armor or shielded?
  31. New Enhancements & the Artificer: any thoughts or experiences to share?
  32. WAI or bug?
  33. Insightful Damage worth anything for an XBow user?
  34. Stacking damage boosts
  35. What are the pet gear restrictions?
  36. Arcanotechnicians Repair Systems rank 2/3. Bugged?
  37. Dwarf Melee Artificer
  38. Two dumb(ish) questios about Artis
  39. So excited for my Master Artificer build!
  40. Iron Defender - Stupid question
  41. Enhancement revamp broke my trapmonkey Arti
  42. Twist of Fate
  43. 1st toon to 20 and need help please
  44. Manyshot Artificer
  45. Runearm proc shiradi yet?
  46. Infused Armor not affecting ASF from WF body feats. Bug or WAI?
  47. Artificer Pet Attacks
  48. Battle Engineer / Warforged Weapon Attachment enhancement
  49. Update my Einstein Build for U19
  50. H-Elf AA Artificer?
  51. BUG: critical admixture heals less than advertised
  52. Melee Articifer Help
  53. TR Lvling builds help
  54. The Spellsword (18/2 Articifer/Monk)
  55. Metas for Artis?
  56. Rune Arm DC's
  57. 2 mnk or 2 rog?
  58. Anyone check the sunblades w/ arti bastard sword enhancements?
  59. Artificer Spell Scrolls, is wiki correct?
  60. Which repeaters for heroic contend?
  61. Easier TR Life for Arti
  62. I'm having difficulties understanding why to ever charge runearm to max tier
  63. Pure caster arachnotechnician build - Drow
  64. Arcanotech core enhancment Lightning Bolt = worthless
  65. Dwarven Axes & Bastard Swords?
  66. How to farm Animus?
  67. Did the WF Juggernaut get ruined by the enhancement pass?
  68. Your Arti equip list
  69. Insightful Damage and Targeting Sights
  70. Amaunator Handwrap Conversion WAI?
  71. Are Arti Iron Defender Enhancements Screwed Up???
  72. Thoughts on this arti build?
  73. How do I make Dog-Dog attack again?
  74. Revamping my artificer
  75. Rune arm, what am I missing?
  76. Arti build for TR life
  77. Rune Arm Potency Charge Bonus
  78. Gear for Epic
  79. 3x ranger - completionist build - EE Arcane archer or Arti final build? need feedback
  80. My Arty is Now Clubbing (with scepters)
  81. So ... arcanotech looks solid for Heroic
  82. For a solo artificer, Evasion splash or no?
  83. Pure Arti still valid?
  84. Pure Arti vs arti/rogue split, crossbow user
  85. Basic help
  86. Automatic repairs: Tooltips wrong, power amazing
  87. Arcanotech, electric SP
  88. On my final TR, please help me not mess it up.
  89. Arti w automated repairs rank 3 not healing me!
  90. Endless Fusilladevs Many Shot vs 10k
  91. Post Test
  92. Help new player with arti build please...
  93. Build request
  94. New to Arti - a few questins if you don't mind!
  95. Random Drow Arty Idea!?!
  96. Droidnaught - The Arcano Battering Ram
  97. looking for some advice
  98. Question about Heighten
  99. Jank Sphereblade - Pure Arti, spell dps, melee dps, CC, self healing
  100. INT vs. DEX
  101. Just Starting
  102. Good drow arti-First life
  103. returning player pre articifer
  104. Xbows, looted and crafted
  105. How to attain 21 dex first life.
  106. Wf lr
  107. Artificer human build help
  108. Repeater reload-fire sequence and abilities
  109. Please give feedback on my BF arti build aka my first build.
  110. Battle Engineer + Mechanic (Returning Player)
  111. ArcanoArti TR build
  112. Ok.. Whats the deal with the worthless dog bugging out every 5 **** minutes???
  113. Sunelf Build?
  114. Arti Rogue Splash
  115. Eldritch Machine Gunner - Is it viable?
  116. normal X bow or repeater
  117. LF range arti, x-bow spec
  118. Thinking of TRing into an Artificer
  119. Need Build Feedback/Help - Final Life Arti
  120. New to arti, questions about the dog.
  121. dog in 20+ levels
  122. Human Pure Arty?
  123. Artificer build wanted (new player friendly)
  124. Artificer Ranged Build, Feedback Welcome
  125. Shadar-Kai Artificer
  126. 1st life xbow drow arti advice
  127. They fixed dogs!
  128. No dog enhancements????
  129. Human construct essence & battle engineer/weapon attachment question.
  130. High DPS human artie build
  131. Terrible news
  132. Needle versus Thunderholme xbow
  133. Optimizing a pure arti for EE
  134. Damage on Arti spells at cap
  135. Pure Artificer Build Advice
  136. Arcanotechnician Capstone and potions
  137. Rogue splash worth keeping after lvl 18?
  138. Help with Ranger past life as Arty
  139. Naughty doggie
  140. Artificer Repeater Build Suggestions?
  141. Arcane Spell Failure on Mass Invisibility Scroll Cast while ASF Zero+
  142. U22 SWF/evoker arti (theorybuild)
  143. Why do Arcanotechnicians get Lightning Bolt?
  144. Shadow Docent and Automated Repairs (enhacement) Question for Dog
  145. I am seriously conflicted, and could use advice post release 21.x
  146. Arti Haggle bot/Crafter.
  147. Single Weapon Fighting & Repeating Crossbow
  148. Artificer GS repeater
  149. Arti gearing help using Cannith challenge items and easy farm gear?
  150. Gear Critique for my SWF Dwarven Melee Arty.
  151. tips on soloing
  152. Max rune arm DC?
  153. Feat Question
  154. Looking for artificer build!
  155. Looking for Artificer Ranged build
  156. Survivable Melee Artificer
  157. Looking for a ranged arti build
  158. Lvl 16 Arti back after long time, need gear help
  159. Is a pure melee artificer doable?
  160. Artificers just got better
  161. Caster artificer advice?
  162. Dwarven Axe
  163. Gear Question for Pure Artificer
  164. What body for a warforged artificer?
  165. Third Artificier Tree [Lost Trees Project] along with an ED for Artificer types.
  166. Seeking Some Advice from the Masters
  167. Pet appearance
  168. Artificer Epic Destiny Ideas
  169. Precision vs Archers Focus
  170. Harper tree and artificer stacking?
  171. Artificer Help
  172. Harper Tree, thoughs
  173. rune arm crafting
  174. Cannith Crafting on Toven's
  175. Build advice wanted
  176. reconstruct and adamantine body
  177. EE Quests & a Tripping Iron Defender
  178. Repairing a fleshie?
  179. Asking for suggestions level 20 gear for etrs
  180. Deadly Weapon vs. Holy Sword
  181. Unlocking Arti with favor then TR into an arti possible?
  182. ARTYs UNITE!
  183. what gear should I farm before tr into an arty?
  184. THF, SWF and Runearms
  185. New Warforged Artificer alignment
  186. Don't count Needle out yet! (or 'why your dps didn't increase so much w/TH xbows')
  187. SWF Melee Arti?
  188. Conjure Bolts nerfed?
  189. Problems: No Artificer Enhancement Trees, Collars don't work on Iron Defender...
  190. Adrenaline changes (u 24)
  191. need ideas for bf arti
  192. Just requesting links/ideas
  193. Rune Arm and Shiradi
  194. LF Advice for heroic level gear specific to artificers
  195. Clerificer? Could this Work?
  196. What PL for a pure Arty?
  197. Arti/Rgr/Brd // Will this work?
  198. Looking for a build
  199. Question about artificer spells
  200. Proposed Artificer paladin repeater build - A work in progress
  201. Endless fusilade vs haste boost, and epic destiny question
  202. Boring Ranged damage arti? (Build request)
  203. Can you respec Arti Spells?
  204. Tenser's transformation and Artis
  205. Build Request : Ranged dps arti with survivability
  206. BF Art (36pts)
  207. Runearm targeting issue
  208. BF vs SUN...?
  209. Any news on Arty pass?
  210. Spellcasting Artificer
  211. Does Insightful Strikes/Insightful Damage stack with Harper Strategic Combat?
  212. Heroic-only arti PL build
  213. Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload
  214. Max caster levels not working with Blast Rod SLA.
  215. Can't train pet enhancements?
  216. New Damage Calculations based on New ROFs: Rogue vrs Artie
  217. RL Arti Pet
  218. Artificer 16/ Fighter 4 2HF build... Feedback requested
  219. Just pimped out a vetII (level 9) arty and his dog... here's the gear
  220. Advice for a past-life farming build.
  221. Which Runearm looks like a silver shield?
  222. end game arti please help!!!
  223. Gearing for 28 Artificer (Harper) Hybrid (Shirady ED)
  224. Artificer vs Warlock
  225. Does Insightful Damage and Enchant Weapons stack?
  226. Beside the obvious, what's the differences between the X-Bows and which do U prefer?
  227. Pure arty shadowdancer
  228. Stoner, last life no more grind
  229. Arcanotechnicians at epic?
  230. Int-Based Single Weapon Fighting Artificer
  231. Questions about the Knives Eternal Runearm
  232. Arcano-shadar-kai. 17 arti/3 rogue plinker and SLAs
  233. Crafting on toven's hammer
  234. Noob artificer questions RE: Shadar-Kai Rogue5/Artificer15
  235. BOLD Prediction - Gnome Artificers
  236. I need opinions art evoc
  237. Armor of Speed Issue
  238. Level 21-27 ring slot issues
  239. Is artificer's dog completely broken?
  240. Human Artificer H-Amp options
  241. What did you pick for your level 26 epic destiny feat?
  242. Rune arms and past life sorcerer
  243. Repeater builds post Balance Changes
  244. "Smaller doses" - suggestions
  245. Tactical Det & Prismatic Strike DCs for EE
  246. R.a.r.
  247. Repeater build?
  248. Need help on a artifacter build? PlZ help.
  249. Fatal Flaw, Orange Slot
  250. Arti and "improved" Wands