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Update 41.1 Release Notes

Update 41.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 41.1, released on Thursday, December 13th. 

News and Notes:



  • Bardic Inspiration's range is now properly 30 meters.
  • Bardic Melody: Inspire Excellence now requires 12 levels of Bard to unlock, rather than 15.
  • A variety of text inconsistencies with Bardic Music have been fixed.


  • Eldritch Knight
    • The Wizard variant of the capstone Eldritch Blade now has its proper tooltip. The enhancement previously claimed to grant +2 Charisma instead of its actual +2 Intelligence.
    • Several other tooltips have been updated.
    • Knight's Transformation no longer repeats tooltip information.
    • Several buffbar effects granted from the tree now have the proper icon displayed.
    • Shield Striking now properly describes the Temporary HP it grants.
    • Eldritch Knight and Aasimar Ghost Touch effects should no longer alter the item value (and thus the minimum level) of random and crafted items.
  • Arcanotech's Lightning Bolt now has its proper square icon.
  • Bard
    • Sharp Note from Spellsinger now stacks appropriately.
    • Warchanter's Song of Heroism is now passively part of the Bardic Ballad.
    • Warchanter's Song of Heroism now properly provides Fear Immunity to people in your Ballad.
    • Warchanter's 6th core has been renamed from the very uncool Warmaster to Skaldic Scream.


  • Scrolls for the new spells introduced in Update 41 can now appear in random loot.
  • Random and Cannith Crafted Orbs now properly appear in their users' hands (rather than their wrists).
  • Sentience Filigree: Cry of Battle filigree set now functions as intended.
  • Recipes in the Reaquire Raid Items device now display the correct icons.
  • The Astral Projector no longer claims to grant Piercing damage, rather than Evil.
  • Abishai Cookies now work again.
  • Noxious Embers and Circle of Malevolence now have their proper effects.
  • The Curse of Strahd on Reaper and Hard now drops the appropriate amount of Threads of Fate.
  • Most Reaquire Raid Loot Recipes for weapons now function properly.
    • Exception: The White Plume Mountain Raid variants, earned through Schism Shards.
    • Players should not attempt to reacquire these weapons, as the recipe will fail and it will consume the Threads of Fate regardless.

Epic Destinies

  • Aria and Reign from Fatesinger now last 5 minutes instead of scaling with Bard Song duration.
  • Turn of the Tide now properly states it lasts 45 seconds rather than scaling with Bard Song duration.
  • Grim Fate's vulnerability from Fatesinger is no longer erroneously reduced by Crowd Control penalties and Immunities.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Defiler of the Just
    • Raid Runes now properly drop 100% of the time.
    • Threads of Fate now properly drop 100% of the time.
  • The Curse of Strahd
    • Threads of Fate now properly drop 100% of the time.
  • Lost at Sea
    • It is no longer possible to defeat the end boss without completing the quest.
    • The XP has been adjusted to more properly match quest difficulty and length.


  • Khorvaire Elves can once again take the Dragonmark of Shadow.
  • Warforged Bards now properly jump while moving and singing.


  • SLA versions of spells updated in Update 41 now have their proper tooltips.
  • Scorch now does its listed damage vs. monsters.
  • Flame Arrow spell now states it gives 500 arrows, not 50.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Season Pass owners to not get a free Silver Daily Dice roll if they rolled their Gold Daily Dice roll first.
  • The standing Combo Attacks for duel wielding and Vistani Knife Fighting have had their range slightly increased and are now standard with each other.

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