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Update 42.4.1 Release Notes

Update 42.4.1 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 42.4.1, released on Thursday, August 15th. 


News and Notes:



  • Bravery Bonus is now tracked separately across Heroic and Epic difficulties. This means that if you play a dungeon on Heroic Elite, you will be able to acquire the Epic Elite Bravery Bonus if you play that same dungeon again in Epic levels.
  • Bravery Bonus range in Epics is now +4 rather than +2 of the Base quest level. Players above the +4 range will receive half of their Bravery Bonus. This functions just like the Bravery Bonus range in Heroics, but with an expanded range.
  • Optional Objective's Experience Rewards now ransack at a slower rate:
    • The first, second, and third time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 100% of the experience.
    • The fourth time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 80% of the experience.
    • Fifth: 60%
    • Sixth: 40%
    • Seventh: 20%
    • Eighth: 0%
    • Optional Objective ransack does not reset over time. An Epic, Racial, True, or Iconic Reincarnation will reset your Optional Objective ransack.
  • All current Optional Objective Ransack has been reset. Players after this patch will begin as if they had not previously completed any optional objectives on their current life.
  • The base experience of the quest Tower of Frost has been raised from 3062 to 6540.
  • The Daily Bonus in Epics has been raised by +10%, for a total of 40% for Epics.


  • The feat Swords to Plowshares now functions if you've acquired it through an enhancement.
  • Animated allies may now properly rest or leave a dungeon to throw off their undead state.
  • Necrotic Bolt and Necrotic Blast have had their damage corrected.
  • Skeletal Knight's cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds for all ranks.
  • You should no longer lose your Reaper Enhancement granted hit points while zoning (thus avoiding things like Death by Dimension Door).


  • One of the new Reapers has had its name corrected.


  • Corrected an issue that prevented users of the legacy Mac client from launching the game. Note: The current Mac client can be downloaded here.

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